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Title: Jesus Strikes Back: A Hate-Driven Game?
Post by: Bryan See on March 24, 2019, 02:33:37 pm
NOTE: This includes content that is NSFW. Proceed with caution.

I've heard the existence of a violent indie game entitled Jesus Strikes Back. Currently, it is released as Alpha.

As a gamer and developer, I think I need to speak out, especially it lets players to assume as Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin to shoot minorities (such as myself) at Planned Parenthood. I am concerned that at some point in the near future, this game could include me as a final boss of some stage, and some Wikipedia users like Dennis Brown, Boing! said Zebedee and BatteryIncluded (now known as Rowan Forest) show up as playable characters.

We, as HLP'ers, should speak out against this game, and right-wing extremism in general.

The E: Removed the link because JESUS CHRIST WHY
Title: Re: Jesus Strikes Back: A Hate-Driven Game?
Post by: The E on March 24, 2019, 02:40:11 pm
**** no.

This is not going to be a topic here.

Hell, it's not a topic anywhere as far as I can tell. It all seems like literally manufactured outrage, with the supposed "developers" planting the outrage themselves.

There are many ways in which we can fight the new nazis, and none of them need to involve falling for their trolling. Thus, this topic is over.

Also, I've removed the link Bryan posted. If you want to look for it (literally why though), use Google. We're not going to send any traffic there from here.