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RELEASE: XWP Athena (eXperimental Weapons Platform)

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"But Galemp" you exclaim, "Why are you kitbashing all these FS1 models? Haven't you done enough already?" To which I reply, "Never."

This radical modification of the GTB Athena merges two fuselages, and replaces one cockpit/life support system with a giant cannon, for use as an experimental weapons platform. The co-pilot acts as a dedicated gunner for this weapon, monitoring targeting and testing results in real-time.

The table is set up to use an AAA beam so be sure Beam-free-all by default is set in your missions if you intend for this to be a player option, or if it appears in waves. Does anyone want interface art for this? It's not a priority. Let me know if I should generate some.


Trivial Psychic:
As I stated in the "What are you working on" thread, you should take a cue from the Germans and call it the Athena-Z.

That's what it's called in the table provided. :)

I haven't noticed this before. Very cool thing! After a small modification, the turret may become third primary bank perfect for some long-range weaponry. Makes me wanting to play some FS1-themed campaign, where you fly this thing and snipe main cannons of enemy warship with some Archer-like primary.

I once had the same idea but never implemented it to FS.

WTF how did I miss this ship???

Docking point has no properties BTW

Thrusters are not attached to one of the 2 engine subsystems

The hull is outside of the shields at 2 points on the wings


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