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Title: Adding Vehicles
Post by: Drewbs on January 08, 2019, 09:12:27 pm
I am finishing a campaign and I thought it would be nice to add a few vehicle variants for added flavor; like 3025 versions of the vedette for rebels and more modern ones for professional soldiers. But in looking through the vehicle files, it seems each vehicle only has 1 variant. So I need to make a new object for each one. Now, I have no background in 3D modelling, so I was just going to follow the principles from the how to add a mech but with copying and pasting of the data used by models in the game already. Problem is some of the vehicles have no .tgl or .ini files (vedette, monsoon) while others do (Rommel, Alacorn). Moreover, the .ini files I do have for vehicles looks way more simple than mech .ini files. Here are my questions:

1. where are the model files (.ini, .tgl, etc) for the vedette, monsoon, and others? Are they in a .pak file somewhere?

2. Can I just copy and rename the rommel data files to create a new tank? Are there more files needed?

Title: Re: Adding Vehicles
Post by: magic on January 17, 2019, 02:52:23 am
Model files for the vehicles from the original are in pac file.

You dont need to copy nor rename model files (tgl, agl), just fit and ini files for new vehicles and let those files refer to the same model files.
e.g. copy fit and ini files from rommel, rename those files to yourTank.fit and yourtank.ini.
In FIt file change name to yourtTank and armor, weapons...
Make new entry in movobj.fit and this should be enough (I think?).
You should have new tank with rommel model.