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Title: Vassago's Dirge Requests
Post by: Axem on February 17, 2011, 07:35:49 pm
Hello good sir, I would like to purchase some of your delicious command briefing animations. :)

The specifications are below!
I had more than I thought I did originally... I dunno if this is too much for a simple 9 mission campaign :nervous:

Vassago's Dirge CBAnis

Mission 2 -

Stage 1
Footage of the last few seconds of the GTSC Thevenin.

Camera attached to the Thevenin. Camera is slowly panning across the debris field. The Vassago, still off line, comes into view. Vassago suddenly starts to come online, glowmaps fading in, beam cannons beginning to fire. Camera zooms to a wide view. Beams fire very close to the camera. Static.

Stage 2
Starmap of the immediate area.

In view: Epsilon Pegasi, Capella, Vega, Gamma Drac, Nebula system. Camera focused on Capella. Two fleet indicators on the nebula (A small Hecate and Hatshepsut). 1 Hecate over Epsilon Pegasi, 1 Orion over Capella. A few ships moving in transit from Gamma Drac to Capella.

Mission 3 -

Stage 1
Sensor read out from the last mission.
Visible Text:
Replaying Recorded Data
GTA Argus
Lots of other graph like things. (If at all possible sneaking in a spectrogram of Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto (yes I am being cheeky with this :p))

Stage 2
Rotating wireframe of an Arcadia installation.
Visible Text:
Cagliari Station
Contract awarded to: Strauss Corporation
Status: Cancelled
Other small unreadable text that would show other contractors and project managers.

Stage 3
NTC Orpheus plus 1 other Aeolus and Argo breaking through the GTVA blockade. Lots of pew pew going on for effect. Camera zooms in on Orpheus as it jumps out.

Scene changes to a rotating wireframe of an Aeolus Cruiser.
Visible text:
NTC Orpheus
Captain: John Sibelius (O-6)
Defected: December 17th, 2366
Attached to: 1st NTF Fleet, Polaris
Unreadable text showing crew roster

Mission 6 -

Stage 1
Rotating view of a man (sort of like cb_sm1-01_b.ani, the first Bosch one)

Visible Text:
Doctor Serge V. Rachmann
Born April 1st, 2309
Graduated: Vega Institute of Technology, 2336
Defected: August 22nd, 2366
Other small unreadable text

Stage 2 - 5


Classified Information
Level Rho
Audio Only

Waveform of people talking

Mission 7

Stage 1

Red sideview wireframes of a Ravana, a Moloch, 2 Raksashas, 3 Lilith and 2 Cains.
Labels if it will be visible. Most ships fade to gray as detailed below.
Title: Vassago Group
Ravana: SD Vassago (fades to gray last)
Moloch: SCv Allocer (fades to gray fifth)
Rak 1: SC Grimbach (fades to gray second)
Rak 2: SC Ipos (fades to gray third)
Lilith 1: SC Melchom (stays red)
Lilith 2: SC Andhaka (fades to gray first)
Lilith 3: SC Tannin (fades to gray fourth)
Cain 1: SC Euryale (stays red)
Cain 2: SC Andraste (gray from the start)

Stage 2

Rotating Wireframe of an Arcadia, large portions of the wireframe colored red, the rest blue.
Visible Text
Cagliari Station
Red labelled: No Power - Black Ash Infested
Blue labelled: Safe Zones

(I hope I'm doing this right...)
Title: Re: Vassago's Dirge Requests
Post by: Galemp on February 17, 2011, 11:29:31 pm
For my two cents, I'd like to request that where possible, generic ANIs are preferable to ones with specific ship names as they're more versatile. Compare the FS1 cbanis and their widespread use to the user-made FS2 campaigns stuck with spinning Rakshasas and Maras.
Title: Re: Vassago's Dirge Requests
Post by: mjn.mixael on February 19, 2011, 11:01:14 am
Axem: Looks good. Clear and concise. I assume you want these to match the FS2 style of anims a bit? It's a pretty big request, which is no problem. It will just take some time.
Title: Re: Vassago's Dirge Requests
Post by: Axem on February 19, 2011, 12:16:18 pm
Galemp: I wouldn't know how much effort it would take, but maybe some of these could be re-rendered without labels for others to use.

mjn.mixael: Yeah, this is a FS2 era campaign, so matching the style would be great. No problems on time, the campaign is already out so its not delaying anything. ;)
Title: Re: Vassago's Dirge Requests
Post by: mjn.mixael on July 04, 2011, 07:57:52 pm

Link will be in your PMs shortly. Please note any changes you would like to see here.

I've sent both ANI and EFF types... EFFs look better but seem to lag the Brief screen.
Title: Re: Vassago's Dirge Requests
Post by: Axem on July 04, 2011, 09:46:57 pm
Had a quick look through them. Allow me to place a blanket, "Cool Stuff" over all of them.

Some changes I'd like to see if its not too much.
m3-s3: Beef up that crew roster! Do you need more names? I can make some up. One extra name that should go in is Hermine Karajan.
m7-s1: The ships go gray a little too subtly for me. Can you put some kind of highlight box around the ship going gray? Something to draw attention to the ship.
Title: Re: Vassago's Dirge Requests
Post by: mjn.mixael on July 05, 2011, 12:01:22 am
Redownload those same links in one hour. Updates are done.
Title: Re: Vassago's Dirge Requests
Post by: Axem on January 02, 2014, 07:22:36 pm
Yo yo yo, necromancing up this thread in the hizz-house.

New request so Vassago can work better with the 2014 mediavps. I did some horrible texture editing for the Black Ash infested Arcadia, and I would like some new maps so it meshes well with the new Arcadia. Basically I'd like two sets of textures, slightly infested (as seen in Mission 2) and really infested (as seen in Missions 7 and 9).

I just messed around with cloud patterns before and can't seem to recreate what I had before. The Black Ash growth is kind of organic/fractal looking.

And maybe to set in the fact that the Arcadia was never finished, have no blue paint of anything, just colors of bare steel. Gray, brown, etc.

(PS, you totally rock)