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Based on a concept by Thaeris, this Hercules frame has been stripped of its iconic quad gun mounts and retrofit with enhanced sensors and communications equipment. The result is a fighter with short-range AWACS capability, that can be deployed in pirate or mercenary wings to thwart stealth fighters and other electronic countermeasures. (You can table it as a stealth fighter as well, if you want.) Have fun!


DL'ed. :)

But shouldn't it be rather a Herc II instead? And ECM for pirates is a lidl too much IMO...

Edit: Might be worth re-importing/opening with PCS? It has 16 textures.

This looks awesome! Nice work!


--- Quote from: Nightmare on August 05, 2018, 10:23:41 pm ---Edit: Might be worth re-importing/opening with PCS? It has 16 textures.

--- End quote ---

So that's how you consolidate textures. Okay! I'll wait a day or two for more feedback then update the post. Might make a few more edits in the meantime.

Also does anyone else care that the Herc diffuse map in the MediaVPs is so awful?

OK so there's time for some detailed analysis then :)

-Thruster isn't linked with Engine subsystem.
-Mass for the model seems a bit off (about 10 times compared with other MVP ships atleast - the HTL Herc I however has a similar high mass for some reason, maybe a I found a MVP bug too?).
-Frontal sensor array is outside of shield mesh.


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