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Title: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: 0rph3u5 on February 09, 2015, 04:39:31 pm
Current Week: 6 (http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=89165.msg1781406#msg1781406)

Current Roster:
deathfun - Highwayman
Scourge of Ages - Plague Doctor
Lepanto - Vestal
StarSlayer - Leper
Patriot - Bounty Hunter
FireSpawn - Jester
Trashman - Crusader
(Colonol) Dekker - Plague Doctor
headdie - Hellion
... - Grave Robber
... - Occultist

Lorric - Crusader

Patient Ward - [ FireSpawn ]

Stress Relief:
Bar - [ Lepanto ]
Gambling Hall - [ Patriot]
Brothel - [  ]

Cloister - [ StarSlayer ]
Transept - [ X ]
Penance Hall - [   ]

Original Post

So you might have heard of this little game that went into Early Access last week, called Darkest Dungeon.

Yes, that is the games' actual title.

For those who are unaware, this is Fantasy 2D Dungeon-Crawler, currently in Early Access on Steam.

The story of which borrows from Lovecraftian Horror in theme. You send parties of up to four heros down into the on of three dungeons (5 in the full game), hoping that you there can lead them back out victorious, alive and sane (in that order). Your objective will be to rebuild the town surrounding the "HLP Estate" (as the Estate has the name you give the campaign) and to beat Bosses of each Dungeons - hopefully vanquishing the Horror the former occupants unleashed upon the world.

A sample character screen from my ongoing campaign - which is doing better than it looks like; Quiks are aquired through adventuring and really change up some characters

In the spirit of previous HLP posted Let's Plays of games which had customizeble crews/parties/squads I would like to invite the community to craft a story around the heroes I will be sending down in the darkness, where their mettle and sanity will be tested. (I'll explain the mechanics of the game as the LP gets along)
(Note the current Early Access Build only has a limited class selection: Hellion, Vestal, Grave Robber, Crusader, Highwayman, Occultist, Leper, Bounty Hunter, Plague Doctor, Jester)

The campaign starts with a Crusader and Highwayman for the tutroial quest, which will be joined by a Vestal and a Plague Doctor at the first arrival in town. So who will take up the mantle of these "brave souls"?

(I'll be back only on weekends ... RL really keeping my busy)
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: Lorric on February 09, 2015, 04:50:51 pm
You can put me down for the Crusader if you like.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: Lepanto on February 09, 2015, 06:55:33 pm
I'll sign up as a Vestal, I suppose. How fast shall I lose my life and/or sanity, in whatever order?
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: Scourge of Ages on February 09, 2015, 07:07:33 pm
Scourge of Ages, Plague Doctor. Yessssss please...
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: Lorric on February 09, 2015, 07:17:07 pm
I've been looking at the characters.

If you let me of course, I wonder what brings my character, this warrior of the light:


Together with this rogue:


The other two characters are quite interesting. The vestal looks like a fun and versatile character to play:


She's got the healing stuff, but she can also just get in there and start smashing away with her mace.

And finally the plague doctor:


She can cure, she can buff, she can inflict.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: Patriot on February 10, 2015, 05:51:00 am
If you get a Bounty Hunter anytime in the future, Sign me up for that :D
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: FireSpawn on February 10, 2015, 02:55:39 pm
When you get a Jester, whack my name on 'im and send him to his death....Erm, 'Fortune' yes. Fortune.  :nervous:
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: TrashMan on February 11, 2015, 02:40:57 am
Ohhh..sounds interesting.
I'm always up for some holy crusading.

When you get another Crusader, sign me up for some SMITING!
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: StarSlayer on February 13, 2015, 07:20:23 am

I'll hew the **** out of all the things.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: 0rph3u5 on February 13, 2015, 09:09:12 am
tonight is the first session, as soon as I get home (another 3 houres) ... and we don't have a Highwayman yet; no one here with rougish charm who loves to wield a flintlock pistol?

(roster in the first post updated)

How fast shall I lose my life and/or sanity, in whatever order?

Don't know, but usually a Vestal dies last if I can help it - but then again if characters stess-out all bets are off

*The game's intro should be here* http://youtu.be/QlRBzoKN4NY

Alright Enter Stage left for:

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_Enter%20Loric_zps3wptf00g.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_Enter%20Loric_zps3wptf00g.jpg.html)
Lorric, our checkered Crusader - Both devout and "posessive"
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_Enter%20Unnamed_zpspgliyg2m.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_Enter%20Unnamed_zpspgliyg2m.jpg.html)
and a yet unknown and silent Highwayman

Lorric and his partner "get-off" the coach on the Old Road, a short walk through the Weald to the Hamlet beneath the Estate. Both set out to track through the forest to reach the Hamlet.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_01%20Starting%20out_zpsvogdxya3.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_01%20Starting%20out_zpsvogdxya3.jpg.html)

Obviously, this low life is suprised some survived the crash of the coach nearby. Yet after some rather average smiting and backstabbing the Bandit falls without striking a single blow in return. This just wasn't his day.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_02%20Supried%20to%20see%20me_zpsalyslju0.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_02%20Supried%20to%20see%20me_zpsalyslju0.jpg.html)

To the victor go the spoils, including the contents of the Bandit's Tent which contains a little gold and some gem shards.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_03%20Some%20Smiting%20later_zps8knnnnk1.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_03%20Some%20Smiting%20later_zps8knnnnk1.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_04%20To%20the%20victor_zps8bfocfot.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_04%20To%20the%20victor_zps8bfocfot.jpg.html)

Oh, hi! Suprised to see us?
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_05%20Nobody%20expects_zpspphqeo5d.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_05%20Nobody%20expects_zpspphqeo5d.jpg.html)

After having to eat damage for a single round, the Fussilier releases his penned up agression and crits our intrepid heroes.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_06%20penned%20up%20agression_zpsmrgtkfq0.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_06%20penned%20up%20agression_zpsmrgtkfq0.jpg.html)

But the favour is quickly returned, first a crit from a Flintlock...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_07%20Return%20Fire_zpsnievmrhx.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_07%20Return%20Fire_zpsnievmrhx.jpg.html)

...and then some Smiting.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_08%20Smitten_zpsxgbpwm1x.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_08%20Smitten_zpsxgbpwm1x.jpg.html)

Our two heroes emerge victorious from their trip and reach the Hamlet with the spoils. This trip left a lasting impression on our unnamed rogue as he finds his hatred for the animal kingdom.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_09a%20Victory_zpspnx8xmp1.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_09a%20Victory_zpspnx8xmp1.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_09b%20Victroy_zpsxfotenxx.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_09b%20Victroy_zpsxfotenxx.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_09c%20Victory_zpsm4c4tsrk.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/00_09c%20Victory_zpsm4c4tsrk.jpg.html)

The Hamlet is run down, most people have fled since the countryside has been overrun by Cultists or worse. But now there is a new group of HEROES in town!
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/01%20the%20Hamlet%20at%20last_zps2dqgjhiy.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/01%20the%20Hamlet%20at%20last_zps2dqgjhiy.jpg.html)

The graveyard is empty ... yet.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/01%20still%20empty_zpsrwd9fghm.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/01%20still%20empty_zpsrwd9fghm.jpg.html)

To sponsor the the quest to fight EVIL some heirloms are spend to hire more coach drivers. This will increase the number of heroes arriving in the Hamlet each week from 2 to 3.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/01%20to%20thrawl%20for%20more_zpshrihihyo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/01%20to%20thrawl%20for%20more_zpshrihihyo.jpg.html)

While talking to the coach drivers, two more Heroes announce themselves: Enter stage left
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_00%20Enter%20Lepanto_zpsoq1by39s.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_00%20Enter%20Lepanto_zpsoq1by39s.jpg.html)
Lepanto, the Vestal - Holy Woman and Healer
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_00%20Enter%20Scourge_zpsowvbussb.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_00%20Enter%20Scourge_zpsowvbussb.jpg.html)
and Scourge of Ages - Medicus, Alchemist and Expert Vivisector.

United in purpose and convinence, the Party of Four prepare to set out. Their chosen destination are the Ruins outside the Hamlet and after buying torches and food supplies for the trip from the Estate's Keeper (who so far has done nothing but to linger in the ruins), this new quest is a go.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_00a%20Setting%20out_zpsihbzqn5c.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_00a%20Setting%20out_zpsihbzqn5c.jpg.html)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_00b%20Setting%20out_zpsvmd76qdj.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_00b%20Setting%20out_zpsvmd76qdj.jpg.html)

Okay, so much for the first session ... I already finished the quest but I've not yet gone over the screenshots yet but I'll give them to you as soon as I can.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: 0rph3u5 on February 13, 2015, 03:21:36 pm

Last time our newly formed party was setting out on a real quest, now I'll show you how this played out.

It started out good, into the Dungeon straight to the loot.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_01%20deceptive_zpsofi53tot.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_01%20deceptive_zpsofi53tot.jpg.html)

First room, first encounter:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_02_zpsp8zwhn5y.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_02_zpsp8zwhn5y.jpg.html)

The Pain, the Humiliation
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_03_zpsdtwlhl31.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_03_zpsdtwlhl31.jpg.html)

But against our four Heroes no enemy can stand.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_04_zpsihivlvle.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_04_zpsihivlvle.jpg.html)

Half-way through the corridor to the next room, another encounter.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_05_zpsklhpxxph.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_05_zpsklhpxxph.jpg.html)

This dead man has it out for the Doctor...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_06_zps4fcwvuzi.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_06_zps4fcwvuzi.jpg.html)

... but still the party can't be stopped.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_07_zps5echmqct.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_07_zps5echmqct.jpg.html)

This pile of rumble could easily be removed with a shovel - but no one brought one.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_08_zpsnlbblabv.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_08_zpsnlbblabv.jpg.html)

All this for an EMPTY ROOM?!
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_09_zpsmjl2rshv.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_09_zpsmjl2rshv.jpg.html)

Outside the room, the party once again find a crate with some heirlooms stashed away.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_10_zpsuh3eigdv.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_10_zpsuh3eigdv.jpg.html)

Another encounter, this time however the mounting damage of party might start a cascade.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_11_zpsh1yiop3a.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_11_zpsh1yiop3a.jpg.html)

First, the unnamed Highwayman is criticall wounded. But with a Vestal still in the party, I can manage to keep him from dying.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_12_zpsp4ebo1bu.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_12_zpsp4ebo1bu.jpg.html)

Scourge wants to make up for the previous humiliation with some forceful stabbing.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_13_zpscfmoajze.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_13_zpscfmoajze.jpg.html)

Lorric surely doesn't want to be outdone by the Doc.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_14_zpsblodlclo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_14_zpsblodlclo.jpg.html)

And while it looked dark for a moment, victory is achieved.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_15_zpstfd7hhu4.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_15_zpstfd7hhu4.jpg.html)

After this fight the party need a lunch break.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_16_zpsmfwhlznd.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_16_zpsmfwhlznd.jpg.html)

After having had a snack, the party enters the next room and encountered another group of hostiles,
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_17_zpsai6p1gd9.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_17_zpsai6p1gd9.jpg.html)

Lorric once again starts out strong...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_18_zps1ic2fff2.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_18_zps1ic2fff2.jpg.html)

... the enemy archer surely has his priorities straight ...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_19_zpsfoogudbs.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_19_zpsfoogudbs.jpg.html)

... Scourge retailiated and takes out another enemy ...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_20_zpsry2q69xx.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_20_zpsry2q69xx.jpg.html)

... with the Skeleton Crossbowman in range Lorric then strikes and shatteres the unholy rabble.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_21_zpsefgada3j.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_21_zpsefgada3j.jpg.html)

Once again, the Doc gets hit critically by another attack that's main purpose is utility (this time a spell to manipulate the party order)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_22_zpsn7lm3pkk.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_22_zpsn7lm3pkk.jpg.html)

And now he tethers at the bring of death. But with the Vestal alive this is still not a problem.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_23_zpsgl6uvihp.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_23_zpsgl6uvihp.jpg.html)

Another thing is however, the near death of the Doctor is enough to push both Lorric and the unnamed Highwayman over the edge.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_24_zpsfckh0vbo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_24_zpsfckh0vbo.jpg.html)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_25_zpsrg8ccfde.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_25_zpsrg8ccfde.jpg.html)
Both are now stressed out and partly out of control...

... but still this doesn't change how good Lorric is at smiting enemies. The Party is safe once again.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_26_zpsqqxltc7q.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_26_zpsqqxltc7q.jpg.html)

Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: Lorric on February 13, 2015, 04:40:24 pm
Looks like we're off to a good start.

What effect do these traits Kleptomania and Plutomania have? Do money and items disappear from the party or something? Since my character has the klepto trait, I like the pictures of him standing over the loot with the eager hands. Very fitting. :)

With more heroes on the way do they get to come into the dungeons as well, or is there a cap on party size and some stay at home?

Is death permanent in this game or can dead characters be revived?
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: Lorric on February 13, 2015, 07:21:10 pm
Well, someone's got to go first...


The call had come out from HLP. Evil is afoot, and heroes are needed to battle this evil. As a crusader it is my duty to meet this challenge. For Justice, Honour and Faith.

I began my journey by carriage. And I was not alone. I know a thief when I see one. I can’t stand thieves. That’s what this rogue with me clearly is. But without concrete proof of that, I could not move against him. For his part he knew what I was, and the journey passed in stony silence. Little did I know I would be learning much more about this man in the future.

We were ambushed on the road. At first I thought this was all an ambush set up by this rogue I had been travelling with, but it soon became clear the bandits were not with him, and so with a common enemy we fought side by side for our lives.

There was one fool on the road who clearly thought all he would have to do is strip some bodies of loot. We dealt with him quickly and cleanly. Then we met the pair responsible for this and dealt with them too.

Would you believe this rogue of a travelling companion actually accused me of stealing his pistol? A thief accusing me of being a thief! What cheek! The fool had left his weapon in the wreckage of the carriage, he should have been thanking me for retrieving it.

After that we trudged through to HLP. He hadn’t been going there, but he sees booty to be had here, so he’s tagging along. But he proved a capable fighter back there, and I'd much rather see someone like that putting in some honest work than robbing travellers on the road.

There were two other heroes waiting for us, a vestal and a plague doctor. Clearly a rebellious pair these two, since they’re both female, and were both fully clothed. The vestal even wore armour. Functional armour rather than fashion armour too. How unusual is that? I think we’ll get on pretty well. Especially the vestal, who really seems to get what it’s all about. She’s got the whole Justice, Honour and Faith thing going like me since we’re both in that same mould, but she seems to get that you need armour and a good weapon for this line of work, like the studded mace she has (which I‘d picked up to study, and so engrossed in our chat I got, I forgot I was holding it, she had to call me back, I nearly walked away with it) when so many of her fellow vestals think they can get by with little more than a bikini, some footwear, one detached sleeve or legging, and something silly like one shoulder pad and one greave, and a flimsy staff. I try to tell these girls, but will they listen, no...

Our first excursion went well. We went into the dungeon and while it wasn’t exactly easy and there were a couple of close calls, made quick work of cultists and walking skeletons and the like and picked up a good deal of booty. Ah, this is what it’s all about. It’s been too long since my blade has cut into some real evil instead of simple brigands and whatnot. We got word that more heroes are on the way. We’re going to do some real good here I think. For Justice, Honour and Faith.
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I'll take the Highwayman! Since well... I like guns
This seems entirely interesting actually
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(I'll finish the account of the first quest and then answer the questions that came up)

(Week 1 - cont.)

Last we left our Heroes, they had just vanquished another group of foes. But doing so pushed two of their own across the brink of their mental endurance - the unnamed Highwayman retreated into himself, abandoning all hope for the quest's success and his constant nagging would begin to strain everyone's nerves. The Crusader Lorric on the other hand turned to "look out for Number One" beginning to (erroursly) imagine that his companions would claim all the glory and loot for themselves.

After the fighting was done, the Heroes search the room for loot and true to his thieving self Lorric even searches the holy shrine in the room to find ... some gold left there to appease the God.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_27_zpsyigfb3us.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_27_zpsyigfb3us.jpg.html)

Leaving the room for the next, the Party realizes that the area they in now must at one time have been a chapel of some sort. Unexpectedly they come a across a Confessional from which a mysterious voice beckons them to share their sins and be forgiven. Lorric, torn between holy vows and his loose concept of ownership, steps in...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_28_zpsvcuqfiax.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_28_zpsvcuqfiax.jpg.html)
... as it turns out this was not a trap by some dark and cursed power but a genuine sign of Grace, which removes Lorric's Kelptomania!

For the first time the Party can loot without having to fear that Lorric might steal stuff ... still Scourge might hog the gold if he gets the chance.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_29_zpsout0fkkw.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_29_zpsout0fkkw.jpg.html)

Some undead rabble bar the Party's progress - propably because Fortune needed to balance out all the possive experiences our Heroes just had.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_30_zpsmvetbcdr.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_30_zpsmvetbcdr.jpg.html)

The Highwayman, now fully retreated into his misery, even refuses the healing magic of Lepanto.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_31_zpsxin8fofs.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_31_zpsxin8fofs.jpg.html)

Between the depressing whining of the Hightwayman and "fresh" enemies ready to murder them, another Hero reaches his breaking point - Scourge of Ages' resolve is tested and he rises to the challange, becoming a beacon of hope for the rest of the party, reducing the rate they gain stress.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_32_zpsoa5igwtu.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_32_zpsoa5igwtu.jpg.html)

Our Heroes fight hard yet the undead do not go down without a fight, their attacks gravely wound Lorric pushing him at the edge of Death.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_35_zpstyb6twxw.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_35_zpstyb6twxw.jpg.html)

While Lepanto is able to pull the Crusader back from the brink, having assumed a position in the front of the party (to shield the weaker party members) limits her healing magic to her "heal-all"-miracle. Although sufficent to keep the Crusader from dying directly it is not enough to take Lorric out of danger (makign this an odd game of "Lepanto heals Lorric for 1 to 1 HP - Bone Solider hits Lorric for X reducing him to 0 HP, entering the 'At Death's Door'-state" - but since the lone Skeleton doesn't have any buddies to follow through with a Death Blow nothing ever comes of it - except of course a rising stress level)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_36_zpsu1cflm7i.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_36_zpsu1cflm7i.jpg.html)

The stalemate then is resolved with an old fashioned Smite.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_37_zpsv9pszblr.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_37_zpsv9pszblr.jpg.html)

Another Empty Room. During this rare calm moment the Party decieds to tend to Lorric and using up the last of the supplies, nurse him back to 12 HP.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_39_zpsexvcoa6c.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_39_zpsexvcoa6c.jpg.html)

Setting out once more, the Party comes across an Iron Maiden, a device seriously add odds with surroundings. Thinking treasure our freshly healed Crusader opens it and ... takes a deep breath of the sickening fumes inside.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_40_zpskdf1esqe.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_40_zpskdf1esqe.jpg.html)

Now being tormented by coughting fits Lorric turns a nearby bookcase inside out looking for a cure. But there is nothing to be found, not even a good recipe.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_42_zpsbjmgwodo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_42_zpsbjmgwodo.jpg.html)

A group of Bandits come across our Heroes, ready to kill and plunder.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_43_zps699vicbo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_43_zps699vicbo.jpg.html)

Again, the Highwayman excludes himself from healing.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_44_zpsjpsznarc.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_44_zpsjpsznarc.jpg.html)

The Bandits have vast array of dirty tricks cricumventing position - not to mention the Fusilier who does hit all four Heroes as long as he is in one of the two rightmost positions. Having obstained from being healed wasn't such a good idea for the Highwayman after all.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_46_zps77vz1u4o.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_46_zps77vz1u4o.jpg.html)

Comeback by Noxious Blast!
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_48_zpsg4zu3shq.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_48_zpsg4zu3shq.jpg.html)

This time Lorric chooses not to Smite but Accuse his enemies. As a result the Bandit Fusilier drops dead and his companion bleed out (bleeding effect curtesy of our unnamed Highwayman) in shame as soon as it is his turn.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_49_zpsnlfurlqo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_49_zpsnlfurlqo.jpg.html)

Having reached the next room at last the Party is able to survey their surrounding and the path ahead (just like they have been able to two rooms before that).
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_50_zpskvdgnwwx.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_50_zpskvdgnwwx.jpg.html)

On their way foward, the Party once again comes across a bookcase. This time Lepanto searches throught the volumes but nothing comes of it.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_51_zpsriu9mscm.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_51_zpsriu9mscm.jpg.html)

Bursting in the next room, the Party startles a group of Culists and their undead minions.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_52_zps76iffbfn.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_52_zps76iffbfn.jpg.html)

For all his depressing rambling (which marked him as target for the enemy, allowing them to do extra damage), the Highwayman is still a damn good shot - that undead Courtier never saw it coming.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_53_zpsjori2u13.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_53_zpsjori2u13.jpg.html)

With the fury of the Cultist Brawler, the blunt force of the Bone Solider and Eldrich Magic of the Acolyte (who pushed him back one position already and now another [not shown] by summoing a tentacle) focused on him, Lorric once again falls to 0 HP, nearing death.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_54_zpszczk8sde.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_54_zpszczk8sde.jpg.html)

The situation tethers on the edge of catastrophe but Scourge of Ages inspiring rethoric is sufficent to relieve some stress (sady not much).
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_55_zpsmy1eet2b.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_55_zpsmy1eet2b.jpg.html)

But encouraging words are not all that this party has to offer, they strike down their enemies swiftly after the Doc has finished his speech. The Unholy Acolyte is the last to fall, crushed by the Hand of Light summoned by Lepanto.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_56_zpsqkrhlc3a.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_56_zpsqkrhlc3a.jpg.html)

With the enemies conqured and the room looted, the party has face a difficult decision: They are out of supplies but loaded with treasure; They are brused and beaten but still not victorious.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_57_zpse8uiqif5.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_57_zpse8uiqif5.jpg.html)

Only one room remains, but do they still have power to carry on? Or should they return to the Hamlet, tend to their wounds and try again on a better day?
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_58_zpsvcjxo4i8.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_58_zpsvcjxo4i8.jpg.html)

Living to fight another day seems like the preferable options to almost certain death. The shame of defeat may mark these Heroes but they did emerge from the Ruins with a very good haul; more than enought to excuse forgoing the quest reward.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_60_zps3bc9fiez.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_60_zps3bc9fiez.jpg.html)

As it turns out, our Heroes are rather shameless - esspecially Scourge of Ages who is now no longer allowed in the Hamlet's recently opened Brothel. And as everyone reflects on their experience Lorric has to realize that he is not very resistant to Diseases. Lepanto has to see she is a bit slower to react than the rest - not a big thing (yet).
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_02_61_zpswhqfplvi.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/02_61_zpswhqfplvi.jpg.html)

And so concludes the first Quest into the Ruins.

(Hamlet Week 2)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/th_03_00_zpswybieozn.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/03_00_zpswybieozn.jpg.html)


Okay this is where we end for now. I will try to get another Session in tonight, that will being with introducing two new recruits - a Hellion and a Leper - and organizing stress relief for the party from the first quest. Watch this space.

What effect do these traits Kleptomania and Plutomania have? Do money and items disappear from the party or something? Since my character has the klepto trait, I like the pictures of him standing over the loot with the eager hands. Very fitting. :)

Your Character was given absolution and doesn't steal anymore but as the questions stands:

"-mania" traits give a set chance that a character does a certain thing even if the player ordered otherwise or can't influence; often it's just that they will push to open a certain kind of lootable before other Characters (which can be bad as soom lootables can inflict stress, damage, status effects or even give a Character Quirks)

Kleptomania gives a chance that the Heroe with this Quirk opens a lootable object instead of another character, when doing so you don't get the full number of items in that haul.

Plutomania is the nearly the same Kleptomania but only concerns gold instead of items.

With more heroes on the way do they get to come into the dungeons as well, or is there a cap on party size and some stay at home?

The Party size is capped at 4, but there are many ways that characters can be "less desirable" to take along in certain combos - or be downright bad to take along (see below when I talk about Stressing Out). So if one character falls inactive for a week or two (or dies) I have to shuffle through the roster to form a new effective party.

Additionally, right now we don't have the Guild unlocked, which means the Characters are all stuck with the Comabt and Camp Skills they have when they were recruited (4 out of 7) which limits some characters to certain positions to be effective (almost all skill are tied to a certain position to be able to used at all - that's why as soon as the Vestal was moved foward I was unable to use the "heal-single"-spell).

(Note: Camp Skills are for when you have to camp in a Dungeon because the Quest is so long (=the map that is generated is that big))

Is death permanent in this game or can dead characters be revived?

Death is permanent for a Character. If a Character reaches 0 HP he/she enters the "at Death's Door"-state and retains that state until healed back above 0 HP. When in that state every attack directed at that Character will be a "Deathblow" killing the character permanently.
During this quest I was really lucky the AI didn't focus or follow through but all Heroes coming back alive is not a standard in this game.

But Characters can become unable to participate in question because of other reasons than dying: Characters who are attenting a Stress Relief-Activity in the Tavern or Abbey will not be able to go on quest until they are done (which takes 1-2 weeks), same with Characters that are send to the Sanatorium (not unlocked for this campaign yet) to cure a negative Quirk.

Aside from these hard factors, Characters that have stressed out during the last quest are undesirable to take along - which kinda makes them unavalible for questing.
All Characters have a Stress Bar (the white one underneath the Health Bar) which will only reduce through Stress Relief in town, through Stress Healing Skills (both Combat and Camp Skills) if any of your characters have them (only the Jester and the Crusader have them as far as I know) or through ecouragement by Critical Hits and Virtuous Characters.
Stress is gained by certain enemy attacks, by enemies inflicting cirtical hits, skipping a turn in combat, staying in the dungeon, the party's torch going out, certain results lootables and of course by the conducts of Afflicted Characters. Some Quirks modify how stress is gained (most of them are "-phobia" Quirks which interact with certain types of enemies or lootables).

If a Character's Stress Bar reaches 100% that Character will Stress Out, becoming either Afflicted or Virtuous.
Virtuous Characters (like the Plague Doc on the last quest) are a good thing as they get a buff (often one that benefits the entire party) and do periodic Stress Healing in combat. Their Virtuous state only last until the end of the quest however.
Afflicted Characters are bad news - ranging from annoying to really "getting everyone killed"-bad. They will inflict stress upon party members (or the entire party) depending on the Affliction they get (e.g. Depression which periodically inflicts Stress on the Party) and may develop other "bad habits" like passing on actions, attacking automatically or refusing to heal or be healed. Afflictions can only be removed by Stress Relief in town (as far as I know).

I'll take the Highwayman! Since well... I like guns

Welcome, aboard. You joined up right when your Character is going into stress relief - not sure if that makes you lucky or lazy in this context ;)

ps. Updated first post; Current Week; Updated Roster; Current Occupancy of Stress Relief facilites
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I'll read the latest account later when I have more time, but for right now, about Lorric losing his kleptomania... awwww! I was planning this whole theme around it! :lol:

Oh well, I'll just post what I had written down, I was going to feed one of these in after each adventure:


There was a bit of an incident about the sharing of the booty this time. I managed to sort things out, but people seemed to think I had been trying to take a bigger share for myself. But it was only because I’d taken on some more of the load because the girls were struggling to carry it all and then I forgot. We’re out here fighting these horrors, it’s easy to forget a little thing like that, people shouldn’t be so quick to jump to such negative conclusions. We have to trust each other out here or it could cost us our lives.


The plague doctor got defensive about me looking at her components. I was only curious, and the ones that were in my pouch must have dropped in there while I was leaning over to get a better look at the things at the back. I mean, why would I want to steal such things, what use would I have for them? I was offended at the accusation but managed to keep my cool and smooth things over.


When we were divvying up the booty they found some of X in my pouch. I don’t know how they got there, I can only imagine we must have jostled each other while we were in the dungeon and they ended up falling in there. Very lucky that happened, they could have so easily ended up on the floor and been left behind.


X found some items in my tent from various party members. I don’t know who the joker is that put them in there, but I’m not amused. I hope they’re ashamed of themselves after the shouting match and wild accusations they caused. We almost came to blows over it. I’m happy we didn’t, but I wish they’d be a little more trusting. There’s more than enough booty to go around here, why would I go stealing people’s stuff?


I found X in my pouch. I don’t know how it got there. I’d give it back, but with all the accusations of stealing flying around, I think I’ll keep hold of it for now until things blow over.
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Post by: Scourge of Ages on February 14, 2015, 02:20:10 pm
Scourge's log, Day 1:

Arrived at HLP Manor today. It's a good thing the stage coach driver knew his stuff, I'd have hated to have to walk here; I'm sure those woods are crawling with bandits.
The hamlet is run-down and dirty. Depressing, even. Those few residents brave enough to stick near the mansion are obviously corrupted and twisted, but don't seem to be quite at the "flesh-eaty" stage yet, so safe enough.
I found a cot in an out-of-the-way hut, and spent a few hours cleaning and setting up a makeshift laboratory. I'll need some concoctions for the trip ahead, and I might be able to do some healing around the hamlet for coin. Speaking of coin, I found a few bits lazily strewn about the hamlet; can't have that.

Day 2:

Met a Vestal today, name of Lepanto. Must be from the Northern regions with a name like that. She had arrived before I did, and was also looking to enter the dungeon. Neither of us are foolish enough to go without backup though, so we'll wait around and see who shows up. Fortunately, she seems clean enough, and has no risk of illness. I lent her a reagent to sterilize her cot, just in case.

Day 3:

A Crusader and Highwayman arrived today, Lorric and... well he didn't share his name. Mysterious, I like that. Lepanto and Lorric hit it off, they jabbered about "holy-this" and "sacred-that" and "righteous-something" for a good half hour. Now, I appreciate their fondness for the forces of good, but cripes, seriously.
On the plus side, the goody-shiny-shoes Crusader had carelessly dropped some coin out of his traveling sack; I picked it up for him while he was jabbering, and went to get snacks.
Tomorrow, the four of us will enter the dungeon. Wheeee. It's going to be nasty up in there, good thing I brought a spare mask.

Day 4:

We've stopped to rest for a few moments, so I'll write what I can. Undead are here, in force. Can't say I'm surprised, but those skelingtons pack quite a punch. The cultists too have some weird stuff, like summoning tentacles from stupid out of nowhere.
Tentacles, you ask? Why, yes. Stupid cultist with a stupid tentacle out of stupid nether regions of space and time stupid knocking me on my back stupid jerk I'm glad she got smote.

I may be bleeding a little. Yes, still. I've applied a few bandages to myself and the rest of the party, and Lepanto's been able to keep our respective limbs and organs and bloods intact and internal, respectively. Useful skill, that.

Lorric and the Highwayman aren't doing so great in the brain department, so it looks like it's up to us ladies to keep everybody sane. I think I brought something for that...

Day 4, part 2:

Found a shrine and a confessional in the middle of the creepy dungeon. Surprisingly, neither of those things were horrible traps set to kill us all. We even got a little gold out of it. Lorric says he was absolved of his kleptomania, but I don't think I take his word for it... would you believe he actually had a few of my materials in his pockets?? Never you mind why I was looking in his pockets.

Our little Highwayman keeps whining, and Lorric wanted to give up and go back to town. I was about to turn around too, when I caught a glimpse of something shiny further down the hall... My mind changed real quick, and spun some speech about fame and glory and treasure and righteousness or something, and for some reason, it worked. We all agreed to keep going; even the Highwayman (I think I'll call him Bob for now) is sticking with us. Still whining though.

Found a few empty rooms. A booby-trapped iron maiden that spewed some sort of poison gas (I told Lorric to let me open it, but nooooo). Some bookshelves with nothing of note. Lorric keeps taking some pretty nasty wounds, but I guess that's what you get when you sign up as a Crusader: wear the armor, protect the weak, get wrecked. It's in their vow or something. But more pain for him means a little less for me, so I've got that going, which is nice.

Bandits and cultists everywhere. We all pulled out every trick we had, I had to spend a precious gas bomb I made, and the holy twins did some weird stuff, and Bob got some good hits in with his flintlock. But we were in a bad way. This time, we all agreed to head back to the hamlet instead of through the big door that seemed to scream "doooom here!!!". Good choice, I think. The community loot sack is swollen, and my own coinpurse is a bit heavier then when we entered, so I'm happy.

Day 4, part 3:

Bob, our panicky Highwayman, revealed his name to be "Deathfun". I guess near death can make even the most paranoid people decide to share. We're going to take a few days to rest, and get back into the dungeon next week. For now, I think I'll visit that tavern for a tasty beverage and some fun...
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: Lorric on February 14, 2015, 03:23:24 pm
I should have known. I should have known it wouldn’t be so easy. Last time everything went so well. I was back in the saddle (proverbially of course, my horse is no use in a dungeon, so it’s back home in the stable), I was shouting “I am the Sword of Justice!” at evil things with gusto right before smiting them, there’s precious little in this World more satisfying than that. I was smiting cultists and smashing skeletons into piles of bones left and right, I was in my element, and we came away with a good haul of booty.

But that all changed today. We were lucky to all get out of there alive and in one piece, and one of the traps got a piece of me, at least for now. I hope it’s temporary. I’ll get to that later.

So did someone paint a bullseye on my armour or something today? Everyone was lining up to take a shot at me today instead of just lining up to get knocked down. I saw my life flash before my eyes twice, I’ve never had so much healing magic and medicine used on me before, my companions used up all their healing stuff and most of it went on me.

I had a bad feeling about this trip pretty early in. The Highwayman seems to have a death wish. This clown even refused the healing magic of Lepanto (the vestal) at times. What the hell is wrong with that man? He also stayed out the combat at times too. If you’re feeling this way pal, why did you even come down here? If he hadn’t refused the healing, I would have thought him a coward along just to scavenge the booty after we did the work, but with the healing thing, I don’t get it.

So as I was saying, bad feeling. I thought we should go back to the surface and regroup, since the enemy were clearly ready for us and we were basically a man down with the Highwayman. Then we could sort the highwayman out or wait for another hero to arrive before setting forth again. But then the plague doctor, Scourge of Ages (yes, that is actually what she calls herself, what a pretentious name, eh?) delivered a speech. She gets it! She was talking about virtue and smiting evil and such, and even the Highwayman perked up, though I think he perked up at the mention of treasure, as she was also talking about booty. So I thought, hey, we’re set now, so on we went. But things just went downhill from there.

It got to a point where we managed to somehow, someway, scrape through the latest encounter with me half dead, and that’s when they used the last of the healing supplies on me. There was still some magic left.

These girls definitely “get it”. They actually let me do my job. Not like some others. It seems to be happening more and more, my fellow crusaders talk about it too. They moan and complain. They tell us that we’re “white knighting” and get all offended. But we are white knights, what do they expect? Then they invariably end up going off and getting themselves killed… still, it backfired on me today. So they’d got me all nicely healed up, and we came to this iron maiden. Scourge wanted to open it up. But I said it should be me. I’m all healed up, I’m wearing full plate armour from head to toe, it should be me opening it up, right? Makes sense, right? Aaaaaand it’s full of gas. At least Scourge put it right, but unfortunately it seems I was unable to be cleansed fully of this pollution, and it’s left some lingering effects on me unfortunately.

By this point we’d decided enough was enough. We’d actually managed to pick up a good amount of booty, so at least there’s that, and we managed to somehow get out of there on our last legs with the nasties in hot pursuit.

It wasn’t quite over for me though. To top it off, back in my tent, I couldn’t get my helmet off. I’d taken a blow to the head somewhere along the way that had dented the helmet in such a way that I couldn’t get the thing off. So I spent most of the rest of the evening with my head on an anvil. Wonderful.

I was also missing quite a bit of gold when I counted through it after to cheer me up. I imagine one of these dodgy characters hanging around the mansion made off with some of it while I was at the blacksmith. Did I mention I can’t stand thieves? Urgh… I’ll be investing in a strongbox as soon as possible.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon
Post by: 0rph3u5 on February 15, 2015, 02:37:57 pm
(Small Spoiler: For the next Session there is a number of different quests for the party to choose from - but you can only send one Party on one quest. So everyone cast a vote on what challenge the new set Heroes is about to take upon themselves.)

Didn't get the make a session yesterday because I'm coming down with a cold; but today I finished a quest and here come the results of that.

And I took the hint and checked, the Plague Doctor is indeed female (I couldn't tell from the sprite) and hence from now on this shall be reflected in the pronouns.

And before anyone gives me crap about abandoning the last quest:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_03_00a_zpsh7m8bf6s.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/03_00a_zpsh7m8bf6s.jpg.html)

So, we carry on with our tale:

(Hamlet Week 2)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_03_00_zps9ujcy7ef.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/03_00_zps9ujcy7ef.jpg.html)

Our freshly returned Heroes march past the Stage Coach and are unsurprised that a another number of recruits has appeared. Two Hellions and Leper have made the perilous journey to the Hamlet, seeking fame and fortune.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_03_01_zpsle9mdbgf.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/03_01_zpsle9mdbgf.jpg.html)
Listening to our Heroes recount of the previous weeks, one the Hellions decides she is unsuited for such adventures and takes the next coach leaving the Hamlet. The other Two take the tales as encouragement to join the ongoing battle against EVIL.

Enter stage left for...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_03_04_zpsuqp8k0t9.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/03_04_zpsuqp8k0t9.jpg.html)
StarSlayer, a Leper who has mistaken his terrible, wasting illness for a blessing from God, thinking himself to be the bloodthirsty and terrible incarnation of His vengeance...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_03_05_zps5zbtvgck.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/03_05_zps5zbtvgck.jpg.html)
... and the remaining Hellion, who as so far has not uttered a single word in the common tongue.

(This was a very fortunate haul actually - Lepers are excellent tanks and good for rightmost position on our party - this one can't Hew yet which limits his attacks the single target Chop-Attack; but that is fixable as soon as the Guild unlocks - and Hellions are good melee fighters for the 2nd position from the right, having a good high-risk-high-reward-kind of playstyle - the one joining this week especially as she has both the Breakthru and YAWP-Skill which hit multiple targets; YAWP is a stun on top of that)

On to organizing stress relief for the afflicted characters (at this stage we can't afford to send more than two characters into stress relief):
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_03_06_zpsfx1zdkmp.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/03_06_zpsfx1zdkmp.jpg.html)
deathfun is given money to spend at the bar, hoping that the company of the townspeople might lift his spirits.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_03_07_zpsmfjon5fw.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/03_07_zpsmfjon5fw.jpg.html)
Lorric, being a God-fearing Crusader, cannot quiet his mind through any other means than prayers. Unfortunately for him, the Transept in the Abbey is occupied by the former Caretaker of the Estate.

Night falls over the Hamlet, which is still a run down sh*t-hole and shadow of the splendor that once was.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_03_08_zpswisbnbyy.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/03_08_zpswisbnbyy.jpg.html)

As the sun rises above the horizon StarSlayer, Lepanto, Scourge of Ages and the Hellion (who still has not grasp of the common language - who typical for these barbaric folk!) gather to outfit another forray into the Ruins.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_03_09_zpsnbocmoan.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/03_09_zpsnbocmoan.jpg.html)
(Using two Heroes with that high Stress-levels is not best solution in the book but I didn't want to launch quest with anything but a full party.)

Learning for the last quest, a few more supplies are bought (which turns out to be mostly redundant as the dungeon map is actually smaller than the last)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_03_10_zpsdh47mojx.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/03_10_zpsdh47mojx.jpg.html)

Once more our Heroes enter the darkness...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_01_zpsawhvhbuj.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_01_zpsawhvhbuj.jpg.html)

This part of the ruins must at one point have been a study or a workshop for the first thing the Party encounters is Alchemy Lab - oddly preserved in such forsaken envoirnment.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_02_zpspzp7dhqd.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_02_zpspzp7dhqd.jpg.html)
Scourge trusting in her education attempts to make something out of the contents of the Laboratory but only winds up inflicting Blight on herself (Damage over Time).

Only a few steps further a party of Cultist bursts from the darkness, catching our Heroes unaware and turning the careful positioning upside down.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_03_zpsakc3ixxe.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_03_zpsakc3ixxe.jpg.html)

Hellions are barbaric warriors who are able to utilize their savage fury in way unfitting of more civilised people - but still she gets results.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_04_zpsa5mod6ju.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_04_zpsa5mod6ju.jpg.html)

StarSlayer is able to show that despite his sickness his swordarm is still true and strong...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_05_zpsmi6i7hj7.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_05_zpsmi6i7hj7.jpg.html)

... yet because he cannot Hew (only chop) the final killing blow is landed by the Hellion.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_06_zpswn6r9xrz.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_06_zpswn6r9xrz.jpg.html)

The next room, an old study that has been looted a long time ago, is a junction. The Party decides to proceed South rather than West.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_07_zps1qwwxkne.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_07_zps1qwwxkne.jpg.html)

The southbound path is blocked by rubble - and once again being cheap comes back to haunt our Heroes: While digging by hand through the debris the resolve of Scourge and Lepanto are tested...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_08_zpsinokis3o.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_08_zpsinokis3o.jpg.html)
... Scourge who had been so valiant on the last quest now plunges into the depths of Paranoia ...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_09_zps9apbcnln.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_09_zps9apbcnln.jpg.html)
... Lepanto on the other hand proves to be Stalwart and immune to the pressing darkness of this dungeon.

No amount of mental strength however can help when our Heroes are not on the look out and get ambushed by the Undead.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_10_zps4fk5si31.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_10_zps4fk5si31.jpg.html)

The ugly face of Scourge's paranoia shows as she begins to refuse the healing touch of Lepanto.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_11_zpsk9ykxreo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_11_zpsk9ykxreo.jpg.html)

The element of surprise might be an advantage for the Skeletons but StarSlayer's mights sword is clearly a match for the frail bones when it is combined with the gas grenades of Scourge which cause the third Skeleton to expire.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_12_zpswfrx7pwe.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_12_zpswfrx7pwe.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_13_zpsnqqk8wag.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_13_zpsnqqk8wag.jpg.html)

After such a series of blunders (being surprised twice by hostiles) loot is a balm for the weary hands and hearts of our Heroes.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_14_zps9m66bw5t.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_14_zps9m66bw5t.jpg.html)

In the next room the Heroes have a chance to scout ahead. Armed with this knowledge they press on.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_15_zpsa2vol17n.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_15_zpsa2vol17n.jpg.html)

The interactive instance right before the end of the eastern path is revealed as an Iron Maiden. StarSlayer peeks inside but the only things he can find are the stench of rot and decay - which the Leper is immune against.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_16_zps6umosarx.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_16_zps6umosarx.jpg.html)

Reaching the end of this path, the Party comes face to face with another group of Cultists...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_17_zpsmon0ca99.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_17_zpsmon0ca99.jpg.html)

It is the dark magic of the Cultist Acolyte and the dark vistas of reality which she shows StarSlayer, that push him over the edge as well....
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_18_zpsrbfatexp.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_18_zpsrbfatexp.jpg.html)
... crippling fear grasps his heart and errode any courage the doomed man possesses ...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_19_zpssxvrxfhb.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_19_zpssxvrxfhb.jpg.html)
... but with a heavy blade it doesn't matter if the heart wielding it is strong; it's mass will do the trick just fine without courage.

Glimpsing a knife in the dark, Scourge darts forwards with her scalpel in hand and attacks a Cultist Brawler - the knife might have been a play of her imagination but the killing stab against the Cultist's neck is not.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_20_zpsm0aogyms.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_20_zpsm0aogyms.jpg.html)

The barbaric people of the Hellion have no love for witches and sorceresses (but druids and shamans are fine).
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_21_zpsvasvdbnk.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_21_zpsvasvdbnk.jpg.html)

The final blow belongs to StarSlayer ... just the way he likes it.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_22_zpsu4ldlid1.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_22_zpsu4ldlid1.jpg.html)

Among the spoils from this encounter is our first Trinket - an optional item which gives are permanent bonus (and/or malus) when worn; this one is restricted to the Highwayman-class and it is not every good either.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_23_zpsizsvhujy.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_23_zpsizsvhujy.jpg.html)

Having backtracked to the abandoned study room, the party sets forth to the west. In the corridor they come across a Confessional, remembering the miraculous effect a confession had on Lorric, the party urge Scourge to go in.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_24_zpsnfq8d6hf.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_24_zpsnfq8d6hf.jpg.html)
As it turns out it was prudent choice as Scourge emerges without her lust for money (Plutomania removed).

Besides the Confessional the party encounters a Display Case for an important looking heirloom. But it is trapped and the heirloom cannot be retrieved.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_25_zps1dw6jnys.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_25_zps1dw6jnys.jpg.html)

Approaching the next room our Heroes encounter some rather perplexed Skeletons who quickly fall to the heroic onslaught.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_26_zpsf7eveop7.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_26_zpsf7eveop7.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_28_zpsjhc1novv.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_28_zpsjhc1novv.jpg.html)

Obviously the Undead inside this room were trusting on their sentires outside. Too bad for them.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_29_zpsj5mo1smc.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_29_zpsj5mo1smc.jpg.html)
The Skeleton Crossbowman's eyes might have long rotted away but his aim is still true.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_30_zps5aoe7bto.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_30_zps5aoe7bto.jpg.html)
StarSlayer is quick to enable her revenge.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_31_zps8vxcxyji.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_31_zps8vxcxyji.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_32_zpspu1yzig6.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_32_zpspu1yzig6.jpg.html)

The undead rabble won't be denied a good blow...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_33_zpsljybvwtu.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_33_zpsljybvwtu.jpg.html)
... but the Hellion answers in kind, making this an odd clash of civilisation and barbarism.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_34_zpsx3c0ws8m.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_34_zpsx3c0ws8m.jpg.html)

Ending this fight falls to the Hellion as StarSlayer cannot muster the strength for a strike of his own.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_35_zpso4bforfk.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_35_zpso4bforfk.jpg.html)

Having defeated the undead, the Leper makes his way the blessed fountain seeking healing for the godly presence he imagines to reside there.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_36_zpswwziwhyd.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_36_zpswwziwhyd.jpg.html)
If there truly was a divine energy in these waters no one will be able to tell but effect on StarSlayer is obvious (Healed).

And now fortune truly smiles upon our Heroes.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_37_zpsifqwrrpd.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_37_zpsifqwrrpd.jpg.html)

It might be a transgression against the Faith to dig through the ashes of a departed person but sometimes it reveals treasure. StarSlayer is pushed to the forefront by the others, trusting that no disease from the ashes would infect the Leper...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_38_zpshusbw1hd.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_38_zpshusbw1hd.jpg.html)
... turns out they were right. (This is the second time the Leper supposedly was infected by a lootable but didn't take any ill effects.)

The next room is empty but for webs of small spiders.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_39_zpsjso0kfrs.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_39_zpsjso0kfrs.jpg.html)

The spiders in these Ruins may be small (so far *hinthint*) but the Maggots are in turn bigger and more disgusting.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_40_zpsb5pp1n3l.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_40_zpsb5pp1n3l.jpg.html)

Some instinct drives the Maggots to target the Doc - do they know about the methods of the Medica?
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_41_zpskycc3enj.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_41_zpskycc3enj.jpg.html)

Again, the Leper's heavy blade and the Hellions savage assault end the threat.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_42_zpstgd8pgqf.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_42_zpstgd8pgqf.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_43_zps1cnxchwq.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_43_zps1cnxchwq.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_44_zpsizkonjsj.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_44_zpsizkonjsj.jpg.html)

The folk tales have it that the barbarous folk is impervious to the myriad facets of madness that afflict civilized folk. But these tales are wrong and the strain of bloodsheed and darkness show in them like in any other human being: The Hellion too fails to resist the dark depths of her personality and egomania blooms in her soul.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_47_zpsoqaxwzsn.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_47_zpsoqaxwzsn.jpg.html)

Another heirloom on display, another trap - and no loot, again.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_48_zpsd7cxuyda.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_48_zpsd7cxuyda.jpg.html)

In the final room the party suprises the final set of enemies - Cultists and some Undead.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_49_zps7w2dkocp.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_49_zps7w2dkocp.jpg.html)

Seeking glory for herself and in utter contempt for the undead dandy hiding behind his masters, the Hellion rushes to the right most position and performs her Iron Swan-attack against the rightmost position of the enemy party - selfish but effective.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_50_zpseg4iinhp.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_50_zpseg4iinhp.jpg.html)

StarSlayer ends the Cultist Brawler after Scourge had weakened him.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_51_zpsxmnwgdw9.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_51_zpsxmnwgdw9.jpg.html)

After a disturbing series of misses by all party members but Lepanto (who had been healing everyone else) the Cultist Acolyte is finally felt in the 9th Round of Combat.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_52_zpsz2byo2c1.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_52_zpsz2byo2c1.jpg.html)

With his mistress beaten, the undead bodyguard is quickly dispatched as well.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_53_zps5ebruch6.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_53_zps5ebruch6.jpg.html)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_54_zpskjl3n3mw.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_54_zpskjl3n3mw.jpg.html)
The haul form this quest might not be as large as the last one but victory remains its own reward (also the quest rewards make more than up for the difference).
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_55_zps1w0evivh.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_55_zps1w0evivh.jpg.html)
But loot is not the only thing our Heroes bring home to the Hamlet.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_04_56_zpsmwkx7ctq.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/04_56_zpsmwkx7ctq.jpg.html)
StarSlayer's eyesight has proven superior to most but his fear of all manner of creatures from the animal kingdom is revealed as well. (+ Accuracy, - Stress Resist against Beasts)
Though she still not understood in words and gestures, the Hellion's fancy for all things dead had become apparent. (Must interact with Corpses in the Dungeon)
If she had been devout before, the horrors of the Ruins have taught Scourge that no higher power exists in this world. (Cannot relieve Stress at the Transept or Penance Hall)
Lepanto has proven to be good explorer, although the Ruins are not her speciality. Her blood as it appears now is reluctant to close her wounds. (+ Chance of scouting in the Warrens Dungeon; - Bleeding Resistance)

(The Hamlet - Week 3)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_00_zpsjmafy1tu.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_00_zpsjmafy1tu.jpg.html)

Even on the hills that separate the fallen Estate from the Hamlet the Heroes can hears the sounds of a busy forge; in their absence of supplies have come in and Blacksmith's shop is back in business. The emblem of the Guild is visible from a distance as well. Life is returning to the community.

Together with Lorric and deathfun, the Party assembles at the Guildhouse. The trainers of the Guild will provide and invaluable service if they can be persuaded to stay, and so some Heirlooms are presented to the Guild representatives to encourage a long term investment.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_01_zpsljdclvuy.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_01_zpsljdclvuy.jpg.html)
But a long term investment is not all our Heroes desire from the Guild:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_02_zpsu4vnyf5i.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_02_zpsu4vnyf5i.jpg.html)
Lorric trains in the Battle Heal- (minor healing for single party member) and Holy Lance-Skills (forward move including attack against single target in enemy backrow).
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_03_zpsolwrjsvk.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_03_zpsolwrjsvk.jpg.html)
deathfun trains the Wicked Slice-Skill (melee attack, possible from back row).
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_04_zpsc1ulchqe.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_04_zpsc1ulchqe.jpg.html)
Scourge of Ages sets out to learn more about Battlefield Medicine (remove Bleed- or Blight-DoT effect)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_05_zpsyj9if1ne.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_05_zpsyj9if1ne.jpg.html)
Lepanto trains in the Illumination-Skill (ranged attack, increased torch level, inflicts Dodge malus)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_06_zps9vjlgbhr.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_06_zps9vjlgbhr.jpg.html)
StarSlayer learns how to Hew instead just Chopping (melee attack, hits both enemy front row targets)

The Blacksmith's shop might be up and running to meet the need of the community but so far it cannot produce any new weapons and armour.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_07_zpstalo3mlo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_07_zpstalo3mlo.jpg.html)

Seeking for new recruits, our Heroes encounter the Jester FireSpawn and the Bounty Hunter Patriot. Both are delighted to join the upcoming quests.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_09_zps1u9tfnvz.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_09_zps1u9tfnvz.jpg.html)

Enter Stage left:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_10_zpscd3xadb6.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_10_zpscd3xadb6.jpg.html)
Patriot, a Bounty Hunter with a rule to refuse any job that does not involve killing. (Dancomania: Stress Level increases if someone else makes a killing blow)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_11_zpssobbmnjo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_11_zpssobbmnjo.jpg.html)
FireSpawn, a fellow of infinite jest and true love for the spotlight. (Photomania: + Stress Resist if Light Level, aka Torch, is high)

Both are then turned over to the Guild to teach them some "essential skills":
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_12_zpsl3jjlyw0.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_12_zpsl3jjlyw0.jpg.html)
Patriot learns Flash Grenade (Chance of Stun, Chance of Shuffle - which is to randomly move the target one position forward or back)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_13_zpsimmczo8f.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_13_zpsimmczo8f.jpg.html)
FireSpawn learns Harvest (Hit both middle positions of the enemy party) and Inspiring Song (Stress Heal)

(Next time: I'll try to summarize recruitment and training)

On to Stress Relief:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_14_zpsy554p4tq.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_14_zpsy554p4tq.jpg.html)
In the Abbey, the Caretakes still occupies the Transept - so Lorric is once again excluded from the Stress Relief. StarSlayer retreats to meditate and the Hellion inflicts harsh practices of physical cleansing upon herself.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_15_zpss2ifmuhf.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_15_zpss2ifmuhf.jpg.html)
In the Tavern, Scourge of Ages sits down with a cold one.

It the dim light of day, the Hamlet looks more lively than ever. Still, it was not been restored to beauty and industry.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_05_16_zpsagkriysv.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/05_16_zpsagkriysv.jpg.html)

With all matters taken care off - here are quest choices for the next foray into the dungeon, during which Lepanto and Lorric will show FireSpawn and Patriot the ropes of dungeon crawling.
Option A - Scout the Ruins I:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_06_00a_zpssrhmchsa.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/06_00a_zpssrhmchsa.jpg.html)

Option B - Skirmish in the Ruins:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_06_00b_zpsevuruvpi.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/06_00b_zpsevuruvpi.jpg.html)

Option C - Scout the Ruins II:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_06_00c_zpsjhtzdics.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/06_00c_zpsjhtzdics.jpg.html)

Option D - Skirmish in the Weald:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/th_06_00d_zpsgqvxy8l4.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%202/06_00d_zpsgqvxy8l4.jpg.html)

Which quest should it be?
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 3
Post by: Scourge of Ages on February 15, 2015, 05:07:54 pm
Scourge's Log, week 2:

I write this now from the relative safety of the tavern. I almost died this week, three or four times by my count. I really think the Estate is trying to put me down, in particular. I just want to plunder it a little! Why is the dungeon such a jerk?

Early this week, while Lorric and Deathfun were resting, we met a Leper named StarSlayer, and a Hellion from parts unknown. They joined our little band, against my protestations. I didn't become a plague doctor to pal around with some rotting pile of flesh, for cripes sake! But he was a decent enough guy, and wrapped in enough bandages to cover a giant, so I just changed a mask filter and swallowed my pride.

A good thing, too. StarSlayer and the Hellion were great in the dungeon. Despite almost every trap and every monster going out of their way to rend my flesh, and a few almost succeeding, our two meatheads really came through with the killing.

No really. Every trap, every monster tried to kill me. There was a perfectly harmless science bench, and when I tried to whip up a bit of medicine, BAM! TRAPPED! Skellington with a crossbow? Aims for my face, and almost took it off. Giant squishy flippin' maggots? They rushed me and tried to gnaw my legs off!

I'm taking this next week off, gonna spend some hard-scrounged loot in the tavern and chat up the apothecary a bit.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 3
Post by: Lorric on February 15, 2015, 06:55:55 pm
Vote: D. After his experience on the road on the way in, Lorric will relish the opportunity to clear out bandits and creatures on the road to ensure others do not suffer the same fate.

Is there a way to tell the relative difficulty of a quest? Is Apprentice (Lv1) perhaps the difficulty? short / medium is the length of the quest, and what's the orange thing that is X0 on 3 quests and X1 on 1?
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 3
Post by: Lepanto on February 15, 2015, 07:20:01 pm
Good to see that everyone is still alive and . . . sane enough.

I'll go with D too.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 3
Post by: TrashMan on February 16, 2015, 07:57:57 am
HMmm...the Crusader and Vestal have skills that raise light level, so you might save some resources by buying less torches when you have them on the team.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 3
Post by: deathfun on February 16, 2015, 10:19:59 pm
You've all heard the tale of the one who roams the roads, preying on the weak or the unwary... seizing opportunity where it may be had. Many have been unlucky to come across such a man, fewer unlucky enough to cross him. It wasn't about honour, or a grand plan. Merely survival and a knack for the job

As I sit here in this stagecoach looking across into the face covered by a knights helmet showing eyes glaring back at me I begin to question what brought me to give pause to such existence. It didn't appear that he appreciated my company all that much. Unsurprising as I didn't particularly care for his presence either. However, our desires have both led us to the same dark, disturbed destination

Our stagecoach unexpectedly comes to a tumbling crash, unknown as to what caused such an event

Seems like we were to go on foot from here

Crawling from the wreck, both I and my armoured "friend" find ourselves face to face with one surprised man. I don't believe he expected anyone to come out from that heap of broken wood alive and unscathed, but I knew very well just what it was he wanted.

Neither of us wasted any time cutting the poor fool down leaving his pitched tent free for us to take. It'd appear he wasn't doing too poorly on the road himself, unfortunately for him he decided to jump the wrong people. You never play your hand too soon, not before you know what you're up against. Far too many bandits have died by my hand thinking a lone man walking the roads would be an easy take.

Doesn't look like he was setup here alone. Two more bandits show their faces a little further down the road, a little better equipped. One stood taller than the Crusader himself, matching the height held by the sword. The bigger they are...

...The harder they fall. His partner responds in kind sending a volley our way penetrating into my shoulder and deflecting slightly off my partner's armour.

I am not much for getting shot. Pulling out my flintlock pistol, I send one well placed ball towards the bandit's chest while the sword follows shortly afterwards to finish the bastard. Looks like they were carrying with them some recently obtained loot.

Ours now

The rest of the Old Road was quiet allowing us to arrive to The Hamlet without further interruptions. It wasn't the most fantastic looking place, and I've seen my fair share of run down towns.

It wasn't long before we were joined by two more, probably seeking similar adventures. A healer, and an Alchemist.
I cared not for their names, this was a matter of convenience. Working with others is... not something I enjoy. Years of roaming the roads alone was how I preferred it.

But... if I were to delve deeper into the dungeon and reap the rewards that may be waiting for me... us... I would require their help. I chose to remain quiet for the time being, there was no need for them to know my name. I longed for rest however, the Old Road having taken some out of me. I rest before the supposed "heroes" would again congregate and move into the darkness before us.

I was awakened by a presence, felt, but not heard or seen. All the better since it was time to see just what treasure lay within the confines of this dungeon

It did not take the four of us long to encounter a smashed crate containing some heirlooms. It was almost as though it was too good to be true...
...as it was. Our first encounter appeared in the form of cultists and their fleshless companions. One came towards me and threw the contents of his cup towards my face, splashing me with what appeared to be blood. It burned my skin as it ate away at my flesh. What fresh hell was this?

We cut them down on the ground they stood, my nerves becoming numb from the vile liquid that had since evaporated. Unfortunately, not long after our first encounter we found ourselves approached by three more. The dead one goes after the Doctor (a title I find amusing) dealing a severe blow with his weapon. We retaliate quickly ending their lives... respectively for the skeleton it was for a second time

Seems as though these two groups were protecting the rubble that blocked our way. Everyone but I looked towards one another inquiring about the chance someone had a shovel

Naturally, we were a spade short. The Crusader was the first one to start moving the rubble with his hands, his gauntlets protecting his hands and wrists from the possible scrapes that would ensue. It took us a while, but before long the pile was cleared bringing us to an empty room. Disappointment filled my mind and I could see I wasn't the only one

Fortunately, upon leaving, there was a crate waiting for us once again. A small but welcome reward for our efforts

Luck would not be in our favour this time. Three more cultists appear coming towards us with a vengeance, striking me hard with his weapon. Death's door awaited me, surely this was to be the end for me. Straight up fights were never my style, preferring more the element of surprise or being underestimated.

The healer came to me and quickly began to work. Her hands were adept, and I could feel the effects taking place. Renewed somewhat, I looked towards the Vestal and nodded in kind. My road companion followed the Doctor as they butchered the enemy with their blades, cutting them down to size. I chuckle sarcastically at my poor attempt at humour, unheard by the others. Seems our party is starting to feel the hurt, but one suggests that we break before heading further in. I know I myself could use it, the pain slowly returning to my wound

Eating certainly had some restorative effects for us all as our next encounter brings us face to face with more of the undead. I look toward the one cultist wearing the dress and look for a brief moment. One could sell that for quite a fair amount, or at least take the gold trim...

The Knight strikes first dealing a nasty blow, but the crossbowman retorts quickly going after the Healer. Scourge did not take kindly to this moving in and taking out another one of the four less than human (I've never been particularly fond of cults) bastards that insisted to ruin our day. Once again, the devout man bearing his sword comes down with another crushing swing.

The female cultist comes back and attacks the Doctor sending him to the ground writhing in pain. Seeing him crawl back towards us with the healer running towards him... it caused something to brew deep inside me. I bloody hate cultists, and this adventure was quickly becoming more than it was worth. I voiced my opinion on the matter, feeling more inclined to take what we have got and call it a day. Ironically enough, the very person who was glaring at me not long ago on the Old Road began to develop this distrusting look in his eyes. He was more crooked than I was, but there is nothing more crooked than a man who is dishonest in who he is

I accepted being a Highwayman, keen on taking from whoever I wanted and leaving those who crossed me bleeding out on the dirt. But this Knight, or so called Holy Man, takes from the very shrine meant to appease the God.

It came to an almost funny surprise to find ourselves in the following room which carried what appeared to be a confessional... beckoning to us all. The Knight, conflicted as it would appear, well he steps in! Probably a trap I think to myself wishing I could depart from this adventure and leave them to their own devices. I wished not to continue further

Turns out it was not a trap, and I will admit when I am wrong in such regards. He steps out, his posture appearing different... almost as though the conflict in his own mind has been... cured

Good fortune must be balanced with the bad in the end. The undead rise to meet us in the corridor, their hollow eyes staring back towards us, clad in the armour of the past. My own mind falls deeper into the hole I've dug for the many years I've roamed around, taking from the innocent. This is why I preferred to work alone, avoiding the likes of the Healer and the Holier than thou types... their insistence on being "kind" despite my darker nature annoyed me. I tucked myself away behind a pillar as the Healer cast her abilities upon the party. I wanted no part of these gestures, I did not deserve them

An old memory found itself into my mind... the scream of a child... the blood of her father covering the white dress she wore

Our dear Doctor rises to the occasion, seems as though not all of us are subject to our own mind's perils. Suppose there was a bit of a lesson to be learned from him...

The Undead fight us, their will non-existent as they feel no pain and know nothing of retreat. Once again, one of us falls to the swords of our resisting parties. Armour did not hold up well against this blow, but it wasn't before long that he rises again with the help of the lovely miss. Not like she could do much having resumed the position at the front of our party shielding the rest of us from attack. The Knight continued to be hammered and she did the best she could to keep him alive... it was a fascinating cycle. You could see in his eyes though that it was starting to be too much for him

Rising from the ground, he grabs his sword and delivers a blow to the final skeleton, sending the bones to crumble as the magic that once held them together came apart. Our way of thanks came in form of assisting him back to partial strength with the last of our supplies. In that rare moment of calm, it was the least we could do. Afterall, he did have a far better chance to take a hit than the rest of us

An Iron Maiden is found in the next area leaving our rather curious Crusader to test his luck. Shortly upon opening the torture device he was awash in the sickening fumes inside. This caused him to frantically look to an old bookcase nearby looking for something, a cure or anything. His coughing grew to annoy me, the discordant sound not playing well with my ears

It wasn't complete without the bandits clutching their swords as they came towards us, thirsty for blood. Once again I avoid being healed, choosing to lurk behind some cover. If I was to die today, I would die knowing I got what I deserved

As though the bandit read my thoughts, a barrage from his weapon came towards us all, striking everyone in the party and leaving me staring into the scythe carrying creature once again...

Much to my surprise, the Crusader pulls out a scroll which sends a blinding light towards the bandits! One bandit drops dead immediately leaving the other to bleed out courtesy of my previous attack. A lull in the combat once again, welcomed by myself as my wounds begin to grow worse each room

We continue further in, one lackluster room after another

Until four Cultists and Skeletons find themselves startled by us as we walk into the room. My inner rage and distaste for these bastards unleashes as I fire my pistol into the face of one of them. It felt good

They didn't think the same striking back in kind leaving our armoured acquaintance once again on the brink. It was here the Doctor gave some select words (which I might add, I could relate to... a little) boosting morale across the board. Words did not fail here as we cut the rest of them down with ease, ending with a fantastic show of light from the resident cleric

There was still more to be done... but the strength to carry on was not found as my beaten body caused me to stumble with each step. I was not the only one who felt this way (finally) as the rest of the party collectively decided that it was time to return from the depths topside.

I wanted nothing more than to rest

(More ways than one since god dammit there's more to write about)
(I also did not realize the Plague Doctor was female until after writing)
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Post by: TrashMan on February 17, 2015, 02:02:45 am
Another tip: I always bring at least one vial of holy water. When used on confessionals, altars, shrines, etc, it purifies them and grants things like full heal, big stress reduction, removal of a negative trait or a big buff.
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Is there a way to tell the relative difficulty of a quest? Is Apprentice (Lv1) perhaps the difficulty? short / medium is the length of the quest, and what's the orange thing that is X0 on 3 quests and X1 on 1?

There is no definite way to say which quest is more or less difficult - that's part of the charm. A long quest can be incredibly easy with weak mobs spread out across a large space, while a short quest may give you X encounters in row.

Short/Medium/Long - Does cover how many rooms will be on a given map, but gives no indication on how many encounters a quest may have. Also the longer a quest is increases the need from more supplies.

Apprentice (Lvl 1)/Veteran (Lvl 3)/... (Lvl 5) - covers the max level of any given encounter during the quest; also Heroes will only go on Quests which are +/- 1 their own level.

Camps (aka "organge thing") - tells the number of camping equipment you will get for this quest. This already indicates this is a longer quest during which you can/will have to* Camp in the Dungeon. Camping gives you an opportunity to heal and relief stress in the Dungeon.

* It says in the tutorial that you must camp in the Dungeon but I never got a dialogue forcing my hand.
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That's some very nice work from Deathfun. I was particularly impressed that he came up with a reason to avoid the healing.

This is really starting to get good. :)

0rph3u5, thanks for the info.

So, I was wondering, how could a holy warrior, a hero, be a kleptomaniac?

Ah yes. Of course. :lol:
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Scourge's Log, Week 3:

I never thought I could get bored of a good tavern... Well, after the squishy tart who runs the brothel refused every single one of my requests, plus she didn't have many guys to choose from, so I was stuck with just booze and deflecting looks from the few - and extremely ugly - travelers at the bar. I could have some fun with that most times, but didn't feel like it today.

I figured it was time for a good skulk about town. Most of the party are either nursing their wounds/brains or trying to decide where to take the two newbies, Firespawn and Patriot. Where are all these weirdos coming from, anyway? Right, I should talk...

Walking past Deathfun's tent, the bored part of my mind suggested going inside to see if the Highwayman had any interesting loot or gold lying around for... science... But as I got closer, I heard him inside, mumbling to himself and making a rapid scratching sound. Curiosity chased away boredom and the tiny part of me calling for gold, and I peeked into the tent.

He was writing furiously. I've never seen so many sheets of paper in motion outside of a university. Now I'm not going to say I'm surprised that a Highwayman could write, I'm not prejudiced. But the speed and volume or words coming out would be shocking from anyone. There was a discarded scrap of paper near my feet, and I picked it up and backed away; I'm sure he didn't notice me. I unfolded the scrap, and it looked like a draft for a log or diary. It accounted our first day in the dungeon in dense detail, and was actually pretty well written. I wonder what the final draft he keeps will look like?
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Emerging from the ground of which reeked of the putrid scent of death, the decaying bodies of the new and old scattered haphazardly around the entrance to the depths from which we have returned... broken, beat, morale close to nothing as we realize just what toll our bodies will have to suffer the next coming weeks. I stop to rest upon exiting, my eyes adjusting to the natural light from the sky. Despite the red aura reflecting off from the cloud cover creating this ominous look to the surrounding area, it took some time for me to compose myself having just been in sheer darkness for most of the day. One of the skeletons from long before looked at me with this gaze, almost as though it was not quite dead, sending chills down my spine

I wasn't quite myself yet, memories of my past came flooding to the forefront of my brain causing me to grow lightheaded. Given my profession, I am not without my share of mistakes. There are some who would consider my entire life one long string of poor choices; those who look down upon my thieving and taking the life from those who thought their life was worth less than the gold they kept in their pockets. I do not find those who have died by hand a mistake on my part, or the countless I have stolen from poor choices. Little do some know, but there is a code of which I stand by. People who I come across and "donate" their valuables leave with their lives. Ones who feel they can take me, or think I am merely prey, meet the end of my blade or the ball of my pistol

But I find myself still haunted by the early days...

The others wasted no time leaving for Hamlet seemingly not aware that I had stopped for a moment. Not that I blame them, sometimes I fall into my dark recesses of my mind and it takes over. Escaping from the damp, moss filled confines of the walls behind me and breathing the fresh air... well I wouldn't call it fresh air, but it's certainly better than before... will do me some good

In the distance a stagecoach approached with what seemed like three more souls coming into Hamlet. Unsurprising that there would be more to come after us, but I can't quite say it brought any particular amount of joy to see new faces. It'll take some getting used to, working alongside other people

It's possible I might not ever get used to it

Heading down the path, my feet hurried as quickly as they could despite the heaviness they felt with each aching step. I could hear the Cleric talking to one of the new arrivals, each of the three listening carefully to the story each one of them contributed to telling. Watching the two holier than though recount the events with this divine spin to events made me roll my eyes. Wasn't the only one either. Scourge... at least that's what I believe his... oh hold on... her name is. For a moment there I was shocked I never noticed until now that the Doctor was actually female, the clothing completely concealing her figure. The mask certainly didn't help in that regards!

Sitting down nearby I watched as they argued details and facts about what happened while down in the cultist Hell. Not entirely accurate, I suppose for them it's Heaven. For us however, Hell. Absolute Hell.

One of the newcomers looked completely white, trembling even, as she listened with such intensity to the story. Upon the finishing of the tale, no more than a few moments passed before the Hellion stepped back on the stagecoach and wished never to return to this godforsaken ****hole we're all in. The other two, another Hellion and a Leper, seemed to take this recounting of events as a challenge to rise against as one brandished their weapon and gazed back into the eyes of the Knight who had taken off his helmet for the first time. Not entirely sure if it was supposed to be a challenge of will, a duel to be had, or just some sort of mutual agreement that dwelling back into the depths will be met with equal parts trust

Guess that's how things will be done in terms of communication from her. Grunts, a piercing gaze, and probably a warcry or two

I was ushered over by the Cleric who felt it necessary that I take some gold to spend at the local bar in hopes that it'll calm my spirits (or at the very least, drown them deeper down). Whether or not the townspeople... for the general politeness I will not refer to them as downtrodden bottom dwellers who smelt just as bad as the dungeon... would help lift my spirits is entirely in question. Maybe the smell they give off will convince me that life could be worse

Chuckling to myself at the notion that these townspeople are actually a worse situation than my choosing to stay and see what else there is in store for us in that ****ing place. Clearly, insanity is starting to seep into my synapses because no one sane would ever willingly choose to clear out a labyrinth where death lurks at every corner and the rewards were... debatable... 

Okay, insane or driven by a higher power and do good outlook. I guess there is a benefit to being what is essentially a martyr for your holy beliefs. Speaking of which, just before entering the bar I notice our resident Crusader... Lorric or something... entering the Abbey. Probably looking for some divine intervention to help what ails him. I'll take a good drink (or four) over putting my hopes in some bull**** God

Down into the glass I go, the night passing away into light without me even really noticing. Doesn't help that this area seems to be either dark, darker, or darker yet. Beginning to sense a theme really... probably that of impending doom or failure even.

Hearing some commotion outside brings me to peer through the window (which more or less looked like an after thought than a window. I think they just ran out of wood and said **** it) towards the road (or more appropriately the muddy area that swerved between the buildings). Watching intently, I could see the Cleric, the Doctor and our two new compatriots preparing to walk up towards the vault we had just vacated... or at least felt like we had just left. Difficult to tell the time here

Returning to my drink, I realize that it was now empty (did I finish it or did someone here take my absence from it as a go ahead to swipe a free drink...) and aptly decide that it was perhaps time to attempt some actual rest. The townspeople all look towards me as I shuffled the stool I sat on behind me, eyes simply glassed over, their faces about as lively as the skeletons we took care of earlier. Less spooky and creepy, and more just pitiful with a touch of sad. They seemed like they were bound to existing here, taking care of a once lively but now decrepit town

Swinging the door open in front of me, I head towards my tent where I pull some paper and a quill to begin accounting for the events that have, and will, take place here. It kept my mind relatively at ease, to put it all in writing. A thought crossed my mind of making it into a book and selling it, what a laugh that'll be! Highwayman to writer...

...Unlikely it'll sell. Unlikely I'll make it out of here alive

It won't be without effort


I think I'm enjoying this a little too much


Continued addition


I awake suddenly, my breathing heavy, face and body sweating heavily from the slumber I had just arisen from. My mind was racing as I looked around disoriented, on the cusp of still being able to see the nightmare play out within the confines of my tent. Shadows darted everywhere around me as I attempted to follow them in my semi-lucid state. Instinctively my hand drew the blade which lay not far from me. Reaching out, I attempted to hack away at the shadows that moved faster than I could react

A presence yelled at me from the tent's entrance; it was Lorric trying to get my attention. His eyes locked with mine, my knuckles white from gripping my blade so fiercely it shook in my grasp. He called out my name once more and I snapped out of my hallucination, realizing what it was and releasing the blade so it dropped with a slight thud against the dirt floor.

The Crusader removes his presence from my tent without batting an eye. Seems my crazed look in that moment was either not as crazed as it seemed, or I had imagined all of this...

Exiting the tent brought me to once again feel the grim nature of this town. Something was different this time however... a distant sound of metal clashing against metal. Perhaps this town was starting to become a bit more lively the longer we remain

I quickly follow after the Knight who appeared to be heading over towards the Guildhouse where everyone else had already congregated. It was rather obvious what use they'll have for us, but of course we're going to have to fork over some of our loot. In my line of work, trading for services immediately after a haul was generally the best thing you could do. Hoarding made for a nice target so it was wise to unload your gear as soon as you could

Opening the doors into the House was met with not much in the way of splendor, but definitely quite a bit of room for improvement. Several trainers moved to greet us as we casually strolled in. Seems they know where the money will be, and I sincerely hope we'll be able to provide them with enough... persuasion... to stick around

One of them brings me to follow him after a nice helping of heirlooms from the collective pool. The others too went off to their respective places but I wasn't able to pay much attention to that as myself and my opponent immediately got into developing some of my blade skills. I've never really been in fights that required much in the way of fancy moves so this was a welcome thought and I hoped it would serve me well in future conquests in the dungeon

Some time passes as the technique he demonstrated to me becomes honed and closer to second nature. Impressive was the amount of theory behind the blade attack and how its execution is so simple to pick up

I felt renewed, and for once actually yearning for a fight
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FYI - I'd suggest upgrading the blacksmith armory first.
Upgrading a weapon grants +1 damage and +1% crit.
Upgrading the armor grants +5 dodge and 5-10 HP, which is a bigger boon early on IMHO.

Also, as afflictions mount, getting another cell in the Sanatorium might be wise.


Finally, since TrashMan isn't a very...fantasy-ish name, when the next Crusader arrives, feel free to use Ellderon (a forum handle I also sometimes use). Your call.
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A round of applause for deathfun, please. I'm very proud how this turned out so far, a big thank you all four members of the original party for committing to this like they did.

So, there is 2 votes for Quest Option D. So that's the road I will send the party later tonight.

(I think something might have broken in the last patch; the Party got suprised 3 times but only once did the usual change in positions occur. Or I'm just super lucky this evening.)

Once more Heroes from the Hamlet venture into the dark areas that surround the HLP Estate. But where previous excursions had focussed on the Ruins and it's undead inhabitants, this Party of both veterans and fresh recruits will patrol the roads through the Weald.

The supplies our Heroes bought from the Caretaker are very basic, appropriate for the length of the journey yet conservative with the limited amount of Gold currently at their disposal.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_00_zps11y0zm6n.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_00_zps11y0zm6n.jpg.html)
(The creatures in the Weald are much more capable of inflicting Blight DoT but have less offensive Stress-inducing abilities. I could have brought some antidote but I decided that it was not worth spending gold that is better invested in skill upgrades - which we will hopefully see next week)

While the Weald is an open space the darkness between the trees is oppressive and odour of corruption and rot hangs over everything. But our Heroes are not turned back by this hostile environment.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_01_zpsb41y4gr6.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_01_zpsb41y4gr6.jpg.html)

Stumbling across the grave marked with a name from a famous house, Lorric chooses to investigate. But the earth is rich with poisonous fungi which discourage any examination.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_02_zpslm6gcrjx.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_02_zpslm6gcrjx.jpg.html)

Reaching the first clearing on their path, our Heroes take a Cultist and his entourage of fungi-abominations by surprise.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_03_zpsf1aqgq6c.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_03_zpsf1aqgq6c.jpg.html)

(Short time-out to explain why I upgraded the Bounty Hunter like I did: The Bounty Hunter is currently the chief hero to mess with enemy positioning. If can control how the enemy party is positioned you can disrupt some of their best attacks. Right here we see that I pulled the rightmost Fungal Artillery, then gave them an AoE attack from the Jester and finally had the Crusade Smite it.)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_03_zpsf1aqgq6c.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_03_zpsf1aqgq6c.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_04_zpspq0bt2fc.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_04_zpspq0bt2fc.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_05_zpsrrp1857b.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_05_zpsrrp1857b.jpg.html)

By themselves the spores from some of fungus creatures are a nuisance.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_06_zps060fgafv.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_06_zps060fgafv.jpg.html)
But this attack especially is infamous because it boosts the damage done by other fungal creatures.

The rest of the fight wraps-up rather quickly, despite the marks from the corrupted mushrooms.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_08_zpsf3m7x3lf.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_08_zpsf3m7x3lf.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_09_zpsxcsab7fr.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_09_zpsxcsab7fr.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_10_zpsv2n0cizl.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_10_zpsv2n0cizl.jpg.html)
Lorric is able to bring his righteous wrath down first on the Cultist and, after FireSpawn nimbly and with great flourish dispatched one of the fungal parasites, then only the final Fungus Zombie.

The spoils from this encounter are easily obtained - but overconfidence can become a major pitfall.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_11_zpss66fxqy3.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_11_zpss66fxqy3.jpg.html)

If you were under the impression that Giant Maggots or Mushroom Parasites were grotesque enemies, you were wrong. One of the deadliest and meanest enemies the Weald has to offer is rather plain and uninteresting at first - the Ectoplasm. The appearance of two such creatures startles the Party.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_12_zps3mca4esi.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_12_zps3mca4esi.jpg.html)

It may be true that the Ecoplasm has little defence against sharpened blades, but it strengths do not come from resilience or physical power. Because just as one falls another might break into two identical pieces.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_13_zpspygwoith.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_13_zpspygwoith.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_14_zpstrr72lpm.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_14_zpstrr72lpm.jpg.html)

After division, the Ectoplasm hungers even more fiercely than before. One of the entities takes on Lepanto and overpowers the Vestal's defences.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_14_zpstrr72lpm.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_14_zpstrr72lpm.jpg.html)

Repaying this attack in kind, is where FireSpawn and Lorric excel.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_16_zpsy3x99b1o.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_16_zpsy3x99b1o.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_17_zpsz7as1rck.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_17_zpsz7as1rck.jpg.html)

Only a few meters father our victorious Heroes find well-deserved treasure.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_18_zpsfzgczqe6.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_18_zpsfzgczqe6.jpg.html)

Once again it is clear that buying at least one Shovel from the Caretaker’s would have been prudent.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_19_zps16esmem5.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_19_zps16esmem5.jpg.html)
(in hindsight...)

The next clearing is empty:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_20_zpsx5calxbj.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_20_zpsx5calxbj.jpg.html)

Crates, which fell of a Carriage that must have been speeding through here at a break-neck speed, litter the path and allow for a little salvage in between fights.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_21_zpsaslb73lh.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_21_zpsaslb73lh.jpg.html)

Again, a Cultist and some wretched creatures that bow to her will.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_22_zpsn5kqksjm.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_22_zpsn5kqksjm.jpg.html)

Against the Ectoplasm's ability to divide in the face of adversity makes things just a little bit more complicated.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_23_zpslgthksop.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_23_zpslgthksop.jpg.html)

With some help from Patriot FireSpawn is able to cut down the Ectoplasm with a flick of both wrists.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_24_zpsqxbvnrdu.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_24_zpsqxbvnrdu.jpg.html)

Trying to intimidate the heretic into submission, Lorric breaks out the accusations.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_25_zpsdtuomipf.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_25_zpsdtuomipf.jpg.html)
While it dispels the Ectoplasm's hold on the world, the heretic woman remains unimpressed...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_26_zps0no2stko.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_26_zps0no2stko.jpg.html)
... but the Jester FireSpawn will not be denied the last laugh - one the wounds he inflicted cause the Cultist to bleed out and die.

The next clearing is full of poor souls who have been trapped and consumed by the corrupted fungi of the Weald.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_27_zps2g29tm2d.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_27_zps2g29tm2d.jpg.html)
The following fight is a furious exchange of blows....
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_28_zps53ru6pyh.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_28_zps53ru6pyh.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_29_zpsoc54tczf.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_29_zpsoc54tczf.jpg.html)
... but for Patriot the attack becomes too much to endure. Without the care and healing magic of the Vestal he would have perished right here and right now.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_30_zpsilngrkw5.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_30_zpsilngrkw5.jpg.html)

Lorric trusts on the Holy Commandments again, on these creatures it appears to have an effect at least.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_31_zpsvkjzvgj0.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_31_zpsvkjzvgj0.jpg.html)

The most humiliating death is Death by Flashbang:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_32_zpsnyzvaim8.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_32_zpsnyzvaim8.jpg.html)

With no target in range to fight, FireSpawn begins to play a little uplifting tune.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_33_zpsvrbaruh7.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_33_zpsvrbaruh7.jpg.html)

The plant zombie strikes again at Patriot pushing him back into the arms of Death - multiple times in a row.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_34_zpsh8d21zdr.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_34_zpsh8d21zdr.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_35_zpsubxrjjsz.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_35_zpsubxrjjsz.jpg.html)
But thanks to two party members actively healing, he does survive.

But taking so much abuse from enemies is enough to test a soul...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_36_zpsgnnjkyww.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_36_zpsgnnjkyww.jpg.html)
... and Patriot falls victim to despair.

With more strength than courage, Patriot then dispatches the last fungus zombie.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_37_zpspbfq3dmg.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_37_zpspbfq3dmg.jpg.html)
Uppercut to the hat (?).

This battle yielded another trinket.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_38_zps9ejldwkm.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_38_zps9ejldwkm.jpg.html)
But like the last one, this one isn't worth the trouble.

Again, the Loot from Crates and Bags keeps coming.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_40_zpsiisintbv.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_40_zpsiisintbv.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_41_zpstd2bwndz.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_41_zpstd2bwndz.jpg.html)

Another encounter: Undead and an Ectoplasm.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_42_zpsgdrhqdks.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_42_zpsgdrhqdks.jpg.html)

This encounter is too much for Lepanto, who reaches her breaking point...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_44_zpszsrtfjmz.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_44_zpszsrtfjmz.jpg.html)
... and from her rapidly darting eye you will see that Paranoia has taken root in her heart (not the worst Affliction she could have gotten).

Despite their impact on the psyche of some party members, theses monsters are quickly dispatched...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_45_zpsdz68hmkb.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_45_zpsdz68hmkb.jpg.html)
... or so you might think (Ectoplasm division AGAIN) ...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_46_zpsrdfe45ar.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_46_zpsrdfe45ar.jpg.html)
... and again the monster's attacks are hard on Patriot as a result.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_47_zpshojfj7l2.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_47_zpshojfj7l2.jpg.html)

But there is one in the Party who will not despair in the face of EVIL:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_48_zps2d9tnlyl.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_48_zps2d9tnlyl.jpg.html)
FireSpawn the Jester rises to the situation as an inspiration to the team.

To keep Patriot alive, even Lorric has to interfere as healer:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_49_zpsov6edzgz.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_49_zpsov6edzgz.jpg.html)

Divide and Conquer:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_50_zps88ikpy10.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_50_zps88ikpy10.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_51_zps19kzuja4.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_51_zps19kzuja4.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_52_zpsjsw6bie4.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_52_zpsjsw6bie4.jpg.html)

But when things look grim and dark, you can count on Jester to turn your frown upside down. Even Lepanto joins in with a rare display of combat magic.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_53_zpsnure1e03.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_53_zpsnure1e03.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_54_zps2cdvqi4i.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_54_zps2cdvqi4i.jpg.html)

But it is not sufficient, as the next blow from a monster, negates all the good Lorric did the Bounty Hunter.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_55_zpsf3oz1ahr.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_55_zpsf3oz1ahr.jpg.html)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_58_zpse6mp4pc5.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_58_zpse6mp4pc5.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_59_zpssainduud.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_59_zpssainduud.jpg.html)

The last remaining Ecoplams goes for it's Great Finale, hits all Party Memebers and...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_60_zpsle6pwzyb.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_60_zpsle6pwzyb.jpg.html)
... spawns an even bigger Blob!
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_61_zpsvnxhxvoa.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_61_zpsvnxhxvoa.jpg.html)

Patriot is able to Hockshoot the lesser Ectoplams, but the larger mass remains untouched.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_62_zpswmgc12um.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_62_zpswmgc12um.jpg.html)

The large Blob's attack is devastating, stunning both Lorric and Patriot - opening the freshly healed Bounty Hunter to a killing blow once more.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_63_zpsdhqf02hd.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_63_zpsdhqf02hd.jpg.html)

But after several turns of chipping away at that monster (and hoping it didn't get lucky), FireSpawn is able to deliver the killing blow...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_64_zpsf4xofr2m.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_64_zpsf4xofr2m.jpg.html)
... and for once the spoils are adequate to the situation:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_65_zpstheuwm8j.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_65_zpstheuwm8j.jpg.html)

The next clearing has another encounters with a Cultist and Fungi -- boring yet?
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_66_zpsqdjwswku.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_66_zpsqdjwswku.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_70_zpsdxcux3e6.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_70_zpsdxcux3e6.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_71_zpsh5tty1cg.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_71_zpsh5tty1cg.jpg.html)
... or maybe Zombies can keep it interesting...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_72_zpsrs80dvtc.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_72_zpsrs80dvtc.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_73_zpsrrky6sw4.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_73_zpsrrky6sw4.jpg.html)
... at least for Lorric, who gets to hog all the glory (still Selfish).

Loot in unfamiliar places:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_74_zpsahp17mt9.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_74_zpsahp17mt9.jpg.html)

Not again - Not to self, buy shovels.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_75_zpslobz9nmt.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_75_zpslobz9nmt.jpg.html)

Please no more Fungi or Ectoplasms... was apparently the thought on everyone’s mind...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_76_zpsi6bdhrmf.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_76_zpsi6bdhrmf.jpg.html)
... and it's back to Giant Maggots and a Giant Spider.

While the Maggots can open strong...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_77_zpswtkfxhbw.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_77_zpswtkfxhbw.jpg.html)
... the comeback for our Heroes leaves nothing to be desired:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_78_zpsmdqdctwm.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_78_zpsmdqdctwm.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_79_zpsu5eljic6.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_79_zpsu5eljic6.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_80_zpsbxijn059.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_80_zpsbxijn059.jpg.html)

On penultimate clearing of this quest, three Ectoplams await our Heroes...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_81_zps9ig7tuni.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_81_zps9ig7tuni.jpg.html)
... but by this time our Heroes really don't want anything from those three and dispatch them in a single round of combat:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_82_zpstneltfep.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_82_zpstneltfep.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_83_zpspf4ntute.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_83_zpspf4ntute.jpg.html)

And at this point the Quest is over but the Party is still in good shape, so I decided to press on:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_84_zpsnitapy4f.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_84_zpsnitapy4f.jpg.html)
... which yielded some extra loot but otherwise nothing.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_85_zpsj2rsaeph.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_85_zpsj2rsaeph.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_86_zpsclkkw3ll.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_86_zpsclkkw3ll.jpg.html)

Time to declare Victory and tally up:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_87_zpsqwltfpvu.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_87_zpsqwltfpvu.jpg.html)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_06_88_zpsipeechlo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/06_88_zpsipeechlo.jpg.html)
- Lorric will now fight harder if his Health gets low.
- Patriot earned a mania, the effect of which I don't know exactly (unable to pass by holy symbols?)
- FireSpawn got Claustrophobia, increasing his Stress gain in pretty much every Dungeon but the Weald.
- Lepanto get lucky with a healing bonus while Camping.

If you don't mind, I'll pat myself on the back for having brought home another Party without losses. This one was really tense for a moment or two and really would have disliked to loose a new character on this quest.

Hamlet Week 4:

While 4 of our Heroes were in the Dungeon the others tended to themselves in the Hamlet:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_00_zpsisl9ashg.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_00_zpsisl9ashg.jpg.html)
- Scourge of Ages looses the Paranoid-Affliction, down to 55 Stress.
- The Hellion looses the Selfish-Affliction, down to 35 Stress.
- StarSlayer looses the Fearful-Afflictions, down to 55 Stress. In turn he gains the Enlightened-Quirk, which limits his stress relief to Mediation.

Upon returing, our Heroes find that the old Hospice is back in use. Doctors and Nurses now frequent it's halls instead the Children of Mercy.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_02_zpsgyt5o36k.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_02_zpsgyt5o36k.jpg.html)
Their speaker explains to our Heroes that by application of the modern sciences he can cure any negative Quirk. Right now such knowledge is of little use to any of our Heroes but the service is very much appriciated.

At the stage coach our Heroes encounter a troupe of Carpenters which are very happy to help fix up some of houses in the Hamlet. With better housing the Hamlet can now accomidate more possible Heroes.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_03_zpszc9jfcbt.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_03_zpszc9jfcbt.jpg.html)

And the recent news of the Warrens opening has lured two new Heroes to the Hamlet. (Both get some Guild Training of course.)
Enter Stage left for:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_04_zpsaparhyxt.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_04_zpsaparhyxt.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_04a_zpsfnw89nkm.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_04a_zpsfnw89nkm.jpg.html)
- a yet unnamed Crusader, but whose heraldy is reckongized, identifying him as a "Bane of the Pigmen". (Does additional Damage when in the Warrens. Does more Crits when wounded. May not Gamble in Town)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_05_zpsmaeqkiaw.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_05_zpsmaeqkiaw.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_05a_zpshzxyyhrp.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_05a_zpshzxyyhrp.jpg.html)
- and a yet unnamed Grave Robber, who too claims expertise in the realms of the Pigmen. (Increased Stress Resist in the Warrens. Highter initative when the Torch is bruning bright. Initative penalty when wounded. Stat penatlities in the first round of combat.)

Putting some Heirlooms to use the facilites of the Abbey are upgraded to better suit our Heroes.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_06_zpszgduw1hu.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_06_zpszgduw1hu.jpg.html)
Lepanto and Lorric get some time off here to deal with their issues from the last quest.

Patriot and FireSpawn find no comfort in the spiritual persuits of the Abbey. They go to the Tavern instead.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_07_zpsmbnfozn4.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_07_zpsmbnfozn4.jpg.html)
Patriot orders a Round for the House, while FireSpawn slips away into the back rooms.

Updated and tweaked the first post, so you can now go from the first page straight to the last quest ...

And once more there is a choice between 4 possible quests. A word of warning ahead of time, I am not as familiar with the Monsters in the Warrens than I am with those in Ruins or the Weald, so that quest might be more difficult on me. (Note: I made these before Recruitment or Stress Relief - those will be posted first thing in the morning)

Option A - Cleanse the Ruins:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_00a_zps95kl9spw.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_00a_zps95kl9spw.jpg.html)

Option B - Scout in the Weald:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_00b_zpss6ahoo5h.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_00b_zpss6ahoo5h.jpg.html)

Option C - Cleanse the Weald:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_00c_zpszjhjvvse.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_00c_zpszjhjvvse.jpg.html)

Option D - Skirmish in the Warrens:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/th_07_00d_zpshvrlaxfk.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%203/07_00d_zpshvrlaxfk.jpg.html)

(And to catch a question proactively - the progress bar and the counter at every dungeon indicate how close we are to get a Boss Quest; once the bar fills the current Boss mission becomes open and as soon as the Boss is beaten the counter goes up. But the Bosses all tend to be hard.)
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 3
Post by: deathfun on February 20, 2015, 03:05:50 pm
Shoot, also forgot to vote. D it is because... I like the D

Also, thanks
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4
Post by: Colonol Dekker on February 20, 2015, 03:21:28 pm
Can has plague doctor plox xx
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4
Post by: TrashMan on February 20, 2015, 04:50:58 pm
I think you can expect a lot of pigmen in the warrens. Lots of blight-inducing monsters.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4
Post by: StarSlayer on February 20, 2015, 06:30:04 pm
I'd cast my vote for whatever promises the best loot for upgrading the town.  Though sweep and clears tend to offer a quicker chance achieving the objective.


"Like the disease that is consuming my body I will consume the evil in this place.  My foes will learn to recoil in horror from my wroth just as simple folk recoil from my countenance"
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4
Post by: Lorric on February 20, 2015, 07:55:04 pm
I'd take option B. We could spin a story about being surprised by the high number of enemies out here and not in the dungeons and these fungus monsters, so we're scouting to try and work out what they're planning. It also doesn't trigger the claustrophobia and is short.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: TrashMan on February 21, 2015, 09:18:46 am
I called dibs on the crusader!
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: TrashMan on February 21, 2015, 09:41:37 am
The ride to the town was long and uncomfortable, and the road itself was in terrible condition the closer we got to our destination.
Honestly, I expected it to be be bleak, but this... It is as if life itself was drained from this area. Truly some unspeakable evil dwells close.

Thankfully I am not alone in this. Before me, other valiant men and women arrived and already conducted a few successful expeditions. I would say that this bodes well, but vigilance is advised at all times.
I took a walk around the town to see those that would be my brothers and sisters in arms. I first visited the abbey, to find a vestal meditating and a fellow crusader praying. It lifted my spirits to see fellow warriors of light, but I decided not to disturb them in their hours of contemplation.
The decrepit old taverns still had some customers, one of them a bounty hunter named Patriot. I exchanged a few words with him, mostly interested in their expeditions so far. After that unfortunate misunderstanding in the last town, I decided to stay clear of the gambling tables. My coin is better spent elsewhere anyway.
The other adventurers were running around the city, preparing for the next expedition and I barely had time to do anything more then greet them and introduce myself. The only ones I talked to for longer was a blight doctor with a odd name of "Scourge of Ages" (I guess it's a honorary title or something, but I didn't pry) and the leper Starslayer.
Scourges knowledge of toxins may indeed come in handy, especially against the cursed pigmen. Why would a woman wear such a hideous mask tough, is beyond me.
Starslayer was a man after my own heart. His crumbling body hides a strong spirit and a mind as sharp as his blade.

All in all, I decided that I should train a bit to prepare myself for what will come ahead, rather than to pester busy people with questions. Hopefully there will be time for them later. For now, I must make sure my sword arm stays true.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Lepanto on February 21, 2015, 07:10:32 pm
Option D again.

Considering that nobody's died or gone TOO insane yet, are we doing well so far, by Darkest Dungeon standards.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Scourge of Ages on February 21, 2015, 10:46:26 pm
Scourge's Log, Week 4:

When Lorric and Lepanto hobbled back into town, with Firespawn and Patriot behind them, I scanned their faced. I could tell something was different. Even though Lepanto and Patriot looked shaken to the bone, I could see victory and resolve in their eyes. Even that crazy Jester, Firespawn had a spring in his step that wasn't there when they left - well, an extra spring; jesters tend to be pretty springy anyway.

Maybe... maybe we'd be OK.

Yesterday, I talked with some of the fresh faces off the stage coach. The new Crusader, Trashman, was the only one who spoke more than a nod and grunt to me. I suppose everyone here has reasons to be wary of sharing their identity to some extent. I watched workers starting construction and repairs on some of the structures in town. Then, I wandered into one of the dingier corners of the town and climbed onto a roof. I had to ask myself what I was doing here.

I learned healing long ago to try to save lives, or at least to make lives peaceful as they fled away. But I learned also how to harm, and to my dismay I discovered I was good at it. After THAT city, I realized that healing was not always the only right thing to do. The raiders that night at the hospital came to do killing and thieving. I could have stopped them sooner, should have, but I was naive; I thought they could see reason.

That was the last time I was weak. I made a new mask to hide my face and incite fear in my enemies, and took new clothes from the fresh bodies to fashion a rudimentary cloth armor. I couldn't save people any more, but I could at least save myself. I thought gold was the answer at the time. Now, I'm not so sure.

Maybe it's the thrill of the unknown, or the thought of ending more evil here than I ever could as a doctor. Maybe some good will come of this quest. I hope so, because it's going to hurt getting there.

Ugh, look at me going on and on like that. Enough self-pity, we have monsters to slay and evil to vanquish!

We have a new expedition this week, and we're trying to figure out where to go. All of us, we're voting now. After the first foray into the dungeon, it was mutually agreed that only four of us should go on an expedition at once, and that we'd all get a say in where to go. Nobody said it, but we all know just how dangerous it is; one wrong step could kill the whole party, so we needed a way to keep that from being the end for our quest.


I cast my vote for the Warrens, option D.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Colonol Dekker on February 22, 2015, 10:30:22 am
What's the current roster ?
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Scourge of Ages on February 22, 2015, 12:12:39 pm
What's the current roster ?

It's in the first post, plus Trashman as the new Crusader (presumably). You might have to wait for more recruits before you get another plague doctor.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Lorric on February 23, 2015, 12:22:53 am
After the several brushes with death and lasting damage left on me from the last mission, I was left wrestling with demons of the mental variety. I turned then to prayer, calling to my Lord for assistance to quiet my troubled mind. But it was to little avail. What I really needed was to get into the Abbey where the power of prayer on such sacred ground would be amplified to a clarity far in excess of what a man on his own is capable of. But that was simply not possible at this time. All I could do was see it as a test of faith and do my best to pass that test.

Meanwhile, two new heroes rolled into town on the latest stagecoach. A Leper and a Hellion, the latter it seems cannot speak the common tongue. Not that that really matters in my experience when it comes to Hellions. Try to put together a plan which doesn’t involve the Hellion getting to kill or do enough killing, and the response will be some variation of “No, I’m gonna start killing stuff.” Well, there won’t be any shortage of that around here, and Lepers make good warriors as well, so I’m happy to have this extra muscle added to our team.

Speaking of team, these two joined Lepanto and Scourge in another raid into the Ruins. Unfortunately I wasn’t in any fit state to join them, and neither was that rogue, Deathfun.

So I was left essentially alone to wrestle with my demons, and also my concern for Lepanto, in whom I already know I have found a kindred soul. The less said about demons the better really, I do not want to drag those memories back up, but obviously here I am so I got through it. As did the party that struck out into the ruins, their expedition fared significantly better than the one I went on, though there were still close calls.

It was at this point we decided we needed to train. We needed to be better prepared. We needed to mesh together into a fighting unit. We needed to exercise our minds as well as our muscles and grow more accustomed to each other and where we fit into the team. The training I have to say went astonishingly well. Every one of us made great progress, both individually and as a fighting force. And for my part, while I still have not been able to quiet the demons or get into the Abbey, my faith and courage have been greatly rewarded, my Lord has smiled upon me, and granted me new tools to wield in the battle against evil, in the form of Battle Heal and Holy Lance. Lepanto too was blessed with a new ability, Illumination.

Even though I was still wrestling with mental demons, my new divinely bestowed powers and some encouragement from Lepanto have given me a new confidence to join the next quest. And with two more heroes arriving, Lepanto and I intend to take them out to the road, which has been reported to be growing ever more dangerous, in order to make sure the road remains clear for the influx of supplies and new recruits rolling into town.

The new heroes are a Jester, Firespawn, and a Bounty Hunter, Patriot. I hope they prove as capable as my other companions have been. To battle then, for Justice, Honour and Faith...
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: TrashMan on February 23, 2015, 03:22:16 am
FYI, dunno how useful the Bulwark of Faith is.

The Inspireing Cry (+1 Heal, +5 Torch, -4 stress) ability is far more useful IMHO.

Just FYI, the upgrade seems borked ATM, since level 2 of that abillity is exactly the same
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Lorric on February 23, 2015, 02:12:11 pm
Well, I’ve just got back from our latest foray.

That was an unexpectedly tough baptism by fire for the newcomers, but they proved to be at least just as capable as our other companions.

That was a hell of a slog, we didn’t go far, but the road is absolutely thick with enemies. But we hacked our way through them anyway. It’s lucky the party was okay with our (Lepanto and I) idea, there’s no way anything would have been getting through to the town with that lot on the road. Despite the heavy resistance this excursion went better than the last one I was on, though there were still moments where the hand of death was on our shoulders. There was one especially precarious moment where Lepanto and I barely managed to keep the Bounty Hunter, Patriot, from becoming our first loss of this campaign. But none could stand before the Sword of Justice this day, and we recovered much booty as well. I am surprised how much booty we are finding to be honest. The cultists must have plans when they have gathered so much money and material.

The cultists have been fusing dead bodies with fungus to create unholy abominations, a mixture of life, death and foul magic. God only knows what sick operation they’re planning. It’s not just these fungus zombie abominations, there are ectoplasm monsters and giant maggots and giant spiders as well, all clearly in thrall of these cultists. This is a far worse scourge we’re facing than was initially thought. I can thankfully take heart from the fact my God is with me and more brave souls are on the way to help us root out this evil. I want to go back immediately to try and root out this evil at its source so we can put an end to it, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Workers from the town have managed to open the way to the Warrens, another known nest of evil in this wretched place, and right now, it’s looking like some of my companions would prefer to quest into that area immediately. To be honest, I can’t say I blame them. We don’t want any nasty surprises emerging from that area while we’re out on the road again.

Speaking of my God being with me, I finally got to pray at the abbey. I spent many hours there calming my mind and soul and basking in the light of my Lord‘s love. The light has not been chased from this place. My Lord is watching, and his servant will not bring his Lord shame. I feel a new determination that I must not fall here in this place. I will fight to the last. They will not take me.

Darkness is taking a hold on this wretched place though. I can sense the corruption seeping into the very fabric of the land itself. I prefer to keep my helmet on even when in town. It helps filter out some of the reek of this unholy corruption.

Two more heroes arrived, so it was very fortuitous that we managed to clear the road for their arrival, or they would surely have drowned in a sea of enemies. One of them is a grave robber, and we also have another Crusader in the party now. I was able to get an update from him on the Crusader Guild’s current primary quest, the search for the fabled Hammer of Light. It seems the quest has resumed after fresh evidence has indicated the Hammer is somewhere in the city of Vasuda. And the familiar death cult that has dogged our progress every step of the way is back in force, and the crusaders are currently fighting their way along the road to Vasuda. We still know little of their motives, only that the Hammer of Light has a central role in a doomsday prophecy of theirs, and they believe in the existence and coming of a race they call “The Destroyers” as part of that prophecy.

It’s not just heroes that arrived in town either. A group of carpenters arrived, and set to work right away on fixing up some these run down and abandoned houses in the town. A decision has been made that we will quest in groups of four, and I know that I won’t be going on the next quest, so I’ve picked out a house for myself, and I intend to help get it fixed up and move out of my tent while the next foray is in progress. I had been getting worried about the long term effects of breathing in this corruption, especially with the state of my health, so lodging in a house rather than a tent on the open ground should help me a great deal with that. I am proud to see the way this growing corruption is having seemingly no effect on any of my companions or the folk in town. Our victories have breathed life into the townsfolk. Now the town is alive with the sounds of chatter and hammers striking metal, saws sawing wood, and all the sounds you expect to hear in a bustling town. It does my heart glad to be a part of this.

For Justice, Honour and Faith.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (2,5 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: 0rph3u5 on February 24, 2015, 10:48:47 am
Can has plague doctor plox xx

I have marked down your name but I don't control when a new plague doctor comes up. However with 5 new heroes a week the chances will be good that you get you spot soon.

I called dibs on the crusader!

Check you PMs please

PSA: I have to move currently and the new flat doesn't have internet yet, so I'm mostly leeching it from my university right now. As a result the DD Let's Play on HLP will be suspended for the coming 2-3 weeks, while I get my stuff sorted out.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (2,5 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Lorric on February 28, 2015, 12:06:08 pm
Well since we've got some time before this comes back, I'm gonna throw a bit of praise around. This has been very enjoyable for me so far. :)

I'd like to say that I like how 0rph3u5 narrates the story a lot. Both from a standpoint of just enjoying to read it and from a standpoint of creating RP to go with it. I think the format works very well for making it significantly easier to do that, and I appreciate it.

Deathfun's work is very impressive. Round of applause for Deathfun indeed. And Scourge's entries are a lot of fun to read as well. I think we're on to something good here, and this is just the beginning. So I'm definitely looking forward to continuing this, at least, as long as I am alive to tell the tale... :nervous:
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (2,5 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Scourge of Ages on February 28, 2015, 02:44:51 pm
Well since we've got some time before this comes back, I'm gonna throw a bit of praise around. This has been very enjoyable for me so far. :)

I'd like to say that I like how 0rph3u5 narrates the story a lot. Both from a standpoint of just enjoying to read it and from a standpoint of creating RP to go with it. I think the format works very well for making it significantly easier to do that, and I appreciate it.

Likewise, and great writing all.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (2,5 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Lorric on February 28, 2015, 05:50:59 pm
There's still room for more.

Join usssssss... :)
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (2,5 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: TrashMan on March 01, 2015, 03:12:45 am
There's still room for more.

Join usssssss... :)

I just had a Chaos Gate flashback. Thank you
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (2,5 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Colonol Dekker on March 02, 2015, 01:04:16 pm
Beast or system shock 2 myself.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (2,5 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: FireSpawn on March 11, 2015, 01:20:36 pm
WOOT! Firespawn always gets the last laugh.

Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (2,5 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: 0rph3u5 on March 20, 2015, 08:26:13 am
I'm back ... setting up the Internet connection in my new flat was complicated by the fact that there are several outlets for cable & internet, half of which were dead ends (and until I had a tech over to look it over there was no way to tell them apart - go 60's construction ;) )

As for progress, I'm currently down with fever but I'll try to get the next session in on Sunday
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (2,5 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Lepanto on March 20, 2015, 10:42:49 am
Hope you get better! :) Good that you're back! Time for me to save half the party from certain horrible death again, as usual!
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (2,5 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Scourge of Ages on March 21, 2015, 12:29:12 am
Welcome back to the internet!
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 4 (2,5 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Lorric on March 21, 2015, 06:34:03 pm
*Lorric cleans off the rust and shines up and sharpens the Sword of Justice*
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 5 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: 0rph3u5 on March 22, 2015, 07:27:03 pm
Alright'y, Week 5 (aka Session 4) is a go

Three points ahead of time:

 - the "Slayer of the Pigmen" will now be known as TrashMan; I was kinda ticked off at the advice I was given by him earlier (I felt it was a bit disrespectful) but due to the stress I was in back then, I got very intense in the PM. I apologize for that and welcome him to the group.

 - The lack of practice in the last weeks shows a bit. Some of the screenshots are badly timed.

 - There are still three Heroes without a name, a Hellion, a Grave Robber and an Occultist. Seeing the Roster is nearly full, I really would like to have people who are interested to take up the mantle of any of those three before asking for one the established classes.

The vote for the quest for this session:
- One vote was cast for Quest B (Scout the Weald)
- Two votes were given to Quest D (Skirmish in the Warrens)

Updated the first post.

While a group of our Heroes was out questing during the last week, a lone traveller dragged himself back to the Hamlet. His story was gruesome as he had been captured, violated and parts of his body been cut off to feed his captors which he identified creatures half-man and half-pig. Before he died he was able to roughly outline a way to the Pigmen's Warrens.

Having heard that story, a group of our Heroes - TrashMan, StarSlayer, deathfun and Scourge of Ages - resolved to find the entrance to these Warrens and to begin challenging the leaders of the vile Pigmen.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_08_01_zpsy4te2zdy.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/08_01_zpsy4te2zdy.jpg.html)

With Lepanto, the Heroes only dedicated hero, currently resting for the her last forray in the Weald. Our current party has to rely on Rations as well as the (rather limited) Healing powers of TrashMan and StarSlayer's ability to tend his own wounds.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_08_02_zpsuvt7pcvt.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/08_02_zpsuvt7pcvt.jpg.html)
(Spending so much on rations did seem excessive for a short quest, but without a Vestal to heal the party I was going for "better safe than sorry" - also accounting for the time that had passed since the last session)

Our heroes arrive at the Warrens, the entrance was right were their former prisoner said they could be found. The Warrens are a filthy place, dark and stinking for end to end. It is a wonder that no one had found it by the unmistakable odours alone...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-01_zpsbd1blsoi.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-01_zpsbd1blsoi.jpg.html)
... but it takes more than stench to deter our Heroes and Quest begins in earnest.

The Pigmen are known to be terrible hoarders, which explains their dirty dwellings. But to an adventuring spirit this means one thing above all:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-02_zps0bzt4bik.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-02_zps0bzt4bik.jpg.html)

But the prospect of riches which the Pigmen might have accumulated unwillingly also attracts rather shady figures who either trade or steal with the creatures of the Warrens.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-03_zpst3d2fda7.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-03_zpst3d2fda7.jpg.html)
While it is hard to decern what intentions brought the party of Brigants before our Heroes, their raised weapons do speak clearly of their opinions on their mission to rebuild the Hamlet and drive away Evil.

After an awful lot of dodging, the first blow that connects is from a Bandit.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-04_zpshlqzcitx.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-04_zpshlqzcitx.jpg.html)

Yet just because they drew first blood it does not follow that Bandits are a match for our Heroes:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-05_zpse6hgwsrp.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-05_zpse6hgwsrp.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-07_zpspcmxydas.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-07_zpspcmxydas.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-08_zpslz8hzm1e.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-08_zpslz8hzm1e.jpg.html)
TrashMan proves that he is more than apt in killing men as well as swine and StarSlayer once more shows that a big sword trumps all finesse. (At this stage I realized that I had missed on equipping StarSlayer's newly learned Hew-skill which would have been very useful)

Among what the Pigmen drag down to their Warrens are many curious items for which the half-creatures have little use.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-09_zpsm4dqm5ww.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-09_zpsm4dqm5ww.jpg.html)
But just as their indiscriminate looting brings items of great value into the possession of the Pigmen, they too steal things that banal and mundane - to the disappointment of Scourge of the Ages.

The next room is of ancient construction but it is filthy beyond measure.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-10_zpstwn7dtwp.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-10_zpstwn7dtwp.jpg.html)
Clearly someone or something has been here previously but not anymore.

Just because they are uncultivated savages it does not follow that the Pigmen know nothing of defence, obviously our Heroes have been expected and their passage has been blocked with rubble. A crude defence made with crude tools and by crude minds.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-11_zpsvfnxppet.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-11_zpsvfnxppet.jpg.html)
(Someone please remind me to buy shovels)

After having cleared the rubble with brute force, our Heroes go on and find what appears to be remnants of Brigand camp but there is no sign of the ruffians but the backpacks they left behind.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-12_zpsnujny9mc.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-12_zpsnujny9mc.jpg.html)
And of course there is something to be "returned to the good cause" from these backpacks.

So far there had been plenty of signs that indicated the presence of Pigmen, but none of them had shown. But as our Heroes make it to another room on their route. Before entering they can hear the unmistakable grunting of the half-creatures. Undisciplined as they are, the Pigmen have no sentries and so are unprepared for the sudden attack of our heroes.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-13_zpsq9ldsbzy.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-13_zpsq9ldsbzy.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-14_zpsbsyqstp7.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-14_zpsbsyqstp7.jpg.html)

Scourge of Ages once more proves her mastery of blinding powders to enhance the Party's advantage over their enemies.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-15_zpsa42cgeds.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-15_zpsa42cgeds.jpg.html)

TrashMan shows off his signature move - Holy Lance.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-16_zps3otpfgnk.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-16_zps3otpfgnk.jpg.html)

Profiting for TrashMan's strike against the Pigmen Drummer, deathfun is able to kill the creature with Grapeshots.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-17_zps7juje4vi.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-17_zps7juje4vi.jpg.html)

The Pigmen's filthy living conditions make them all but immune against toxins and disease, still Scourge is able to find a poison that hurts the hideous Pigman.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-18_zpsq1rk3syb.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-18_zpsq1rk3syb.jpg.html)

While the Pigmen are indeed formidable fighters, they cannot last against the blades of our Heroes.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-19_zpsel8sr4nd.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-19_zpsel8sr4nd.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-20_zpsiyu1xvut.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-20_zpsiyu1xvut.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-21_zps4vqrqxvw.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-21_zps4vqrqxvw.jpg.html)

Worse than the profiteers that trade or rob the Pigmen are the Cultists of the Old Gods. These dark fellows may not venerate the strange half-creatures but do use them for their purposes, teaching them the faith in the Old Gods in all it's wicked and bloody fashions. At times they even lead the Pigmen into battle, though to them they are hardly more than fodder and shock troops.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-22_zpsgqyqvbgb.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-22_zpsgqyqvbgb.jpg.html)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-23_zpss2hw5bzj.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-23_zpss2hw5bzj.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-24_zps6m521kjf.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-24_zps6m521kjf.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-25_zpsdryfkhdn.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-25_zpsdryfkhdn.jpg.html)
In this fight, the swift knife trimuphs them all. deathfun seems to be there when troats need to be slit.

The spoils of this victory are cultists' camp which is promtly searched:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-26_zpsgwtspsra.jpg)  (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-26_zpsgwtspsra.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-27_zpsn2qi6sca.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-27_zpsn2qi6sca.jpg.html)
The reward for their search is a map of this entire area of the Warrens, including routes on which the Pigmen and Cultists patrols, the locations of traps and obstacles.

At the edge of Cultists' camp is weird contraption. Looking like a tanning rack it seems harmless until further inspection which reveals it be a marker of the Old Faith - complete with mind-bending symbols straight for the Abyss.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-28_zpsewnpkli7.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-28_zpsewnpkli7.jpg.html)
Daring deathfun takes a look many and let's the madness of this sight into his soul.... which is bound to have consequences.

The Map, taken for the Cultist's camp, shows a "Market" beyond the next door. Curious as to what the marker meant, our Heroes proceed and stumble across another party of Brigants, lead by a massive brute.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-29_zpsandfjxpw.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-29_zpsandfjxpw.jpg.html)

Before the Brigant Fussilier can scramble for cover, the deathfun dispatches the gunman with headshot from his flintlock.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-30_zpsacbdhzbx.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-30_zpsacbdhzbx.jpg.html)

But deathfun is not the only one with a pistol in this fight, the brute pulls his gun. His weapon might be crude and not very well maintained but TrashMan's armour is no match for bullet.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-31_zps84imf8cz.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-31_zps84imf8cz.jpg.html)
The gunshot is nearly deadly, pushing the Crusader to the brink...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-32_zpsoly7e0dm.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-32_zpsoly7e0dm.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-33_zpsoojohjsd.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-33_zpsoojohjsd.jpg.html)
... but it is the blessing of the God that keep is injuries from becoming fatal.

At any given time the miraculous rescue from the Death by the end of a deity might be comforting, but right now struggling against the Brigands this straining everyone’s nerves.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-34_zpslpbp1o5v.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-34_zpslpbp1o5v.jpg.html)
deathfun is the first to crack under the pressure and his responses become slightly removed from reality.

Despite the effect this battle has on everyone's psyche, it ends like all others:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-35_zpsz8ewymmv.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-35_zpsz8ewymmv.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-36_zpszu6eztmg.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-36_zpszu6eztmg.jpg.html)
First, Scourge's poisons claim a Brigand. Then the Brute is struck down by StarSlayer's sword.

After this fight, the Party tend their wounds and stills their hunger. Depleting half of the provisions in the process.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-37_zpsfd0kfnm2.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-37_zpsfd0kfnm2.jpg.html)

Backtracking through the Warrens, the Darkness closes in grasps for another soul....
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-38_zpswim5em0k.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-38_zpswim5em0k.jpg.html)
But TrashMan, assured that the God is watching and blessing him on this quest, only becomes more focussed as the Darkness become more oppressive.

(I usually don't mention the disarming or triggering of traps, because the first is rather boring and the latter regularly happens to fast for me to capture. But still this happens:)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-40_zpsjr0xgbya.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-40_zpsjr0xgbya.jpg.html)

After having tracked through a full half of this region of Warrens our Heroes arrive at the first new sight in a while. But it is a sight them might not wish to have seen: the chamber that lies before them is a storehouse for meat which doubles as a crude butcher’s workshop as it seems. While much of the meat can no longer be identified, much of the bones scattered around the room are human....
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-41_zpsobbjiwn4.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-41_zpsobbjiwn4.jpg.html)

Once more a groupd of Cultists is encountered...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-42_zps8nrmxcnn.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-42_zps8nrmxcnn.jpg.html)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-43_zps5lz5tjnq.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-43_zps5lz5tjnq.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-44_zpsp4wbqitq.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-44_zpsp4wbqitq.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-45_zpse17uzwfr.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-45_zpse17uzwfr.jpg.html)
... and once more the servants of the Old Gods are quickly dispatched.

Another crude barrier blocks progress and once more our Heroes long for a shovel.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-46_zpsewzursa0.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-46_zpsewzursa0.jpg.html)

Books in the hands of the Pigmen are not a rare sight, but that they are well preserved and the writing is legible is a rare occurrence which makes Scourge of Ages curious.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-47_zpsmgcuknc6.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-47_zpsmgcuknc6.jpg.html)
Too bad that these books were not written with the soft-hearted in mind, their contents are not for those of sensitive tastes and sensible minds.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-48_zpsssqqapxl.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-48_zpsssqqapxl.jpg.html)
But when a soul is shaken, it might just reveal it's sturdy construction.

The room ahead appears to have served the Acolytes of the Old Gods as a shrine but no one is to be found there.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-49_zpsbm9dpo0r.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-49_zpsbm9dpo0r.jpg.html)

Once more that "packrat-culture" of Pigmen gives our Heroes able opportunity to loot:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-50_zpsrhjkl7op.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-50_zpsrhjkl7op.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-52_zpsusfin8yg.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-52_zpsusfin8yg.jpg.html)

While their shrine was deserted, the Cultists are still roaming the paths through the Warrens...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-53_zpsudnopsuw.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-53_zpsudnopsuw.jpg.html)
... but killing dark Cultists is the bread and butter of the Party.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-54_zpsm41wimdn.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-54_zpsm41wimdn.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-55_zpsqhgw0yvf.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-55_zpsqhgw0yvf.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-56_zps7yqbjjvu.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-56_zps7yqbjjvu.jpg.html)

The final marker on the Cultist's map, looted earlier, reveals the room ahead to be the domain of "Devourers". The meaning of the cipher reveals itself to our Heroes (if they didn't guess already) as they enter: In this room the Pigmen have housed their pets - Carrion Eaters, giant worms which feast on rooting flesh that even the Pigmen will no longer eat.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-57_zpsnxszonhw.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-57_zpsnxszonhw.jpg.html)

The worm's bite is dangerous, not only are their mouths filled with toxins, rot and disease, but their teeth easily pierce plate armour.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-58_zpslbuvvnns.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-58_zpslbuvvnns.jpg.html)

To StarSlayer the Carrion Eaters apparently hold a deeper horror than to anyone else.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-59_zpscpufuab2.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-59_zpscpufuab2.jpg.html)

TrashMan lances the Pigman Herder in daring move.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-60_zpsbavcklgb.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-60_zpsbavcklgb.jpg.html)

With their master gone the Carrion Eaters are reduced to easy prey for our Heroes.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-61_zps13ymjzjf.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-61_zps13ymjzjf.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-62_zpsrkl9f8pj.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-62_zpsrkl9f8pj.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-63_zps2ai0ra6t.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-63_zps2ai0ra6t.jpg.html)

As the victorious Party goes through the contents of the room, they discover a heathen altar and a strange trinket.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-65_zpsnxf5ru1a.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-65_zpsnxf5ru1a.jpg.html)
The trinket, unlike many of it's kind that can be found anywhere in the Realms of Man, is useful without restriction.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_09-67_zpsmonwmsym.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/09-67_zpsmonwmsym.jpg.html)
And as he approaches the Altar, StarSlayer is infused with great power from an unknown source - which at this point is useless.

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-00_zpsfuhrskvd.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-00_zpsfuhrskvd.jpg.html)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-01_zpswizpgqw3.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-01_zpswizpgqw3.jpg.html)
The only Hero that gained Quirks from this Quest is StarSlayer, who shows to be more resistant to Disease due to his Leprosy and to have some rather strange romantic attractions which even the Brothel in the Hamlet cannot satisfy.

The Hamlet in Week 5

What happened during the quest in Hamlet?
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-02_zpsvqdibefa.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-02_zpsvqdibefa.jpg.html)
- As result of his Stress-relief, FireSpawn's character contracted an STD (Accuracy, HP and Damage down). Despite this his stress level is down 32 of 100.
- Patriot's stress-level dropped to 38/100 and his affliction is now cured.
- Lorric's stress-level is now 31/100 but he developed the God Fearing-Qurik, which limits is his future stress-relief options to Prayer and Flagellation.
- Lepanto was able to shake her Paranoia, reducing her stress-level to 34/100. But her chosen method for the last stress-relief (Meditation) obviously will not serve her any longer.

At the Coach Station, two new Heroes await:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-04_zpspvf6iua5.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-04_zpspvf6iua5.jpg.html)
Dekker, trained and studied Medicus and Alchemist.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-05_zpsvbmmnaxo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-05_zpsvbmmnaxo.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-06_zpseuhmkdqv.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-06_zpseuhmkdqv.jpg.html)
And a strange foreigner who travels with more books than the average libary in the Realms can call its own.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-07_zpsygzbqlmr.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-07_zpsygzbqlmr.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-08_zpsivltrjgd.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-08_zpsivltrjgd.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-09_zps12jrexgu.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-09_zps12jrexgu.jpg.html)

With 5 negative quirks, StarSlayer's character wins the Madness Award for this week...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-10_zpssjw6tkhs.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-10_zpssjw6tkhs.jpg.html)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-11_zpsdswz083d.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-11_zpsdswz083d.jpg.html)
... as price he is confined to the Sanatorium to cure his Zoophobia.

The Heroes decide to spend their collected Heirlooms to updrage the Tavern and Abbey, ensuring that the costs in either institution of the Hamlet go down.
Meanwhile Scourge of Ages and TrashMan retire to the Abbey to recupperate from the strain of the last quest and to dwell on their recent experiences.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-12_zpsod7dbh3r.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-12_zpsod7dbh3r.jpg.html)
deathfun just goes to buy himself a fleet of drinks at the Tavern.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-13_zpst4gu4bal.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-13_zpst4gu4bal.jpg.html)

The recently looted Trinket goes to Lepanto, considering she might get the best use out of Dodge bonus.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-14_zpshnl6ihef.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-14_zpshnl6ihef.jpg.html)

Parting shot:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_10-15_zpsco3oowfl.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/10-15_zpsco3oowfl.jpg.html)

Again we have 4 questing opportunities ahead of us:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_11-00a_zps1zqn9hdb.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/11-00a_zps1zqn9hdb.jpg.html)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_11-00b_zpsxsdplsrs.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/11-00b_zpsxsdplsrs.jpg.html)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_11-00c_zpsnj9bgnij.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/11-00c_zpsnj9bgnij.jpg.html)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/th_11-00d_zpsftiswj4x.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%204/11-00d_zpsftiswj4x.jpg.html)

Despite our depleted gold I would encourage to go Quest Option B. The Ruins are familiar enough to me to make it with as little supplies as possible on a Medium-length quest. That should give us a good return in Gold and Heirlooms as well as bring us closer to a stab at the Necromancer boss.

Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 5 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: StarSlayer on March 23, 2015, 11:33:10 am
I'm not a deviant! You're just prudes!
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 5 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Lorric on March 23, 2015, 07:35:45 pm
Well that certainly looked like EASILY the smoothest foray yet. Cut through that pack of vermin like a hot knife through butter. I read the whole thing of course, but if you just skim down the page quickly looking at the pictures as they go by, so many of them are the swords of Starslayer and Trashman smiting things. With the Crusader's position being the sword up and the Leper's position being the sword down, it looks a lot like the motion of swords rising and falling when you scroll through the pictures like that. :pimp:

These pigmen... can we eat them? Large quantities of roast pork would make for a splendid victory feast! :D

With Lepanto, the Heroes only dedicated hero, currently resting for the her last forray in the Weald.
What? The rest of us aren't dedicated heroes, only Lepanto??? :hopping:

Heh. I think you meant "healer". :)

As for the vote, I'll go for A. That line about unholy abominations turning the light against itself. A warrior of the light such as Lorric cannot ignore such blasphemous and perverted actions.

And that just leaves one little thing...

Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 5 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Scourge of Ages on March 23, 2015, 09:18:05 pm
Scourge's Log, Week... 5, is it now?

Since Lorric and Lepanto were still recovering, it fell to Deathfun and I to shepherd Trashman and Starslayer into the Warrens. None of us had been there before, but the story we heard meant we had no choice but to enter. That poor guy was severely abused, physically and mentally. I think we all felt the rage at whoever or whatever could do that to a person. In a way, it's a mercy that the survivor succumbed to his wounds...

So we set off. Surprisingly, the first residents of the Warrens were not Pigmen, as we had expected, but bandits. We'd soon also encounter our old friends, the cultists as well. No matter, we had the righteous fire of faith and anger behind us, and we tore through all of them. I mixed up an "extra special" batch of poisons and things. They did seem to work... well.

At one point, Trashman took a nearly fatal wound, but crawled back from the brink of death by faith alone. That's certainly an useful ability. When we stopped for provisions, he was able to use some of my bandages, and the food itself had an almost magical effect on his health. Even though Deathfun and Starslayer both started to waver and make... odd decisions... they were able to keep it together enough, and Trashman actually seemed to grow stronger when we were confronted with the horrors of the Warrens.

Log, let me be honest with you for a minute. I almost lost control down there.

We stumbled into another disgusting, filthy, stinky room. But when we adjusted to the light, and got a decent look around, we saw human body parts strewn around. Not just body parts either, the way it was cut, you knew it was meat. Human meat. They're cannibals. I don't like cannibals. If it weren't for my mask filtering out most of the stench, I don't know if I'd have been able to keep from retching. And in the next room, we found a certain item; a ledger. Seems some of the pigs can write. The book confirmed everything I feared. I felt that I couldn't tell the party though, to save them from the horrors in those pages. I poured some reagent on the book, and melted it away. Those secrets will haunt me for a long time, but fortunately, only me.

So I got mad. Angry. Really angry. And when I'm angry, I'm powerful.

Needless to say, we left none alive in those filthy tunnels.


Scourge's Log, Week 5, Part 2:

Finally got the stench out of my clothes, and went to meet some of the new arrivals. Guess what!? A fellow plague doctor came to town! She introduced herself as Dekker, and we started chatting about plague stuff and doctor things. I didn't press to hard on her history, but it's nice to have a fellow professional about.

As I headed here to the Abbey to think and write, I passed our other new comrade. He's a scholar of some sort. He had few words, and didn't share his name, but seemed nice enough. His cart full of books caught my eye, though. I wonder if there's anything good in there I might be able to borrow sometime? I have time enough later to ask.


For our weekly vote of the next excursion, I cast mine for Option B, cleansing the ruins. I won't be going on this one, which is good because I don't like the ruins particularly, and I'd like to save the Warrens for later.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 5 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: Lepanto on March 23, 2015, 10:31:25 pm
--Lepanto's Personal Diary--

The Light has blessed me with the power to heal the body (as my fellows can attest time and time again), but the wounds of the mind are shifting and tenacious. While I no longer jump at the slightest approach, my meditation has failed me for the first time since I was a mere novice. Where once I found tranquility, I now find only the same creeping anxieties and fears.

At least Lorric has found release from the pride in his heart, though his newfound self-righteous zealotry disturbs even me.

They say that suffering is a redemptive gift from the Light. In that case, I and my fellows have been blessed beyond all measure. And poor StarSlayer doubly so.

I'll go with B, if that's the best decision for you.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 5 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: TrashMan on March 24, 2015, 02:30:00 am
TrashMan's log:

The situation is dire indeed. The evil has taken deep root here and it will take many forays to cleanse it.
Luckily for me, my companion have proven very competent.
Starslayer, the leper, proved that tough his body is scarred, his faith is strong and his hand true. The sword he wield is a massive brute, poorly balanced compared to mine, but it hits harder. Having him at the front line with me was a boon.
While I did not trust deathfun, with his background of criminal activity, he did prove useful. His dagger is quick and his pistol very handy. Maybe he will find redemption on this holy quest.
Scourge of Ages remains a mistery to me. Although I have been among the group for a few days now, I have never seen her without the mask. Still, beneath those robes she seems to be in good physical shape. She moves quick, knows how to handle a dagger and the potions and stun bombs are very handy indeed.

We made good progress as we descended into the warren. I am familiar with pigmen and their brand of corruption, but what worries me is the number of bandits and cultists we encountered. While they fall to my blade just as easily, their numbers suggest this area seems to call those of evil intent, like a siren of legend.
The battle was fierce and we were unstoppable. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I made a rookie mistake and left myself open at one point, with predictable result. The hit nearly killed me and I'm going to need some time to recuperate before the next quest, but while the body may be weak, the will is strong. I have been tested - we all have - and I have not been found wanting. Scourge of Ages also demonstrated her resolve and strength of mind, at this alleviates some of my fears.

All in all, this trip was a resounding success.
I now go the Abbey to pray and rest. There will be more tests to come. I must be ready.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 5 (3 unclaimed Heroes)
Post by: 0rph3u5 on March 27, 2015, 06:42:07 am
With Lepanto, the Heroes only dedicated hero, currently resting for the her last forray in the Weald.
What? The rest of us aren't dedicated heroes, only Lepanto??? :hopping:

Heh. I think you meant "healer". :)

It's a typo and a reminder I shouldn't be doing these around Sunday midnight ... also it is too cool to change it now :)

And that just leaves one little thing...


It's dangerous outside. I'll take this

Short PSA: I will have to skip the session this weekend because I've got a paper due on the 31st and I'm behind on my scheudle (also Pillars of Eternity)
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (3 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: 0rph3u5 on April 01, 2015, 03:26:33 pm
On account of the date (no, no silly April fools here*) I'll delay the post on the session I played earlier (the one that was supposed to be on the last weekend) - suffice it to say, things didn't go well (4 Heroes went down, 3 came back)

Updated the first post with the relevant facts - full post will follow tomorrow

* I orginally wanted to make a post with one of the same style but with images from Rogue Legacy ... but that game is way to frantic for this format
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (3 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: Lorric on April 01, 2015, 03:40:03 pm
Lorric - Crusader

I suppose it is what is. I was enjoying it a lot, but someone had to die first. And hey, at least no one died straight out of the gate, I got a few missions and RP posts in. It was good while it lasted.

Good luck to the rest of you. Fight well in my memory and write nice eulogies please. :)
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (3 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: headdie on April 01, 2015, 05:16:03 pm
Go on I will throw my name into the ring for the hellion
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: 0rph3u5 on April 02, 2015, 01:06:05 pm
Go on I will throw my name into the ring for the hellion

Done, welcome aboard - Your character may die soon, have a nice stay ;)

And now for 'The Tragedy of the Crusader Lorric'

Under the leadership of Lepanto, who by now has been elevated to the statue of 'local hero', another expedition into the dark reaches of Ruins assembles at the edge of the Hamlet. To the Vestal leading in back comes her Brother of the Faith, Lorric. Both are joined by two for who this expedition is not a service to the God but for their own agendas; the foreign Occultist and the Bounty Hunter Patriot.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_11-01_zpsfjmnzpfj.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/11-01_zpsfjmnzpfj.jpg.html)
They may be an alliance of convenience but that does not diminish their fighting prowess, surely these four can undertake a longer excursion into the monster-infested depths.

But by the time they organize their provisions a flaw in their plan appears...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_11-02_zpstoy7ibjv.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/11-02_zpstoy7ibjv.jpg.html)
Gold is in sort supply for our Heroes and thusly only the most basic of provisions can be bought.
(... and that will come back to haunt this quest)

The Ruins are familiar terrain and our Heroes enter them without hesitation.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-01_zpsqgo6jy0j.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-01_zpsqgo6jy0j.jpg.html)

The first creatures to register our Heroes' newest foray are two Skeletons, conveniently placed as sentries near the entrance to this part of the ruins - as if some dark power was expecting intruders.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-02_zps4f66wjh3.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-02_zps4f66wjh3.jpg.html)

Yet the unliving ramble is hardly a match for our Heroes:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-03_zpsz5xewnw3.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-03_zpsz5xewnw3.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-04_zpsihjwiiyu.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-04_zpsihjwiiyu.jpg.html)

While the Skeletons did not carry any items of value, soon after their guard post a crate filled with heirlooms is found and looted.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-05_zpsdogdyzsk.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-05_zpsdogdyzsk.jpg.html)

Proceeding further the flickering light of their torches reveal to the Heroes a Shrine to the God. While it is nothing but a crumbling mess to others, Lorric approaches the Shrine...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-06_zps1xob2jtc.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-06_zps1xob2jtc.jpg.html)
... and as he steps ever closer a halo begins to surround the Crusader and images of the God and his Servants will his heart.
Although the shrine crumbles as he touches it, Lorric is now convinced to be blessed and he grips his sword with a previously unknown determination.

The first room the Heroes arrive in is crumbled study, as there are so many in the Ruins. There is nothing of note there.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-07_zpsyrcr8t3u.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-07_zpsyrcr8t3u.jpg.html)

Proceeding now in the opposite direction, as the ruined study had been a dead end, the Party comes across torture implements which have been unceremoniously dumped into the hallway. Again, aside from the odd placement of such devices, nothing of note happens as the Heroes investigate them.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-08_zpsbxz3bnlr.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-08_zpsbxz3bnlr.jpg.html)

Another room reveals itself to be empty for anything but some recently disturbed dust. But as to who disturbed this section of the Ruins, no trace can be found.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-09_zpsrgozxlhk.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-09_zpsrgozxlhk.jpg.html)

Venturing on, the Heroes come across another object which is seemingly out of place in his place - a Confessional. Fearing a dark trick, Lepanto pulls back the curtain, torch in hand....
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-10_zpswzdkrez8.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-10_zpswzdkrez8.jpg.html)
... whatever transpired in the next minutes is not for me to tell, but suffice it to say that the Vestal return to the group as if a great weight as lifted from her shoulders. And that her eye-sight can once more adapt to the dark.
("The hero is absolved a sin" - "Night Blindness Quirk has been removed."; I am not making this up - Sins and Punishments are weird)

The next room the Party enters is an enigma, a crypt connected to the rest of the crumbleing estate like just another room. But our Heroes do not have time to ponder this strange design, because the room is guarded by two Cultists and their undead minions.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-11_zpsiniin4ju.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-11_zpsiniin4ju.jpg.html)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-12_zps5gfs4o2z.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-12_zps5gfs4o2z.jpg.html)
While these Cultist might be worshiping the Powers of the Abyss as their 'Old Gods' they are not immune to it's gripping influence once it is conquered into this reality.

But not just dark and eldritch powers can fell these Cultist - Steel and faith are capable as well.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-13_zpsl5ymk2dh.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-13_zpsl5ymk2dh.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-14_zpsbbluzv0r.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-14_zpsbbluzv0r.jpg.html)

The reward for this victory is forthcoming as the crypt contains a stash of treasure ... but no trace of the dead that were supposedly laid to rest here.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-15_zpsydif8oua.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-15_zpsydif8oua.jpg.html)

As the Heroes move forward once more, another Confessional (srsly?) is revealed. What motivated Lorric to step forth and seek guidance here is not known, only that through the words of the God he found a peace in himself.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-16_zpszwsy92bf.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-16_zpszwsy92bf.jpg.html)
(Lorric lost the "God Fearing"-Quirk)

Heaps of crushed bones and broken skulls fill the next room. Oddly there are no marks that identify the weapon(s) used to inflict this damage upon the bodies before or after death.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-17_zpsykcfye0s.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-17_zpsykcfye0s.jpg.html)

A nearby display case holds a precious artefact of the Family, but it is out of reach for our Heroes as the locking mechanism is not only broken beyond repair but in a dark twist the poisoned needle-trap to 'discourage' thieves is still working.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-18_zpsb85gf8v6.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-18_zpsb85gf8v6.jpg.html)

Proceeding onwards the Party comes across another group of undead sentries, but they appear to be as dull-witted as they are fleshless. Whatever Necromancer cursed these bones with un-life is not a master of the dark magic - or these are his/her earliest creations on a path to mastery...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-19_zpsz6ahz2z7.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-19_zpsz6ahz2z7.jpg.html)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-20_zpsrkdn3haa.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-20_zpsrkdn3haa.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-21_zps688w55s7.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-21_zps688w55s7.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-22_zpsx4z5mpb0.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-22_zpsx4z5mpb0.jpg.html)
Combat is swiftly resolved against such slow enemies.

Another room just like the last one opens up before our Heroes but here the dust and mold bear marks of being disturbed recently.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-23_zpspjm5it3o.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-23_zpspjm5it3o.jpg.html)

As the Party comes up on another Confessional (the lost one for this quest - insert random number generator joke here), at this junction Lepanto and Lorric urge Patriot (after lenghy theological debate) to enter and be absolved.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-24_zpstdeeksfy.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-24_zpstdeeksfy.jpg.html)
Suffice it to say that it didn't work out as planned.

Procceding on a side path into the Ruins, the Party comes across another group of two undead....
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-25_zpsi8gqbhvb.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-25_zpsi8gqbhvb.jpg.html)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-26_zpsebbnlkfy.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-26_zpsebbnlkfy.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-27_zpstkignrxy.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-27_zpstkignrxy.jpg.html)
... which prove to be no match for our Heroes.

("I should bring a shovel on the next quest" - "Oh damn, I can't affort the damn shovel unless I cut into the food-provisions")
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-28_zps2i1akqfo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-28_zps2i1akqfo.jpg.html)
("Damn, I should have bought that shovel")

As they reach the end of their current path, the Party enters a sheltered room which a group of Cultists have chosen as their camp.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-29_zpskhicdznv.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-29_zpskhicdznv.jpg.html)
The undead that accompany the Cultist are unusual for such lowly practioners.

Forced to contend with the Cultists' dark magic, which tempts the mind and scars the soul, Lorric reaches his breaking point:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-30_zpsdaoipetk.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-30_zpsdaoipetk.jpg.html)

And while Lorric's psyche crawls into itself, Patriot once more steps up to do the deed.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-31_zpsly3c0jgs.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-31_zpsly3c0jgs.jpg.html)
A favour quickly repaid by the hard shield bash from the armoured Skeleton in the front:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-32_zpskaataklv.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-32_zpskaataklv.jpg.html)
But the Vestal's arts can prevent his death at least on this day.

Reminded of the danger they face, the Heroes put their talents at combat to good use and dispatch their enemies without further delay.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-33_zpssgmtxhso.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-33_zpssgmtxhso.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-34_zpsexaxupnb.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-34_zpsexaxupnb.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-35_zpsdcjtszbo.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-35_zpsdcjtszbo.jpg.html)

And of course loot befitting this victory is won.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_12-36_zpsuukarauz.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/12-36_zpsuukarauz.jpg.html)

Victory and gain cannot however end hunger and fatigue, so the Party repuroses the Cultists' camp and set up their own to eat and rest for the night. In order to silence their rumbling bellies the majority of their rations is thrown into the pot....
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_13-00_zpsfkz7jozm.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/13-00_zpsfkz7jozm.jpg.html)

... and while the food cooks, Lorric gives a Zealous Speech to remind everyone of their purpose.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_13-01_zps2ul7xhhz.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/13-01_zps2ul7xhhz.jpg.html)

Meanwhile the Occultist and the Vestal care from Patriot's wounds ... using traditional and non-traditional methods.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_13-02_zpsvkntddu1.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/13-02_zpsvkntddu1.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_13-04_zps4zbz0qtn.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/13-04_zps4zbz0qtn.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_13-05_zps5d7eswvy.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/13-05_zps5d7eswvy.jpg.html)

TBC  (be right back with the other half of the quest - fellow has got to eat sometime too)

After having rested and healed (and not being ambushed) the Party sets out to cleanse the rest of this portion of the Ruins.
Their efforts are rewarded once more by the discovery of the more Family Heirlooms.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-00_zpsjql6nbzc.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-00_zpsjql6nbzc.jpg.html)

A day's work from our Heroes includes slaying some undead, and there are still a number of them to be dealt with.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-01_zpspyhk8n7g.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-01_zpspyhk8n7g.jpg.html)

But putting the undead to their eternal rest as become a trivial task for our Heroes and so they are triumphant once more.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-02_zps4qfwra0k.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-02_zps4qfwra0k.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-03_zpstnsvjhth.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-03_zpstnsvjhth.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-04_zpskiwi50al.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-04_zpskiwi50al.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-05_zps5bzmfwet.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-05_zps5bzmfwet.jpg.html)

Loot clearly is not an issue on this quest:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-06_zpsul8u1bad.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-06_zpsul8u1bad.jpg.html)

As they continue on, onto the last leg of this Quest, our Heroes once more encounter the Undead. Even by the standards of reanimated corpses these are sluggish and stupid creatures so that the Party can easily catch them unaware.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-07_zpsu07xvrvi.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-07_zpsu07xvrvi.jpg.html)

Through some forced repositioning the weaker undead enter Lorric's reach...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-08_zps3rkmfqse.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-08_zps3rkmfqse.jpg.html)
... and with a quick jab the Foreigner's sacrificial dagger dissolves a second enemy.

But as victory draws near the one of Undead appears to have been darkly empowered and his strike hits hard, nearly bringing Lorric to his knees through sheer force...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-10_zpsuhq6yvm8.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-10_zpsuhq6yvm8.jpg.html)
... to which the Crusader responds with another exorcising Accusation which fells the Skeleton Soldier in retaliation...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-11_zpsc6z2wn4s.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-11_zpsc6z2wn4s.jpg.html)
... yet the dark force invigorating the other Skeleton is not dispelled. On the contrary it appears to be strengthened by the opposition from the Crusader...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-12_zpscpkcvi5x.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-12_zpscpkcvi5x.jpg.html)
... and where light cannot dispell the darkness, a darkness must be turned on itself.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-13_zps2x7nbf3g.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-13_zps2x7nbf3g.jpg.html)

With these Undead now felled as well the Party begins to search this room for anything of value. Lorric's eyes are strangely drawn to an ancient suit of armour...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-14_zpsjzva6awt.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-14_zpsjzva6awt.jpg.html)
... which despite of rust and neglect reveals traces of the dark secrets of these Ruins, empowering the Lorric to fight here with greater power. (Lorric gains "Ruins Tactician")

Up until this point one might assume this expedition has been favoured by some divine being, maybe even by the God itself. But as it is with all such favours, they fickle and of little use when direly needed.

This part of the story is dull and uninteresting.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-15_zps4s5fs16b.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-15_zps4s5fs16b.jpg.html)

Moving on, the Party encounters another group of Undead - but unlike in previous encounters these animated bones are quite aware and awake...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-16_zps8pkerzng.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-16_zps8pkerzng.jpg.html)

But their vigour is add odds with the swiftness by which they are destroyed:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-17_zpsueccuptk.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-17_zpsueccuptk.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-18_zpsmdcpt9nj.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-18_zpsmdcpt9nj.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-19_zpscol4ae0p.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-19_zpscol4ae0p.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-20_zpstfswdkja.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-20_zpstfswdkja.jpg.html)

Again, a shovel is needed but nowhere to be found, so our Heroes did with their bare hands, endangering their health and sanity through the hard work in the darkness.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-21_zpssihvcdbl.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-21_zpssihvcdbl.jpg.html)

Staying in the unexplored darkness has chipped away at Patriot's sanity, driving his self-hate to the surface.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-22_zpsewzfjkuh.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-22_zpsewzfjkuh.jpg.html)

After haveing cleared the rumble away the Party comes across what was meant to be hidden...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-23_zpsjlxo18x0.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-23_zpsjlxo18x0.jpg.html)
... which is another abandoned study with nothing else of note in it.

Worse than the hostile Cultists and creatures in these Ruins are the Traps that envious students of the arcane, occult and/or macabre have laid out against their peers. Lorric falls for one such trap and it wounds him gravely.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-24_zps5dzqx5k5.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-24_zps5dzqx5k5.jpg.html)
(Note to self, never to try to disarm a trap with a Crusader)

Trusting that Lepanto will be able to safe Lorric from the clutches of Death at her earliest convince the Party proceeds onwards to fight the final confrontation of this quest - which in keeping with the previous steps of this journey is a group of Undead...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-25_zps0c0jwqrr.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-25_zps0c0jwqrr.jpg.html)

... but these creatures still possess some skill they might have had in life. A Skeleton Soldier is swift to lunge forward and swing his old yet sharp blade at Lorric. Worn from combat the Crusader's armour does little to weaken the force of the strike...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-26_zpsluspbgve.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-26_zpsluspbgve.jpg.html)
... the Crusaders breastplate is sliced open and the blade enters the between the rips, biting into the lungs and finally stopping, logged into the heart. Before any of the Party can come to his aid the Crusader drops, bleeding from his terrible wound.
As he bleeds out he can feel the divine favour which seemed to have accompanied his mission to the HLP Manor receding. As darkness engulfs his mind, a new sensation come to the forefront of his mind: An odd voice, both melodic and rasping at the same time, is .... singing? ... or is it laughing?

Revenge for the holy warrior comes from someone wholly unexpected as the Occultist's reaction fast and precise, his dagger quickly hitting a crucial point in this reality and the other...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-27_zpsoodfrk9t.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-27_zpsoodfrk9t.jpg.html)
... collapsing the magic that keeps the killer Skeleton in its unliving state. Surely such display of dark lore could have felled any other undead just as well, but why did the Occultist decide to strike this Skeleton, the weakest of the enemies before the Party fist?

To avenge their fallen comrade the rest of the Party now attacks furiously, seeking to end this confrontation swiftly and decisively - so that even the determined resistance from the Undead cannot keep them from turning this loss of one of their own into a victory.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-28_zps8fwhcd7a.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-28_zps8fwhcd7a.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-29_zpswpz5dfh2.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-29_zpswpz5dfh2.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-30_zpsnyatszm2.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-30_zpsnyatszm2.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-31_zpspbxkovae.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-31_zpspbxkovae.jpg.html)

Once the Undead have fallen, the sad duty to collect up all the Loot remains. Among the remains of the Skeletons, Lepanto makes an unlikely find:
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-32_zpsdp20ixd9.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-32_zpsdp20ixd9.jpg.html)
A Youth Chalice, a holy object to any Vestal, had been in the possession of one the Skeletons.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-33_zpsgqdzefdu.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-33_zpsgqdzefdu.jpg.html)
Meanwhile the Occultist gathers up a strange unnaturally formed stone which he spotted in the remains of the Skeleton that killed Lorric. It was all the properties of a Damage Stone, a common magical trinket often created by first-year apprentices ... but there is a strangeness to it that is not yet explained.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-34_zpsdojye97v.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-34_zpsdojye97v.jpg.html)

While Victory has already been achieved, there is still some ground to cover and to explore. The party moves on to bring back every last scrap of from this part of the Ruins, so one of their own will at least have died for something (even that something is just a pay-out). And their curiosity is both rewarded and punished:
While finding some more Heirlooms, Lepanto stumbles across a pile of books...
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-35_zps3oej10eg.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-35_zps3oej10eg.jpg.html) (http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-36_zpsswrccaoy.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-36_zpsswrccaoy.jpg.html)
... books of dark lore which she should not have touched. What she read there amplified her grief over the loss of Lorric hundred-fold, causing her to lash out at the Occultist and the Bounty Hunter.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-37_zpsniukdxoh.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-37_zpsniukdxoh.jpg.html)

With nothing left to explore the Party returns to the Hamlet ... If this Victory makes them feel like victors, they will have to determine on their own.

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-38_zps5yqlfhh9.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-38_zps5yqlfhh9.jpg.html)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_14-39_zps1gm9yr7a.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/14-39_zps1gm9yr7a.jpg.html)

Quirks gained:
- Patriot gains Amateur Weaponsmith (-20% Upgrade Cost for Weapons)
- ... gains Night Owl (+2 Speed when the Torch burns low)
- Lepanto gains Amateur Weaponsmith and Shocker (- 10% Stun resistance)

The Hamlet in Week 6

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_15-00_zpstzprs906.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/15-00_zpstzprs906.jpg.html)
deathfun, TrashMan and Scourge of Ages recovered from the their last quest, each of them loosing their affliction, and StarSlayer has been cured of his Zoophobia while Lepanto, Patriot and ... were out.

As news reaches the Hamlet that one of our Heroes has passed beyond the Veil, not just our Heroes but many of the townsfolk gather in the Graveyard to commemorate the fallen Lorric.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_15-01_zpspcisoztp.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/15-01_zpspcisoztp.jpg.html)
(Eulogies will be linked here)

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_15-02_zpshmvzqndg.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/15-02_zpshmvzqndg.jpg.html)
At the Stage Coach meanwhile no suitable recruits can be found.
(But if anyone wants to claim either the Crusader, Leper or Bounty Hunter, they can say so until Sunday.)

After the service in honour to Lorric, Heirlooms obtained on his last quest are donated to the Abbey to improve their services.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_15-04_zps98oxhga7.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/15-04_zps98oxhga7.jpg.html)
StarSlayer retreats to the Cloister to recuperate after his stay in the Sanatorium.

At the same time, Patriot and Lepanto take to the Tavern to drink and gamble.
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_15-05_zpsymlpu9il.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/15-05_zpsymlpu9il.jpg.html)

And to close up, here are the next four choices for a quest:

(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_16-00a_zpsp9kq5zfc.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/16-00a_zpsp9kq5zfc.jpg.html)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_16-00b_zpssb9fretn.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/16-00b_zpssb9fretn.jpg.html)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_16-00c_zpsk3p1gomh.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/16-00c_zpsk3p1gomh.jpg.html)
(http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af321/0rph3u5/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/th_16-00d_zpsbroplzte.jpg) (http://s1020.photobucket.com/user/0rph3u5/media/HLPs%20Darkest%20Dungeon/Session%205/16-00d_zpsbroplzte.jpg.html)

Next Session will be on Sunday or Monday, so cast your votes until then.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: headdie on April 02, 2015, 02:09:25 pm
Yer have the game myself so fully aware of the perils and that some time death is perhaps the merciful end
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: Lorric on April 02, 2015, 04:17:27 pm
Can you not heal out of battle? You were forced to take Lorric into battle where one blow would kill him?
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: headdie on April 02, 2015, 04:42:09 pm
the only way to heal out of battle is to consume food and during the camping sections if you go the the longer expeditions.

The game is from the outset designed to screw you over hard which is it's charm, it is rarely unfair but it is also *VERY* unforgiving of mistakes, misplays, and misunderstandings of the game mechanics
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: Lorric on April 02, 2015, 04:54:57 pm
Ah. And I think all the food got eaten. It does seem a bit much not to be able to use healing magic when not in a battle though. I mean that just seems like common sense and a basic RPG mechanic.

Lepanto has a lot to answer for. First the deciding vote to take us to the place of my death, and then she couldn't be bothered to heal me while I'm at death's door, so I died. :D

Maybe I'll be along later to have a word or two with her... (http://www.desismileys.com/smileys/desismileys_3028.gif)
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: Lepanto on April 02, 2015, 05:23:26 pm
Good. Good turnout. Thank you for gathering to remember Lorric.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJA7cXBv6gw) He was always fighting for your sake, for all our sakes, you know? Always out in front. Always taking the hits that would have felled us adventurers, so we could keep fighting to purge the evil that still threatens you all.

I-I know, as a woman of the Church, I should be saying something inspiring, right? But, even on his worst day, I didn't have half the presence and drive that he did. His hearty battle cries always rang in my ears, and I'm sure we'll all be hearing them in our heads for quite a while to come.

To address the rumors already spreading: I confess that my own haste and inattention did play a role in his death. I can only ask that you, and he, forgive me.

He had his faults, like all of us. But he tried to overcome them, despite facing terrors that pushed us all to our physical and mental limits. I hope that the Light has seen his honest valor, and has granted him eternal benediction.

May perpetual Light shine upon you, Lorric. Rest in peace.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: Lorric on April 02, 2015, 05:30:21 pm
Awww. I can't send my ghost after you now. :)

I thought that was genuinely touching with the music in the background.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: headdie on April 02, 2015, 06:35:30 pm
My vote is on A
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: Lepanto on April 02, 2015, 08:44:39 pm
Thanks.  :)

My vote is for exploring the Ruins. Let's find the boss and finish it off, for Lorric's sake.

Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: Scourge of Ages on April 03, 2015, 01:35:00 am
Scourge's Log, Week 6:

There's this kid in the hamlet, we pay him as a sort of watchman, he'll ring a bell and call out when stuff happens. So we all heard as soon as the team was first spotted in the distance, shambling toward the gate. We all gathered as they drew closer, and the three silhouettes resolved into individuals. Yeah... three.

I knew what had happened. I saw it in the dark, sunken eyes of Patriot and the Occultist. And I saw it on Lepanto's dusty, streaked cheeks.

As they trudged past, I just wanted to hug them all, they really looked like they needed it... but I couldn't. Instead, I just clasped my hands, and lowered my head as they passed. If it weren't for my mask, I probably would have broken down right there.

I spoke a bit at Lorric's memorial, after Lepanto opened. Here's a copy of my written speech, I don't know how much I was actually able to speak:

"Lorric died as he lived: bleeding.

"He has been at the front of every party, shielding us from unholy monsters and brutal maniacs, sacrificing his body and never complaining. This time was no different. I heard the reports: Where any of us would run, or hide, or cower behind our softer companions, Lorric was never that way. He knew he would die if he took another blow, but he did it anyway to protect his friends.

"Lorric, like all of us, fought demons. There are the ones in the dungeons, and the ones in ourselves. Lorric's attitude toward both were the same: fight with flesh and faith, give all you have, and don't stop. There is no doubt in my mind that his God is looking favorably on him now.

"We would all be lucky to live as well or die as nobly."


The fight must continue though, this all needs to mean something. Next week, four more of us will be heading back in.

I cast my vote for Option C, a cleansing raid of the Warrens.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: Lorric on April 03, 2015, 02:37:56 pm
I've been pondering whether or not I'd like to come back into this with another crusader, with some connection to Lorric. Since one's available, and you're going to throw him out if no one picks him up, I'd like you to give him to me. I don't want to firmly decide I want to do that then wait potentially weeks and weeks for one to come in off the coach.

And hey, it could be good to do it now, comes looking for Lorric and arrives just too late and finds him dead.

Scourge, I might be able to use your latest piece as a basis for that arrival. Need to come up with a new name for this one. Can't call him Lorric now, can I? (Well, I can, but it will complicate things. :D) So I won't.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: headdie on April 03, 2015, 02:53:32 pm
I've been pondering whether or not I'd like to come back into this with another crusader, with some connection to Lorric. Since one's available, and you're going to throw him out if no one picks him up, I'd like you to give him to me. I don't want to firmly decide I want to do that then wait potentially weeks and weeks for one to come in off the coach.

And hey, it could be good to do it now, comes looking for Lorric and arrives just too late and finds him dead.

Scourge, I might be able to use your latest piece as a basis for that arrival. Need to come up with a new name for this one. Can't call him Lorric now, can I? (Well, I can, but it will complicate things. :D) So I won't.

Twin brother who trained with Lorric, arrives at the hamlet, torn between their desire for revenge, their holy vows demanding their actions being above such base emotions and guilt over not being their for the brother.
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Post by: Lorric on April 03, 2015, 03:01:04 pm
Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'm going to go with best friend though. Not necessarily Lorric's best friend, but Lorric was the new crusader's best friend. The wheels are turning in my head already.

I think I'll try and make this character more serious. You know, less of the "I am the sword of Justice!" and "For justice, honour and faith!" Not as cheesy. I was thinking to send Lorric that way as the story went on, but that can't happen now.
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Not long after leaving the Guild Hall did another venture out into the Weald catch the attention of the people I've come to associate with. It didn't matter much, I wasn't going with them this time either... still much to take care of with myself. Best to be at the top of my abilities lest I bring down the group more than I had already. I was certain I was being excluded, but perhaps not for the reasons I thought initially. They don't trust me, not that I can blame them for that, and my melancholic demeanour would only serve to sully the good that they think we are doing here.

Who the hell cares? Gold, riches, adventure, all that could be had elsewhere in far more... natural... places. Places that aren't filled with what can only be described as an unnatural presence brought on by the previous owner of this House. Rot, decay, makes it hard to believe that at one point this might've been a thriving bastion of... something.

Watching the four 'heroes' march off to patrol the surrounding area brought a thought to my head: What happens to us when we die? In a vile place such as this with cultists roaming around with their skeleton 'friends'... are we simply destined to become one of those skeletons? Controlled by the backwater bastards to do their bidding?

Not something I would enjoy thinking about. I need a drink, a stiff one.


Commotion brought my eyes to look out the window. Seems like there were new comers, but not of the venturing out type. Opening the door to the Tavern, I walked out into the muddy street and find myself looking at some people moving gear and supplies into the Hospice. What were they doing?

My answer came as what seemed like their representative walked out and sauntered over towards the returning group. Had it been that long since they left?

Doctors and nurses they were, armed with some modern medicine to aid us in our cause provided we required it.

Hasn't even been that long and this place is starting to seem a little bit more... homely. Hell, even a troupe of carpenters rolled in, following the Doctors and Nurses. Wasting no time, they began building us better lodgings to which I will definitely not complain. While the tent I had been spending my time in was private, most of me ended up covered in mud the following morning or whenever the hell it was I woke up. That god damned sun, or light, or whatever the hell made the sky red in these parts, gave no good sense of time.

Hopefully they don't ask for any gold

Least things have been looking up, those that just came back showed a particular proud accomplishment in their posture.


My slumber was rudely awakened by someone yelling out my name, requesting that I get up and ready. Suppose it was about time wasn't it. I wouldn't say I was yearning for another outing into the veil, but I do need to contribute, or at least provide the semblance of my assisting around here. Grabbing my coat, knife and pistol sling, I move outside to meet up with one of the new comers, Trashman, and two others, StarSlayer and Scourge.

Nodding to Scourge, I fasten my belt and sling once more to ensure that it's ready for our search for the entrance to the Warrens.

Unbeknownst to me, a lone traveler had recently found his way into town. Well, more along the lines of dragging given he was missing a few parts. Could say the trip cost him an arm and a leg!

No one found the humour amusing, so I slink back to the rear of the group and continue listening to the story. We were on a hunt for his captors, creatures that were half man, half pig. Our task was to find where this place was based on his rough sketch, and kill these beasts lest they take another pour soul and ruin my appetite for anything pork. Actually, I think I already can't stand the idea of a full roast pig anymore...

Lacking any sort of proper healer, this trip was going to be a difficult trek if we found ourselves taking more blows than we dish out. Rations weren't by any means plentiful, and the ability for anyone to tend to the wounds was elementary at best. Bad feelings were already brewing in my stomach, but a quick drink from the flask I had with me stemmed it for the time being. Alas, it was the last of the liquor I had on me so from here on I only had my wits and dark humour to keep me sane.

Our journey along the path beset by our former guide who now rests with the many others claimed by this land was short, and relatively uninteresting. Nothing more than dead trees, rotting plants and a stench that implored people to stay away. I don't see how anything we do here could possibly repair this **** hole. To me, this entire place was too far gone for its own good.

StarSlayer stopped the group and pointed just to our right. There it was, the entrance, guarded by nothing more than dead vines and an incredible odour which seemed to emanate from inside the darkness before us.

Amazing that there was something that had a more pungent smell than the territory that surrounds it. No matter, we enter and prepare ourselves for whatever horrors we may find. Pigmen, abominations by the sound of it, and apparently not something to be trifled with.

Not long after entering the Warrens did we come across some loot. According to one of the group, this isn't uncommon to the ways of these creatures. Hoarders, the lot of them. Great news for us, but the feeling began to come back that there was a catch for the easy loot.

Sure enough, we were not the only ones who came here looking for a fight and some easy gold. Three hooded bandits greet us with unsheathed blades and show no intention to talk it out. StarSlayer takes the first hit after a great deal of footwork leading to many missed opportunities. As swift as they were, the first strike was followed by us crushing them down with ease. There was something to be said for large swords, and that something was demonstrated in this moment.

Wasting no time, the four of us dwelled deeper into the dampness below, our feet crackling the bones beneath and our noses becoming more used to the stench that only grew stronger. Scourge leaps forward in a brief moment of excitement as she finds scrolls laying around, perhaps of use. As it turns out, they were nothing more than the mundane transactions of what was probably a caravan that fell victim to a pigmen raid. Not only was there junk laying around everywhere, but evidence that these Warrens were once populated by some ancient people. What happened to them is uncertain, but from my astute observations, it was most likely not pretty.

Our path came to an abrupt halt as a crude wall of various different pieces of rubble prevented us temporarily from proceeding onwards. Once again, we look to one another as if implying that someone forgot to bring a shovel despite being told. Regardless, our hands were enough for the job and we take it apart within a decent amount of time.

Not long after we clear the rubble we find what seemed like a camp setup by bandits with gear still stowed away in one of the backpacks. Seems like they weren't aware of the dangers in these Warrens and got caught by pigmen either coming from, or going to their keep deeper inside.

My anxiety was beginning to crop up as the visual evidence of the pigmen was strewn across this unholy place we find ourselves exploring, but the lack of pigmen gave chills down my spine. Where the hell were they?

Sounds echoed from the next room... and there they were. Four grotesque beings that begged to be removed from this world for simply being an abomination, a black mark on evolution. Our presence was meant with what appeared to be a form of shock as they turned around to find us at their feet. Appears their lack of intelligence works to our advantage, allowing us the element of surprise! Either that, or they don't expect visitors geared only to smite them where they stand.

Scourge proves her adept skills at alchemy, blinding the enemy while Trashman brings down a lance upon them. Seeing the wounded fiend, I put it out of its misery with a single shot. A swift death was more than it deserved, but I wished not to prolong any of the fights in here. The smell was offending my nostrils more and more, I may not be able to taste food after this! Formidable is not a word I would use for these four in particular as our blades finish them off once and for all. Unfortunately, there was no break and we found ourselves face to face with once again, Cultists.

What's worse, is the pigmen seem to follow these bastards. I doubt they meant much to the Cultists, acting no more than fodder for our blades. Today however, the fodder served them terribly as we cut through them (pun intended) without problem. My blade found its way to their neck, severing anything important. The gurgles from their attempts at breathing, hands grasping at their throats, gave me satisfaction. Strange, given how I never found myself satisfied with taking a life before arriving here. This place... was starting to make me more primitive I suppose. I wipe my blade on their skin, cleaning the blood that would otherwise stain the metal.

Searching the camp earned us a map of the Warrens, and even some additional information regarding where we may find ourselves in battle. An odd contraption lay not too far from where we found the map. Curious it was, looking benign in nature, a simple tanning rack.

Why was I surprised to find out that it was more than it appeared and my mind was penetrated by a darkness I have never before witnessed. It made me lightheaded, my knees weak. I stumbled and struggled to retain my balance and overall sanity. The moment passes, but something felt off inside me... there was a darkness I could feel brewing.

No one else seemed to have been affected by this, and were already heading out towards the next section of the Warrens. Shaking my head, I quickly move to catch up, trying to piece together what had just happened to me.

StarSlayer points towards the map and indicates to us an existence of some 'market' that may or may not be on the other side. While my curiousity has been sated for the time being, the others looked eager to see what may be in store for us.

Brigants, and one that wasn't so small. Pulling out my pistol, I quickly fire a shot towards the Fussilier that was attempting to find better cover from us. The bullet found its mark through the head. Hearing a click, I realized that I was not the only gunman in this fight. The brute himself had a pistol! Albeit, not maintained and in poor condition, it went clean through the armour Trashman was wearing. Death was near for our Crusader, but his Faith kept him from falling to the wound.

Within me, I felt it. A shooting pain as though it was I who had been shot. This made no sense, but here I was rearing from this discomfort that engulfed my every sense. Moving my hand felt light, delayed, as though the very fabric of reality was in question.

I could see StarSlayer ending yet another one of the Bandits with his sword, but could not for the life of me decipher his motions. They were more fluid than usual, as though he was made of water. My vision began to tunnel, which did not bode well for the already dark cavern which we currently reside in.

We all took a knee and passed some of our rations around. I struggled for a bit, trying to fix my coordination. It was welcomed though, despite the food lacking in any flavour. All I could taste was the wretchedness of the Warren itself. My mouth quickly mashed down and I swallowed with a slight wince. We were on our feet once again, proceeding back on our mission.

Trashman fell to a knee, seemingly becoming eroded with stress, only to rise with his sword in hand. Seems like Faith once again proved useful to have in these times, the power of God allowing for a fierce recovery from the horrors we face.

Walking further into the Warren seemed to take forever, from one dark room to the next, from one sight I wish never to see again to the next. None were quite as vile as the room we found ourselves in. Meat, rotten and fresh, human and otherwise, hung from various points in the ceiling. The blood dripped from each corpse, the putrid scent of decay stained my very lungs.

Cultists greeted us, bringing us back to a harsher reality. They were dispatched quickly and efficiently, allowing them no quarter at this time. Not that they'd give us any proper discussion aside from our deaths.

Seemed they were organizing some books which caught the attention of Scourge. Rare were books one could read in the hands of pigmen, most were either destroyed by poor care or stained from the blood of those who carried them. Upon reading the one open on the stand, Scourge of Ages makes a rather interesting sound, one of disgust perhaps, hard to tell. This seemed to stir a previously unseen fortitude within her person.

Continuing on brought us to a shrine which to our surprise, had no Cultists around to serve. Perhaps those were the ones we had killed earlier, but now was not the time to question and ponder the ways of the Old Gods. Fortunately for us, the nature of the pigmen's hoarding gave us some decent stuff to carry back with us.

That is of course, if we make it out of here alive.

Cultists once again appeared, and we once again cut them down like dogs. I would not call them savage, but they were by no means civilized in their practices. These ones proved to be weak at any rate. Perhaps they ought to have just left the pigmen to fight on their own? Might've been a better fight.

Alas, sometimes it is best to keep these thoughts in the back of one's mind. Upon entering what seemed like the final marker on the map, the party was demonstrated the intelligence of our foe. Carrion Eaters, disgusting worms which discerned not what they decided to feast upon, being herded as it were by a lone pigman. Seems as though even they knew how to control others, rather than just being controlled themselves.

One lunges towards Trashman, the teeth sinking right through the armour plating as though it wasn't even there. StarSlayer begins to lose it, seeing these monstrosities act with such primal desires. Trashman saw this as an opportunity for revenge, striking the Herder down with a single strike allowing the rest of us to dispatch the repulsive vermin.

The dust settles.

Victory was ours at last.


Obviously more to write, but I am le tired

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Hi guys,

I have NOT forgotten about you or this project ... but I had things to do and places to be!

... well, I was busy restarting my work on Of Shivans and Men (and of course busy with RL-stuff). However I'm ready get things back on track now.

I really would like to have you back in the game ... I'll figure something out that is not at odds with the tone of the game ( maybe slaying a boss hold a dark and mindbending opportunity ... not really but I'll come back to you on that )
Title: Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
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Everyone was helpless after the death of Lorric. And so the evil forces eventually marched out and crushed the town, which would be just the first conquest on their way to conquering the whole World. THE END.

I do wonder what happened to this. But anyway, with the WoD forum game coming up, I very much doubt I'll be able to participate in two forum games simultaneously if it does eventually resurrect. It was fun while it lasted. :)