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Title: Pick the next multiplayer coop mission!
Post by: bigchunk1 on February 01, 2011, 12:24:56 am
Please select an idea for a new BP WIH COOP mission from this list.

Idea 1) 2 player Coop mission involving Narayana frigates.
The Toreador and Vikrant make their first appearances in combat and take the GTVA 4th fleet by surprise with their artillery weaponry. Their goal is to turn back as many Tev ships as possible before their combating UEF fleet gets decimated.

Pros: Strategy and cooperation will be required as players must gun down targets in a synchronized fashion at long range. What receives priority will ultimately determine victory or defeat.
Cons: Narayana are taxing frame rate wise and the mission will have 2 players maximum unless an Escort is implemented.

Idea 2) Relief for the Kupier Belt
This mission takes place shortly before the Buntu-Tev conflict breaks out. A UEF humanitarian relief group (Or perhaps a private resource company?) ventures far into the outer reaches of Sol's Kupier Belt. The risk of attack by an ever growing Gaian Effort is high in this region of space, but certain independently run habitats are in desperate need of relief and or evacuation. The UEF is sending two wings of fighters to escort the small convoy. The Gaian effort has control over this region of space, and are also desperate for resources from the inner worlds.  They will surely attempt to capture the cargo ships with their transports. Alpha and Beta wings must stave off the Gaian fighters while destroying any Gaian transports who seek to take the humanitarian aid for themselves! The team's success is determined by how much of the convoy remains after the attack from the Gaian Effort loses momentum and fails.

Pros: The mission provides unique insight into the nature of the Gaian effort. Has potential for high action/difficulty.
Cons: Gameplay wise it boils down to an escort  mission, only the player will need to fend off boarding transports.

Idea 3) Tev Convoy raid
a) A UEF munitions convoy running a dangerous supply route from mars to Ganymede and is ripe for the Tevs to attack. A Deimos corvette(player controlled) and an escort of 4  player controlled fighters is sent to neutralize the logistics threat. The UEF sends assets to defend the convoy and attack the Deimos. The players must defeat the enemy convoy while protecting the attacking corvette from enemy fire.
Pros: Strategy is a must. The player controlled Deimos should be mindful of the enemy escort before rushing in. Likewise the other players who compose the escort can use the Deimos's flak for cover.
Cons: Only one player can control the Deimos.
b) The Tevs are just about to break the 3rd fleet at Jupiter, but certain preparations need to be made first. The player's team must attack several supply convoys in one sortie by quickly jumping in, destroying as many hostiles as possible and jumping to the next convoy in mission (uses Axem's in mission subspace jump mechanic). This mission is a race against time as the team must destroy all convoys before any of those convoys jump out of range. The team must take care while some of the convoys will be well guarded by UEF fighter/gunship patrols. [This mission could be simplified to a single convoy strike, it can also be turned into a strike on a Tev convoy by UEF forces instead]

Pros: Unique game play. It's more of a race against time than a battle. Could prove to be interesting.
Cons: Difficult to implement. Never before been attempted in multiplayer.

(Option 5): "I posted a new idea below!" If any of you have ideas for a coop mission, I would love to hear them!
Title: Re: Pick the next multiplayer coop mission!
Post by: Flak on February 01, 2011, 02:03:33 am
I sure like the first one,  for similar mission but using Karunas instead would be the diversion raid by the Katana and Altan Orde happening on the same time as The Plunder in the campaign.
Title: Re: Pick the next multiplayer coop mission!
Post by: MatthTheGeek on February 01, 2011, 05:56:36 am
I want all four of em.
Title: Re: Pick the next multiplayer coop mission!
Post by: -Sara- on February 01, 2011, 06:09:13 am
I was working on a Helios mission thingy myself but I accidently overpowered the vessel a little. :P For the missions you suggest, I'd say they all hold their own fun elements.

A possible suggestion for a mission:

4) 8 player coop: an Ubuntu council-member was on his way to rally Gef's in an effort to make a strong stand against the Tev's. Unfortunately, the captain of the frigate the Ubuntu member is on has different intentions and believes he does the right thing by delivering the VIP to the Tev's to end the war one way or another (believing the council-member has enough information to undermine the UEF defences, forcing a surrender and little-loss-of-life solution). It's up to a squad of Lao Tze to disable and then recapture the frigate before the Tev's can get away with the VIP. The VIP must then be escorted to a jump gate which ultimately is blockaded.


- Disable the Frigate.
- Hold off increasingly strong Tev reinforcements (from fighters and a cruiser, building up to the Atreus herself mixing in the fight). They use tactical weapons (stiletto's, trebuchets) to try and disable or disarm the frigate.
- A constant, high-presure demand of performance: the players must quickly switch from escorting to de-beaming, back to escorting, etc.
- The players can try and get the frigate out of there in one piece for a bonus condition, ultimately though if the frigate is too damaged a transport is launched which remains the primary objective (having to be escorted to a jump gate).
- The players must resolve the blockade, either by damage the destroyer (Atreus) which then falls back or creating sufficient of a distraction in some way (depending on met conditions).

5) The players are part of a highly trained GTVA dead-squad and must sanitize a supply base, with intent of catching the bigger fish (possibly a Solaris or a wing of frigates) by surprise on their return. A UEF medical vessel will serve as bait, which can be spared or destroyed (a secondary objective may indicate sparing some witnesses to spread news of terror). Sparing the vessel gives the player a completed bonus objective: propaganda (leaving witnesses to tell of the great defeat will inspire fear into the Sol citizens), but will also result into more reinforcements coming to the medical vessel's aid, making the battle more difficult.


- The player is launched from a GTVA destroyer.
- Destroy containers, docked supply ships and a small installation.
- Take care of a fighter complement and a Sanctus cruiser.
- Disable the medical vessel, but spare it's comm. Extra reinforcements will come to it's aid, until it repairs it's engines and makes an almost instant crash jump for UEF territory.
- Alternately destroy the medical vessel too, at the cost of not getting extra enemy reinforcements to fight and not completing a bonus or secondary objective.
- When the returning capital ships (frigates or a Solaris) return, the player has to quickly disarm the ships to prevent their destroyer being devastated (the GTVA destroyer draws away the firepower from the UEF ships, but has it's forward beam cannons destroyed on a first strike).
- The players emerge victorious when the UEF ships are destroyed, or fails if the destroyer bites the dust.
Title: Re: Pick the next multiplayer coop mission!
Post by: Rodo on February 01, 2011, 07:01:52 am
3b sounds refreshingly new.
Title: Re: Pick the next multiplayer coop mission!
Post by: Archaic on February 01, 2011, 06:38:29 pm
6) 7 player co-op.
Bad news; The Marduk has suffered a subspace drive malfunction, it was en-route to the nearest jumpgate back to Mars when it was spotted by an Tev Aurora scout team. shortly thereafter they were hit with 2 squadrons of heavy assault fighters. they manged to fight them off, but they lost their uhlans. we're their reinforcements. heavy resistance is expected at the gate, Command has detected several corvettes and cruisers moving into the area. luckily, the Marduk seems to be low priority as no destroyers have been detected. good luck gentlement, we'rr goign to need it.

-protect the Marduk as it makes it way to the jump gates
-cover your  Uriels as they de-beam several corvettes so the Marduk can take them out or scare them off
-stop several waves of bombers from taking out the Marduk
-take out the Hecate leading the blockade
-take out the awacs/auroras targeting SSM strikes (is this possible with player controled karuna?)

-dalenda est type frenetic atmosphere
-balanced for 1 player controlled karuna, 3 uriels, 3 kents

Title: Re: Pick the next multiplayer coop mission!
Post by: bigchunk1 on February 02, 2011, 02:05:36 am
Thanks for the feedback thus far. The votes seem to be pretty clear cut in favor of a certain mission.

All the ideas presented sound good. They may prove useful in future missions.
Title: Re: Pick the next multiplayer coop mission!
Post by: KyadCK on May 31, 2011, 08:50:13 pm
I am going to attempt to bring life back to this almost-necrothread becasue it is a good one. Looking at these posts it is obvious people have ideas. So please, continue to post mission ideas, doing so helps us make BPmulti that much more fun for everyone and it's pretty cool to see your idea become reality.
Title: Re: Pick the next multiplayer coop mission!
Post by: SpardaSon21 on May 31, 2011, 10:35:59 pm
Is this the place to suggest co-op Aristea?
Title: Re: Pick the next multiplayer coop mission!
Post by: KyadCK on May 31, 2011, 10:50:57 pm
Yes SpardaSon21, I suppose I should have said conversion requests as well huh?
Title: Re: Pick the next multiplayer coop mission!
Post by: bigchunk1 on May 31, 2011, 11:19:04 pm
Is this the place to suggest co-op Aristea?

That's a really good suggestion. In fact, I've been meaning to make a conversion for Aristea. Only issue I see is how to implement the part where Laporte calls in reinforcements from the Eris in a multiplayer friendly way.