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Hello again!
I don't know if it's me but I found when editing background that the pitch setting is working strange.
When heading is 0 or 180 it works as intended, raising above the horizon. But when heading comes close to 90 or 270, it behaves as reverse banking, rotating the bitmap.

I attach two small videos to illustrate, one were I change pitch at 0 heading and one were I do the same with heading set at 90.

Is this intended behavior??

Edit: Still using release 3.7.4 of FRED.

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What you're experiencing is called "gimbal lock". Basically the orientations you're applying are sort of cancelling out your intended movements. It affects cutscene cameras as well. The only thing I can suggest is just to... keep playing with stuff until it looks about right.

Thanks Axem for the quick answer, I'll play with numbers then until I find out what is good for me!