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[RELEASE] Battlecruiser Blade




Debirs, lods, paths, pretty much everything.
Texture is meh, but works.

.tbm for all 5 ship variants included, but you'll have to switch weapons. I will provide weapon entries later.

Also, as an extra the .pds files for the main texture, greeble and nameplate

:yes: :yes:
As for the textures, have you tried making them darker? It's looking less plastic-like then.

I darkened the shine map, but haven't had time to test it. Out of town atm.

I entered a value of 0.52 for the gamma value in IrfanView so it's much darker, looks more like BP-GTVA Terrans now. It's also a bit closer to the original Blade.

[attachment stolen by Russian hackers]


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