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Thought i start a new thread for this one
to get some practice with quixel 2.0 i reworked this ship originally from the ASW3 dump to be more vasudan and textured it with some PBR textures:

It's an intercepter

Try to add some vasudan-styled plating. Awesome work :yes:. I love this model.

You could add some blue stripes/lights here and there on the wings. Might help with the vasudan feel.
It looks quite good as it stands right now though, just feels a bit empty on details on the wings IMO.

Those wings are gigantic, and don't seem to do anything for the model. I feel like the entire wing assembly could be squashed to 50% on the Y axis, and it would feel a bit more Vasudan. Observe:

[attachment DELETED!! by Strong Bad]

Wings are fine for me. But indeed they need some more details painted on them (normalmap can do miracles as well :)). I'm more confused about simple, circular engine nozzles. That's not a common thing in vasudan designs. But it's not a tragedy as they are hidden behind the exhaust flames for the 99% of gameplay.


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