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Title: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: Lorric on September 10, 2015, 08:38:21 pm
Role play thread! Spoon ApprovedTM!

The last forum game was so awesome in this regard. Let us create yet more stories and memories together! :)
Title: Re: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: headdie on September 11, 2015, 02:35:40 am
The halls and offices of the Sol Union Ministry building on Earth.  Constructed 100 years ago the great tower once dominated the Sahara City skyline but over time other structures came to match and grow above.

The recently elected Minister for Interstellar Affairs Headdie looked out of his office window.  It was hard to believe that the area was supposed to be sand and desert looking at the vast metropolis of glass and steel buildings surrounded by grass and flowing water.  Turning around Minister Headdie's office was decorated with white marble, inlaid with obsidian decorations.  The room was sparsely furnished with a few low chairs for guests, a transparent resin and chrome office chair and large matching desk.

Sitting on the chair Headdie looked at the array of data displayed on the desk and hovering above it, Screens showing diplomatic proposals, recommendations from the Admiralty, requests from interest groups, but who to trust.  One thing was certain, he had been given a mandate to keep Sol secure, free and fair to all; something which in the building situation would be very challenging.

His role was set, the destination clear, time to see if he could navigate the seas.
Title: Re: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: 0rph3u5 on September 11, 2015, 04:53:26 am
Beach near Duskwinth Manor, thriteen days before shipping out

Orpheus glanced over his shoulder, stealing another look at his estate on the nearby cliff. He loved the tranquil timelessness of this house by the sea, it seems that here all worries and all conflict would be slowly erroded by the tide.

But tranquility was a luxury compared to duty. And the Duskwinth family prided itself with its overwhelming attention and care to the duties the Crown would hand down to the gentry in general and the Duswinth's in particular. One of these duties had arrived a week ago by way of a herald straight from the Royal Palace.

"Sir Orpheus of House Duskwinth,

In the name of Amalia, throught the Grace of God Queen of the Commonwealth of New Britannian, Protecor of Realm, Defender of the Faithful and Duchess of House Arc Victoria, you are herby called to service in the Name of House Arc Victoria and Commonwealth.

You are to assemble a group of trusted men and women as your companions. With them you will leave for Planet Noble in the system Seprents within a fortnight and there take command the HMS Sikanda, a proud vessel in service of House Arc Victoria.

With the Sikanda as your flagship, you will take command of it's attending fleet to proctect the Commonwealth and futher the cause of the Crown.

For the time of your command, Her Majesty has seen it fit to grant your the rank of Admiral with all it's priviledges and responsibilites.

In service to our Queen Amalia,
Sir Owain mab Urien,
Royal Master at Arms and Knight of the Realm"

Duskwinth Manor, ten days before shipping out

Unrolling his new banner, Orpheus could not help marve butl the craftsman ship that had gone into this simple piece. Carefully woven into the field of blue of his personal heraldy was the sigil of New Britannia, serving as a background from the white griffin of his family. As a personal touch griffins talons were holding a hospitaler cross and silver letters, stichted on either side of the banner, proclaimed his personal motto - In Pace Vigil, In Bello Clemens.

It was a fit symbol of his new status as Admiral and it would serve nicely during the ceremonies to come.

"Is everything to your lordships liking? Or will your require alterations to be made?", asked Elliot, Orpheus' valet.

"No, all this banner now needs is someone to carry it in my stead. I can hardly go through all the pomp and ceremony of the Fleet while carrying my own banner."

"Of course not, my lord. Might I suggest Mistress Thessa for the role, Sir? The young lady has been quite adamant about leaving what she considers to be the 'confines of the Manor' and Lord Cador would hardly object to you naming his daughter your standard bearer - he, and others of course, might actually think that he is succeeding with his attempt to match you with his rather belligerent offspring."

to be continued
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Post by: headdie on September 11, 2015, 08:43:06 am
For the first time since the jubilation of his election Headdie, Minister for Interstellar Affairs in the Sol Union had cause to be genuinely proud of himself because after weeks of proposals, counter proposals and late night analysis sessions sustained with cooling take-away food and not much warmer cups of stimulant laced drinks, Headdie had lead a successful initiative which would greatly improve Sol Union security and foreign relations.

And now stood on the steps before the inspiring height of the Sol Union Ministry building with nothing but his sharp white suit with black accents and a Chrome and Glass lectum between him, hundreds of cameras, thousands of people, The Sol Union and interested parties from other nations a genuine smile crossed his face.

“Minister Headdie You are go!” In his ear from the sub dermal receiver came the voice of the event director, the Lectum sprang into life with the simple speech he had prepared for this momentous day.  Looking into the assemble crowd and cameras Headdie opened his mouth and announced with a voice amplified by hidden mic and speakers.

“Greetings to the Sol Union and the Galaxy.”
“As Minister of Interstellar affairs for the Sol Union it is my great pleasure to announce that after a period of negotiation, discussion and analysis the Sol Union and Delest Dynasty have formalised an agreement for non aggression.”

“Given the proximity of Sol and Ihefulian a carefully considered treaty is considered essential by both the civilian government and military strategists, so to have this in place is cause for much relief for us all.”

“That does not mean that we can let our guard down for many threats remain at large but be assured that myself, my department and the military are working hard together to ensure that our hard won democracy is both safe and prosperous.”

“I thank you all for attending this announcement, my department representatives will answer any questions you might have but for now I wish you all a good day.”

The crowd roared in celebration, and Headdie stood there for a moment to enjoy the scene before one of the security officers for the event approached him and suggested that he return to the building, Headdie nodded  and allowed himself to be guided back to the Ministry Lobby, Yes there was a long road ahead for the remainder of his tenure, but today at least was a good day and one that might make things a little easier.
Title: Re: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: headdie on September 12, 2015, 07:36:02 pm
Events were moving quickly, yesterday the signing of the treaty with the Delest Dynasty, today the last details were agreed upon for a treaty of mutual non aggression with the UGC.  There would be another speech this afternoon announcing the monuments news to the public, after all if everyone sticks to their word then the Sol Union borders were now safe allowing the Sol Union and Sol Force to ponder the problem that is Alderbaran.

Prospecting surveys indicated that the system would be a financial and material heavyweight, perhaps rivalling Sol, but its position has meant that the system has been hotly contested for a long time, indeed the following weeks are going to be trying to say the least.

But those were troubles for tomorrow, today a press reception and public speech needed to be organised and Headdie's cup of tea was going cold again.
Title: Re: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: Lorric on September 20, 2015, 11:46:16 am
This is my fleet, the 2nd CRF. I wonder if anyone else would like to make a post about theirs?


Centre Fleet

Fleet Carrier - CRF Soaring Spirit
Fighter Squadrons - Hand of Lorric, Soaring Swords, Spirit Shields

Escort Carrier - CRF Towering Presence
Fighter Squadron - Overlords

Escort Carrier - CRF Brave Soul
Fighter Squadron - United Souls

Escort Carrier - CRF Burning Inspiration
Fighter Squadron - Burning Spears

Escort Carrier - CRF Honour and Duty
Fighter Squadron - The Line

Right Flank

Escort Carrier - CRF Unbreakable Tenacity
Fighter Squadron - Reapers

Escort Carrier - CRF Firm Resolve
Fighter Squadron - Resolution

Escort Carrier - CRF Faith and Valour
Fighter Squadron - Lionhearts

Left Flank

Escort Carrier - CRF Boundless Confidence
Fighter Squadron - Coolhands

Escort Carrier - CRF Vehement Determination
Fighter Squadron - Determinators

Escort Carrier - CRF Driving Force
Fighter Squadron - Widowmakers
Title: Re: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: procdrone on September 20, 2015, 08:46:21 pm
Admiral reads through the public networks, and sees the CRF commitment about their own fleet composition. He wonders, if this is a covert misinformation attempt, information security breach, or their own folly? Whichever it is, is it wise to believe in it? If that is true, some nation might just create a counter to their fleet when they plan to engage.

For brief, he reviews his own fleet information with a grin, and shuts down the network. He glares our there, in the void. Once the colonies of Earth, now independent. Will Earth return to its former glory, or will be dwarfed by the independence movements?

All these questions would be answered soon...
Title: Re: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: Lorric on September 22, 2015, 10:55:06 am
2nd CRF Fighter Squadron Logos

Hand of Lorric

Soaring Swords

Spirit Shields


United Souls

Burning Spears

The Line






Title: Re: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: headdie on September 23, 2015, 08:53:45 pm
Headdie sat at his office desk, the windows behind him tinted against the deep night outside.  Following the craziness of the last few weeks of diplomatic posturing, signing of treaties, which included a long trip to St. Heira for a banquet which rivaled the Britannic / Sol Union treaty which it celebrated in its scale.  Now finally he had finished weighing up and formalising bids from industrial and research groups for the business of driving forwards the next generation of technologies and improvements to the Sol Force fleets, something of which Headdie was glad as it seemed the other factions were equally intent on improving their situations.  But for what purpose? was it just that everyone expected that to be the first move?... Or was there more to it???????

Also soon Aldebaran, that dangling low hanging fruit, would move from theory to reality, a very real reality which had potential strain the newly formed bonds to breaking point.  One of the Sol Force Admirals had once told Headdie that no plan survives first contact with the enemy...  How true were those words going to be?  and more importantly, what would the damage be?

Spinning around on his chair Headdie to face the windows, contemplated the questions long into the night, staring into the stars above the Saharan cityscape, knowing that some of those stars inadvertently held the future, both for the Sol Union and humanity as a whole.
Title: Re: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: 0rph3u5 on October 10, 2015, 02:53:06 pm
(due to recent developments internal to the CRF I am fast fowarding my RP-piece.... I'll fill the upper post with the rest as the Weekend progresses, so don't worry if you are unfamiliar with my command staff)

H.M.S. Sikanda, flagship of the 3rd CRF - near the Serpents-Aldebaran Starlance

Orpheus browsed through the reports from his Captains without paying much attention to their contents. The day to day of fleet command had turned into a monotone drone, especially after the 3rd CRF had deployed to Adlebaran. Both the Camlann's and the Earnaness's supporting carriers had dispatched sorties throughout the system but so far the official reason for the fleet's deployment had failed to be detected.

Lady Isbjørn was carrying the forced inaction with the calm of an experienced big game hunter, waiting patiently for whatever quarry might come across her. Lady Cathleen on the other hand had intensified the battle drills on the ships under her command, her true calling as an unbound Knight Errant shining through her every move - she longed to bring this 'quest' to a close and be on her way.
Sadly none of the "pirates" allegedly infesting Aldebaran had done either a favour.

As Thessa snapped to attention before his console, so did he snap out of his entranced state.

"Sir, another dispatch from the Prime Minister.", she said as she handed him a fine data-waver. "Encoded and your eyes only."

He took the fine combination of quickly-degradable paper and fine meshed circuitty, that would break down just as quickly as the paper if desired, from her hand and placed it in the de-coder receptacle. As the decoder popped up on one of his screen, Orpheus saw that it was not a deeply encoded message, as it would be usually for a military dispatch, but rather an advance copy of a diplomatic message - a public diplomatic message, soon to be released1.

"Thessa, prepare a dispatch to the Camlann and the Earnaness, both flanks are to recall their fighters and all destroyers currently out on a sortie. Command council will convene tomorrow at 0900 houres fleetwide."

"Yes, sir. Anything else?"

"Request the Herald to meet with me as soon as possible. I might have use of his services soon."

As his squire departed, a thought wormed into Orpheus' mind: His flagship might be aptly named, after all.

1 = this one (http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=90445.msg1798010#msg1798010) if anyone is wondering
Title: Re: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: headdie on October 11, 2015, 09:23:13 am
There was no missing the frustrated expression on Headdie's face as he sat facing the square of light projecting from his desk in front of him.

"President Sasha that is a fair point, but I cant understand why we are throwing away weeks of hard work over this."

"Minister Headdie I understand your frustration but the UGC deployment is far in excess of what is needed for their story, and there has been no request from the Independent government for assistance, this is clearly an act of aggression, and one that will put us at a disadvantage."

"I understand that, but surely a treaty would be better?"

"Normally I would agree but the UGC need to be reigned in.  My decision is final, I have contacted the admiralty who are already making preparations, I expect you to make the announcement and give the admiralty what support they need."

"I understand president"

With that the connection closed and the square vanished.

Headdie sat there for a moment, frustration flowing through him.  He had been determined that his tenure would be one of peace for the union and here he was being ordered to announce a war.
With great reluctance he called up the department's press room so they could begin working on the announcement.
Title: Re: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: 0rph3u5 on October 11, 2015, 04:06:19 pm
H.M.S. Sikanda, flagship of the 3rd CRF - near the Serpents-Aldebaran Starlance

The mood at the Command Council was sullen, the feverish anger at the politics at home had quickly been dispelled by the rapidly developing events elsewhere. Reports of the Sol Union and the United Guilds of Commerce coming to blows over the UGC's commitment to Aldebaran had not been unexpected.

"How long until the SF makes good on words of their government?" aksed Lady Isbjørn.

"I expected them to attack within the hour. An invasion has been in cards for a while now and public silence between the UGC and Sol Union has been a dead give-away that neither side has an interest in avoiding the fight.", Orpheus replied.

"But I spoke with the Herald earlier today and he re-affirmed our orders for the time being. Despite the Prime Minister's proclamation, it is the will of the Queen and her coucilours that we proceed to the Nebular Refineries and secure them.", he added.

He made a hand wave commanding the augmented reality displays in the room to switch to another data cluster, shifting the view from the global situation to the Aldebaran-system.

"The 3rd UGC Regulars are still on course to the Refineries, while the 1st UGC has recalled it's foward elements, possibly to return to Formhault. 1st DD is still in system and like-wise positioned for a jump to the Refineries.

"Ladies, if we are to comply with our orders we have to move now. As soon as this meeting concludes I want the fleet to go to Defense Condition 2. Prepare to move out within an hour.

"Let's pray that the 1st DD's commander is not brazen enough to seek an engagement."

"And of course, that the Guilders' keep true to their honeyed words.", Lady Cathleen followed up her commander's orders.
Title: Re: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: 0rph3u5 on October 19, 2015, 10:23:15 am
This one was obviously written before the last deadline... might be slightly out of date due to recent events

Transmission to the Commonwealth House of Lords

Dearest Representatives of Her Majesty,
Exalted Emissaries of the Holy Chruch,
Honoured Exarch of Pegasus,
Lords and Ladies of the Noble Houses,
fellow members of the Gentry,

I stand before you as my crews under my command prepare of battle. The situation in Aldebaran is uncertain. Come morning many under my care might be dead by the hands of a treacherous foe.

But it is not of them I would like speak in this esteemed assembly. I address you today to bemoan the sad state of affairs that has been made off our alliance with the Sol Union. A matter that has put us at the brink of War.

Not too long ago we entered in an Alliance with the Sol Union. A bond fostered by mutual interest and understanding. We gave our word to them that we shall beside them should the spectre of war befall them.
Such commitment was just and right for there was and still is no other partner we can hold above suspicion as we can the Sol Union.

It is a sad reality then that the Sol Forces have begun an invasion of the system of Formhault. Their fleets have moved into the sovereign territory and by all accounts opened fire on the 2nd Guild Regulars.

As response our Minister, Lepanto, has set out on an ill-begotten plan to commit our force to the defence of the Guilders. Then though we have to no treaties with them beyond Aldebaran and the Sol Union has committed no breach of our alliance.
Not only are they not in violation of our treaty, they did not consult us in their planning. Clearly this was a show of respect on their part, for they must have known that we would have nothing to do with so wicked a deed.

While we cannot condone their aggression, we have to value the respect the Sol Union has paid us with their actions.

More worrying however than these events is the manner of ... [pause] "individuals" which we are supposed to aid.

The United Guilds of Commerce are a cancer upon itself. The avarice and gluttony of it's leaders reduces all under it's dominion to something more akin to the beasts of the field than humans. And it is even that way by which they treat the weakest and the defenceless in their communities.
The failings of their Soldateska are the only reason why they clamour for our help. This they have brought upon themselves: The Sol Forces caught Guild Regulars out of position only to because of the Guilder's hunger for the resources found in Aldebaran.

To seek to save them is folly, for if they are not destroyed, they will destroy themselves. To aid them any capacity is only to risk our own destruction alongside them.

And who are those we shall align ourselves for that task?

The soldiery of the Delest Dynasty in an abomination, commanded by men and women who have twisted the divine institution of monarchy. Their leaders doubt our word, question our honour and seek to humiliate and slight us at every turn.

Can they truly be fit allies to us? - For we are the people of New Britannia.

We are ennobled by Honour and Virtue,
exalted by our Resolve and Integrity,
and made humble and whole in Faith.

If there is a shining light of Culture in the Dark of the Universe, it can only originate with us, for we still nurture the embers of the Divine within us.

So let us act with reason and once more prove ourselves worthy of our Covenant.

If our allies in the Sol Union have strayed - from while among them are good and honourable men, they are ruled by the masses - let us be their teachers and not executioners.

If there is to be Peace in our time, let us be it's keepers and not discard it by the wayside.

Let us be paragons of all humanity.
Let us be paragons to all humanity!

For God, for the Queen and for all the Commonwealth!

Soldateska (ger.): from the italian "soldatesca". Degroatory term for a mercenary army (in opposition to then new development which lead to modern armies) that entered use in discriptions of the Thrity Years War (1618-48). Used as an accustory term to point out a lack of discipline and to bemoan their looting and pillaging.
Title: Re: Forum Game Role Play Thread
Post by: Earth News Channel on October 20, 2015, 10:02:24 am
Earth News Channel at 5:15

With no sign of any movement from Sol Gov and the deadline for action past Tension are running high on fronts in Fomalhaut and Aldebaran.

Politically events seem unclear as Sol Force remains stationed in the UGC controlled system of Fomalhaut without a shot being fired for the time being and no public statement from Sol Force or the Ministry of Interstellar Affairs.  Indeed the only vocal party seems to be the Britannic Commonwealth with their Foreign Minister seemingly speaking for themselves, the Dynasty and the Commerce Guild at once, while a publicly leaked statement by one Admiral 0rph3u5 seems to indicate division in the ranks.

Questions remain as to how events will develop, are the Commonwealth's actions signs of a political takeover of the Dynasty and Guilds?  and what are to be made of leaks that the terms of the now troubled alliance between the Sol Union and Britannic Commonwealth suggested no intervention in the conflicts of the other party?

Who knows but Know this the ENC will inform you as soon as we know
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Post by: Veers on October 31, 2015, 04:53:29 am
OOC: This is going to be out of order slightly, so I've mentioned when it approximately takes place.

Turn 1-ish

The warm hallways of the Ministry of Defence, decorated with details of gold and royal blue, were buzzing with activity and personnel, aides dashing in and out of doorways and side-halls with what appeared to be not a single person taking a leisurely pace to their destination. If one were to have even attempted a stroll through the building, they would likely have been caught up in the whirlwind that was the forthcoming parade, in celebration of the formation of the Commonwealth, but also in remembrance and celebration of His Royal Highness Jaden Arc Victoria, and the conclusion of the First Sol War.

After concluding another meeting within the gardens of the Ministry, Arc Champion Alq Veers, Commander of the Silver Arrow, and Admiral of the First Commonwealth Royal Fleet, led the way back into his office with one of his close aides following him, while he had taken care to avoid the main hallways, the bustle had reached all corners of the building, which made the short walk considerably longer.

"..and I believe we should also be looking into that source near the Serpens node."

"You worry too much Andrew, Admiral Lorric is already nearby and will be investigating himself."

Alq said calmly, as they rounded the final corner to his office. The Guards snapping to attention as the doors slid open,

"There is no need to deploy additional forces from St. Heira, especially when we have the Parade and Celebrations upon our minds".
He continued, passing a quick nod to the guards as he stepped through the door.

His office overlooked the gardens from the third floor, Alq had chosen this spot in particular for its views and location, rather than taking a more grand office on the higher floors or one closer to the War Room. Andrew had walked over to a large holoscreen off to one side of the room,

"And what of the reports of Delest activity near the Carina-Uuni starlance?, surely we cannot let them continue to probe our borders in such a fashion. It won't be long before they become bolder and resume raiding in our territory".

The room remained silent for several moments, only the pouring of water into a glass could be heard. Alq replied only after resting the jug back down and taking a sip,

"I have complete faith that our border force will keep the situation contained Andrew, and we must have faith in the renewed diplomatic efforts of our government at this time.,
He then slowly crossed the room to join Andrew at the holoscreen,

"Deploying our forces, while justified..." he sighed, "Would just give the wrong impression..."


Turn 2&3-ish

It was rather late in the evening, perhaps even early morning now... regardless... the only light source in the room came from an old lamp and the holoscreen that Alq was looking rather intently at.

The latest CRF Intel reports were displayed upon the screen, and more details were on the numerous paper reports he had lying around the desk, some half attached to clipboards. Somehow resembling something short of chaotic organisation.

Muttering to himself as he traced outlines through the map with his fingers.

"Politics deals us the Aldebaran Refinery with the UGC. Alliance for the resources is solid. Good Split. 1st DD enters the area against the announcement. Hostility likely but uncertain.", he traced over to another area,

"Sol has all their fleets in Harcon, interesting. Intentions unknown, trusting of the Delest to stay away from the Sol-Ihefulian starlance."

In such thought, he never noticed the door opening and then closing. They were designed to be silent, but not to the point of being invisible. A young officer had stepped through the door and flipped on the lights,

"Sir?", Alq spun around, eyes squinting against the sudden brightness of the room. The young officer snapped to attention,

"Sorry Sir, I didn't know you were still here. Newest reports from the War Room" he said as he motioned towards the files he was carrying. Alq nodded and returned back to the desk,

"Over here on the desk... Thomas, thank you"

As Thomas walked over and placed them down,
"What news Thomas?, please read them for me" Alq said, eyes not leaving the screen except to bring up the input to make adjustments.

"Well Sir, the 3rd Delest remains at the Uuni-Carina starlance, we have confirmed they have an inhibitor field active but so far nothing else has changed"

Thomas paused for a moment, the screen flickered for a moment as the inhibitor field icon was placed next to the 3rd DD icon. Alq motioned for Thomas to continue.

Several minutes and many adjustments later, Thomas closed the folder and placed it back onto the desk.

"So Sol has initiated a war against the Commerce Guilds.., interesting opponent. And it has played out well for them, they have been able to concentrate their forces with little opposition. Speak your mind at any time Thomas."

"Yes Sir, I think the SF have the opportunity here to knock the UGC out of any galactic participation for some time if they can rout or destroy the 2nd UGC. Even if the UGC can get reinforcements to their capital in time."

Thomas had the map zoom into the Harcon starlance in Fomalhaut, where a long UGC fleet icon stood against the strong SF icons. Alq nodded in agreement,

"And your thoughts on the Delest?, they've moved two fleets into Aldebaran and one fleet directly against the Aldebaran refinery, which we have claimed with the UGC.", he changed the map while speaking.

It now zoomed in to show the refinery drifting within the nebula of Aldebaran, the gaseous cloud reflected nicely against the wall and surrounding room. And would have looked so much nicer if it was not for the lights...

"Well, as you said. They moved in against the refinery even though we had publicly claimed the territory with the UGC. With the SF moving against the UGC, perhaps they hope they can force us to withdraw and not provide any support to the UGC? or perhaps they move to assist Sol or the UGC themselves."

Thomas removed his cap and shook his head, "I'm not the best person to be asking on their intentions, Sir."

"That's quite alright Thomas, You may return to the War Room now"

Thomas rose to attention and promptly left the room. Leaving Alq with the possibility of a new challenge ahead, the reports had also brought forth some interesting changes within the Government and to a degree, the Fleet itself.

OOC: I've cut something like 1/2 of the post out as I need to finish it. Stay Tuned and prepare to throw more things at me! (Flowers preferred, will take booing and empty bottles as well) :p

Edit: Forgot to spell check
Edit2: Forgot to post the spell checked version...
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Post by: Lorric on October 31, 2015, 02:47:49 pm
OOC: This is just to show you. It's not some sort of leak, your characters don't have access to Lorric's personal log, so any future such posts should be treated that way as well.


Personal Log

I was very sceptical about these new academies, about whether they would be worth the cost. We already had the finest training facilities in the galaxy, turning out troops as competent as anything the other factions have to offer, but with unmatched and envied motivation. I felt that money could have been better spent in areas where the CRF is lagging behind. But I was wrong. These facilities are wonderful. A true triumph for the CRF. The troops under my command are now like soldiers who have been toughened by the experience and lessons only combat can provide. Or at least, only combat used to be able to provide. The first battle is the most important. The goal of these academies has been to teach the lessons your first battle will provide if you survive it. And a soldiers’ first battle is the one most likely to kill them. I didn’t think there could ever be a substitute for your first battle, but there is now.

The training regime required my full attention. Now that it’s over, I can only lament what has happened to my beloved CRF. It is no longer the CRF that is in my blood, in my heart, in my soul. The CRF that defines who I am. The CRF that comes second only to my wife and unborn child. Lepanto, I had such very high hopes for you. And I consider it a great honour to have served you. But you and your subordinates were too trusting. Too focused on the external and your drive for the new golden age of galactic peace and prosperity. You left your throat exposed to The Viper.

The Viper. Cornelia Windham. I hoped with all my heart I would never see this day. And even then, I thought the King and Queen would have kept her in check to stop her doing anything really bad. But that was back then, when we had a great King and Queen. Before we ended up with the 15 year old Queen Amalia Arc Victoria on the throne, mere months into her reign.

Right now, my duty is to my comrades and the CRF. There will be no tomorrow for the CRF if we don’t win this war with the DD, and for that I will give every fibre of my being.

But after this war is over, I’m not going to stop. My Queen, I hope with all my heart that it is only your youth and inexperience that have taken you down this path. That The Viper’s tongue has turned your head and clouded your vision. I believed I could see shades of your mother and father in you and I hope I was right. Because after this war is over, I’m not going to stop. I’m going to cut the head off the snake. I’m going to cut the twistedness from the heart of the CRF. And if that includes you, I will not hesitate to make you a part of that as well. The legacy of your parents will endure. With or without you.
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Post by: Veers on November 01, 2015, 03:47:49 am
Around the Time of Orpheus's Speech to the House of Lords

There was little notice given that the House of Lords requested the presence of the Admiralty in their next session, and even less of a reason why. Alq and his staff arrived in full dress uniform, the pride of the Commonwealth, although Andrew was continually tugging at his dress uniform muttering something about it being too short or some other trivial matter. Another aide ducked between them and handed over a transcript of a speech that had just been received, Alq stopped in his tracks with Andrew nearly stumbling into him for lack of attention. Other then them, the grand hallway was deserted in this section, grand carved busts and paintings of previous Lords and Ladies adorned the walls.

"When was our last communique from 3rd Fleet?. When was it!" Alq snapped, flipping page after page over.

"Several hours ago Sir, what is the..",

Andrew was cut off by a simple hand gesture and the sudden thrusting of the papers into his hands,

"Contact the Ministry and confirm that this speech or any notification of was not included in their last communications with us. Then catch up", Alq then continued off down the hall, shortly being joined by an Aide of the House.

Several minutes later, a brief discussion with the Chief of Staff directed Alq towards the Grand Hall, just in time to observe the speech from Arc Champion Orpheus being replayed to the House of Lords, presumably again if the aides were correct. At it's conclusion, discussions and debate rang out through the building, Andrew had returned by this time and what felt to be a near eternity passed before the House called the Admiralty to the stage.

As Alq advanced towards the central podium he noted that for once, the house was quiet. In general, the Lords respected the Admiralty and the Fleet greatly, but politics was generally a loud game. One which always gave him a headache.

As he took the podium an aide's voice rang through the hall,

"Presenting Arc Champion Alq Veers of the Admiralty, and the 1st Commonwealth Royal Fleet of St. Heira."

Alq let the silence return and continued to pause for several moments, letting his gaze turn around the room before considering it appropriate to speak, in addition he had noticed a copy of Orpheus's speech and a long list of questions present upon the podium for him to refer to.

"Representatives of Her Majesty, Lords and Ladies of Britannia, Thank you for your summons.

I stand here today, not as a single person, but as a representative of the Commonwealth Royal Fleet to whom many of our families, our own sons and daughters, proudly wear the uniform to defend our way of life, protect the innocent and ultimately strive for the highest virtues that we as a society strive for:


I am here today, to put at rest your concerns and questions regarding the words of Arc Champion Orpheus, currently commanding our 3rd Fleet in Aldebaran. Let me begin first of all, Champion Orpheus has encountered a difficult situation, in striving to uphold the virtues of the CRF and New Britannia, he has come into conflict with orders given by our own House of Lords through our Foreign Ministry." At this point the several of the house erupted at this accusation. The Aide called for order but his voice was already beginning to drown underneath the howls of the Lords. The calm has merely been present before the storm...


Alq boomed forward against them, raising only his voice while keeping his apparent composure by tapping several pages of paper together on the podium,

"Quiet and you shall have your turn, for now, let us continue and I shall put your concerns to rest.

We have promoted and spearheaded renewed peace between the major factions of humanity, the Sol Union, the United Guides of Commerce, and even requested the presence of the Delest Dynasty in these talks..."

He paused for a moment to let that sink in, for many years had the CRF and Delest been in constant combat, both military, economically and sociably, and it was unlikely that these feelings and memories would take less than decades to disappear.

"We took the first step, took the moral high ground and strove to put aside our differences with the Delest in favour of peace, in favour of uniting humanity in peace. The Sol Union readily accepted peace, forming an alliance with us and their own with the Delest, and the UGC was soon on-board for more detailed and permanent talks. The Delest were much more hesitant and refused to consider any talks. I will not bore you with the finer details of each alliance and pact, but we all sincerely believed that peace, was an achievable goal within our lifetime.

Tensions have flared again within Aldebaran, our ministry negotiated with the Commerce Guilds to secure the refinery and share the resources amongst ourselves. Doing so would not only benefit our economies but also subdue the pirate and illegal activities that we have traced back into the system. We publicly announced our intentions and informed both the Sol Union and the Delest Dynasty, and made no attempt to conceal our actions from them, in the name of peace we were forth coming and honest with our plans and actions.

And in return for our honesty, we were deceived by the Delest Dynasty, the very people who had so far remained cold and uninterested in furthering peace talks. Acted with hostile intent as they moved a fleet into the space of the Aldebaran Refinery, a fleet with standing orders to engage any and all who stood in her way. To further their fantasy, an order was transmitted to us and our UGC allies that if we wanted peace. we would not move our fleets within combat range of their own at the refinery, which as we previously stated and had claimed as shared territory under the control and protection of the Commonwealth and the Commerce Guilds, and to power down our fleets.

Lords and Ladies, the very definition of surrender.

I will be blunt, the Delest knowingly moved their fleets into our territory, and then called for our own fleets to power down, while their own fleets maintained active war status. Deliberate provocation for war, and within their fantasy, they will fully believe that we would be the aggressors."

Pausing again for several moments to catch his breath, Alq surveyed the room. This was certainly not his idea of an enjoyable time, talking to the nobility about foreign policy when it directly put his men and women in danger, without any clear actions to be taken to protect their lives. However the House of Lords is indeed a grand building, abound with history and secrets that he loved to walk among, but the politics nearly ruined each of his visits. Nearly.

"The actions of the Sol Union against the Commerce Guilds were and are out of our control, we had no knowledge of their intentions to engage the UGC in combat, nor inside UGC space. To this end, our Foreign Ministry sought to maintain peace by placing pressure upon the Union through the cooperation of the major factions against them, the power bloc formed quickly but with continued reluctance from the Delest, at best their slight interest in this bloc is highly questionable, specifically regarding their actions in Aldebaran. But so far there is yet to be active combat between the SF and UGC, however.. I believe this situation will quickly change.

You have heard and are undoubtedly aware of Champion Russell Coight's struggle. As we all do, he has his convictions regarding each faction and our alliances with them. As a Knight in service, he is upholding our virtues before committing to action. His fleet has come under direct threat from the Delest, who with one hand speak of peace on only their terms, while actively undermining our successful peace talks. And with their other hand seek to impose their twisted ideals of peace at gunpoint. Ignoring our honesty, open calls and messages, instead repaying us as they always have. With insults, aggressive military actions and threats of death and destruction to all who... disagree with them.

My Lords and Ladies, We are at the crossroads. We have our defensive ally, the Sol Union entering combat, actions that we were never privy to, with the Commerce Guilds, who we have been building greater economical relations with. We have the Delest spewing forth twisted babbles of their own peace ideals and attempting to force this upon others, not through diplomatic channels but through brute military force.

As the Senior member of the Admiralty, it is my duty to serve and protect New Britannia, and I will gladly give my life in this cause. However, it is time for you. The House of Lords, in service to our Majesty, to make a call. We are under immediate threat, a threat that is dictating orders to our fleets, to our policies, to effectively surrender and relinquish territory that we have diplomatically secured. Lords and Ladies, this threat is at gunpoint. And it will soon turn to us being ordered to surrender, even St. Heria where we currently stand, will not be safe.

It is clear that the Delest will never agree to any peace or agreement so long as we are standing. Peace shall not be known by Humanity while the Delest continue to spout nonsense and ignore the reality that we have been building towards. They have always and will continue to act in their own accord, their fantasy is a danger to humanity, not just ourselves. The Delest will continue undermine relations between all factions so they may push their twisted agenda, and unfortunately, this will be pushed by their aggressive military. No diplomacy, no alliance, will stand in their way.

We are at the Crossroads, do we let the Delest continue their arrogant behaviour and leave one of our fleets to die at their hands?, do we leave the joint territory of Aldebaran be forcibly taken by those who believe they are above all?, at which point do we say that enough is enough and stop the Delest from twisting humanity into the monsters of death that they are?"

Alq leaned forward towards the microphone, one final gaze around the room. "When do we protect the innocents and uphold the peace that we all strive for?",

And with this he stepped from the podium and proceeded to walk, not out to the side as customary, but down the centre of the room towards the main doors. Doors with historic carvings of the Arc Victoria insignia, adorned either side by long, flowing tapestries of the Commonwealth.

The tapestries blew gently in the breeze as the doors slowly closed, Alq's footsteps echoed until the doors finally smothered the sound.
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Hours prior departing St. Heira Orbit

Most of the fleet had already departed for the Uuni Starlance, and in the preceding weeks several vessels of the First Fleet had quietly swapped numerous patrol roles with vessels from the St. Heira Guard. A few shake downs, drills and recon-in-force of the space surrounding the Uuni starlance, although the area was firmly in CRF Space and the Delest had not officially moved their forces in, there had and have always been reports of raiders coming from Uuni to hit civilian vessels.

While it was never confirmed to the public, these raiders had come from Delest space and may have been Delest operatives themselves. However since the declaration of War these raids had ceased, providing again a very boring patrol for the St. Heira Guard, who were more than happy to swap a patrol for more time at home.

Several vessels remained in orbit of St. Heira, one of these vessels could be seen just crossing what would be considered the horizon if you were planet side. The Royal Ark, Her Majesty's Ship, first Fleet Carrier of her class and Flagship of the First Fleet and indeed, of the entire Commonwealth.

While a military vessel, CRF designers knew to appreciate the finer points of a design. The vessel was not only combat capable but was also adequately furnished with a near luxurious feel in certain areas, making the vessel perfect as a temporary residence to transport the Royal Family or other ranking dignitaries, should the situation be required. Crew members could also experience luxuries that were normally unavailable during deployments.

It was here, moments before shipping out, that the cries war from the UGC reached the Ministry. And then to Alq's ears as he walked towards the war room aboard the Ark Royal, a young officer fell into formation behind him, handing him the message.

"Sir, priority message from the Ministry."
"Thank you Drayton, has the Daring finished her shakedown? We really should get underway now.
"I believe she will be ready within an hour Sir, should I give the order to prepare to jump to the Uuni Starlance?

Drayton was a relatively young officer, innocent in so many ways but reliable in his duties and often displayed a surprising ability for forethought and subtle manoeuvres, both in the office and on the battlefield.

"Give the order, if the Daring is not ready to depart then she can join us at the Starlance. Or if her problems continue I'll send her back to dry dock and replace her with one of the Guards carriers. That will be all. Drayton saluted and departed for another side of the room which they had both entered moments ago.

It was a hard choice on which War Room is better, aboard the Ark Royal which was tidy, orderly and close to the bridge but the War Room at the Ministry had nice gardens and were a short walk from some very nice cafes. All very crucial attributes in military planning!

On the centre screen were several reports and video feeds from the Fleet at the Uuni Starlance, nothing really of interest until the screen changed to the universal map, which listed everything from Fleet movements to alliances and convoys. In accordance with what Alq had just read, the screen now showed the United Guides of Commerce as enemies of the CRF.

"Set the broadcast to fleet wide.

This is the Champion. Moments ago we received word that our Non-Aggression Pact and cooperation with the United Guilds of Commerce has come to an abrupt end, with a declaration of war against us in cooperation with their Delest allies.

This turn of events is unfortunate, as you know we announced a joint diplomatic and military policing action with the United Commerce Guilds to secure Aldebaran from pirate forces. And while this was initially successful, the arrival of Delest military forces destroyed any hope of lasting peace in our time.

In this action they entered territory that was claimed by us and the UGC, they entered with hostile intent and called for the Third Fleet to power down shields and weapons while at the same time, bringing their own to bear upon us. Actions do speak louder than words.

The Delest refuse to acknowledge reality, the reality that their actions have caused. Violating territory that was diplomatically secured and publically announced, moving military assets into this area and demanding the surrender of the Third Fleet at gunpoint.
Not only have they sought war with us, even after our peaceful negotiation attempts, they have back-stabbed the Sol Union, and they have denied the Commerce Guilds, denied their own allies a share of Aldebaran as we had agreed upon.

The Delest Dynasty sought for war between the factions of humanity and they have achieved that goal. Knights of the Commonwealth, today we march to war, but not as the aggressors. We march today after being provoked at gunpoint, after having our people threatened with death and after having our policies and orders dictated to.

Today, we march to war for the freedom of Humanity, we may not know the final goals of the Delest Fantasy, but their warmongering ends today. It is time to end this twisted fantasy that they live in, free their citizens and once their fantasy of blood has been defeated. Then, then we shall have peace.

It is my hope that the Citizens of Delest realise what their government is doing and rise up against them, that the Sol Union acknowledges the threat to themselves and Humanity that is now posed, and that the Commerce Guilds realise the betrayal that the Delest have dealt them.

We shall have peace, trust your training and your shipmates. In the Service of Her Majesty and of the Commonwealth. We shall have peace.

I was writing more, but as I'm away this weekend. This will have to do for now. The speech was going to be broken up a little further with more to be done after it. But oh well. :)
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Minister Headdie sat in the gel chair in his office, his desk largely powered down, the lights off.  It was difficult to appreciate the Saharan night sky, even after all this time urban light pollution is still a problem, with the massive digital, glass and steel city a lot was created, but Headdie kept the holographic overlay on the windows powered down too.

Slumped slightly in the chair Headdie's finger interlaced, hands thoughtfully against his mouth, contemplating the sky, what little he could see, with eyes that seemed a little older than his time.  Headdie couldn't remember now how long ago that fateful call from the President was, in fact he could remember little of the time between then and now, just a blur of meetings which flipped chaotically between sombre and anger, repeated frustrated calls from the admiralty to fix problems, demand to keep pushing the Sol Unions interstellar infrastructure in order to just keep up with events which were increasingly taking on a life of their own and causing an overspend in the Interstellar budget. 

From the sudden rise of what the press termed the Anti-Democratic Alliance, or ADA by the lazy, portraying the Britannic Commonwealth as back stabbing, blood hungry imperialists wanting to make Terran space their own by force.  The United Guilds as corrupt corporates looking to buy the galaxy, Headdie even heard reports of an Illuminate conspiracy, what ever that is.  The Dynasty blood thirst, vat born, bred for battle warriors who know nothing beyond threats and violence.

Given his position Headdie understood that the situation was vastly more subtle than that, indeed that the people involved are much more reasonable than portrayed, to the point of deserving respect in their own right.   So measures to divert the more sensational elements of the media into more useful channels like recruitment and moral had begun but the damage had already been done and would take some time to fix.

Thankfully that alliance had shattered spectacularly so the Sol Union no longer had the potential for a massive fleet of warships descending upon them, unfortunately due to diplomatic positioning the renewed Sol Union offensive upon the Guilds had forced the Dynasty to declare war and indeed occupy the Harcon Shipyards.  But even now, Headdie had to wonder how wise a move that is.  With the Commonwealth declaring war and launching an invasion of Dynastic space, Headdie had to wonder both how confident the Dynasty is in its military and if that confidence is justified.  While Headdie had a lot of respect for the Dynasty in upholding its honour by holding to the word of a superior treaty to the non aggression that the Sol Union and the Dynasty shared, when that principle had the potential to cost Dynasty lives..... Headdie had to wonder where the line is between honour and prudence.
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The old soldier’s footsteps echoed sharply across the darkened halls; the cane at his side beating an irregular counterrythm. The shining marble of the Konsakuren palace floors, polished to translucent perfection reflected Kalazonitov’s grim face as he wound his way through the deserted corridors.

An observer might have sworn his eyes burned red – or maybe that was a trick of the starlight. Ihefulian lay just outside the boundaries of the Corva nebula, after all, and the burning stellar fires dominated a large portion of the night sky.

Kalazonitov made his way into a small porch and leaned over the low barrier, looking down into the sprawling gardens of the Imperial Palace. The gardens were dark; all lights had been extinguished tonight.

The Empress was stargazing.

Kalazonitov straightened up as a maid of honour materialized next to him, stepping out of the shadows with the silent grace of a cat and a deep bow.

“Her Imperial Majesty will see you now, Premier,’ the girl said. ‘Please follow me to the Red Kiosk’.

Kalazonitov gave a short bow in response and slid behind the girl as she led him down the stairs.

“You are Milady Imube Suki-sama, are you not?’ he asked.

“Indeed,” the girl replied, holding a garden gate open for Kalazonitov to cross and bowing from the waist, before taking up the lead again. “It is a great pleasure and honour for this girl to be recognized by the Premier-sama.”

“Not at all. Your family’s war contribution is a shining example to all of us. And it would ill behoove the Delest if the efforts of our youngest and brightest went unacknowledged.”

“My, my, Premier-sama. The rumors are true then. You do have a silver tongue. Now, kindly hold it, while I present you to Her Majesty.”

A turn in the garden paths; and Kalazonitov found himself before the Red Kiosk. It was a small, wooden building, framed by a shallow lake and with a semi-open roof; perfect for stargazing. No lights burned, but the figure of the Empress, resplendent in her evening dress was outlined sharply under the burning light of Corva. She was looking at the skies through a compact but powerful telescope and keeping notes on a stack of open ledgers by her side.

Kalazonitov stayed behind, while Imube climbed the steps to the Kiosk and whispered something to the Empress ear. Yu Ki nodded absently, capped her pen, closed her books, capped the telescope lens and turned to face Kalazonitov, with a graceful tilt of her head.

“Approach, Kalazonitov”

The Premier pushed himself up the steps with a slight stagger, his prosthetic leg making his movements awkward. He then tried to kneel, with a frustrated sigh as his old joints protested.

“Suki!” the Empress sharply hissed. “Please assist the honored Admiral.”

The girl was by Kalazonitov’s side immediately, propping him up and sliding a cushion under his knees. The old man smiled in gratitude and slowly brought his head down in the traditional deep bow before the Delest Empress.

“Command me, Bright Lady.”

Yu Ki allowed the thinnest of smiles to grace her face and Kalazonitov’s old heart nearly burst.

“Ivan Kalazonitov, I have a command for you,” she said, extending her hand toward Suki.

The girl picked up a long box from one of the nearby benches and knelt in front of the Empress, holding it up. Yu Ki reached in and withdrew a long baton of command; a gilded rod of ebony with a sword hilt.

“There is a number of uninvited guests in orbit over my palace, Admiral Kalazonitov, and their drives are very bothersome. It is near-impossible for me to make any astronomical observations with them around. You shall assume command of the Ihefulian Garrison Fleet…”

Her voice turned into razor-sharp steel and her eyes narrowed to beautiful, excellently made-up slits.

“…and remove these people from my realm.

“Your rank as a Fleet Admiral of the Delest Dynasty, from which you are enjoying an honourable retirement, is hereby restored, with all duties and privileges which this entails. Your command consists of the units of the Imperial Guard, the Starbase Delest-One, and any military units currently stationed in the Uuni system. You have plenipotentiary authority, second only to my own and may recruit, requisition and appoint your sub-commanders as you see fit.

“The Fleet Carrier Katyusha and its task force is standing by to welcome you as their CO. You are to report on board by no later than two hours from now. Any questions?”

Kalazonitov’s forehead touched the floor. “None, Bright Lady. I fly to strike at your enemies.”

“Good.” Yu Ki gestured and Suki was by Kalazonitov’s side again, helping him to his feet. The old man bowed deeply from the waist as he accepted the command baton.

Then he nearly stumbled and fell, as Yu Ki’s hands cupped his face. He looked up to see her smiling again and his heart did a somersault.

There was a moment of perfect silence; not absolute silence, but perfect silence; the kind that makes a moment feel right and be forever etched in memory. The young and elegant ruler, sitting like an alabaster statue beneath the raging fire of the stars and the old servant, head cradled in her hands.

“You stay safe, Old Uncle Ivan, do you hear me?”

“…Yes, Bright Lady. With your blessing.”

And the Universe moved again.