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data for an...err...writer
I'm writting a story *err fanfic :nervous:* taking place during the V-T War and the Unification War. I'm using the timline published by the FS Universe Reference Project.

There already was a thread where some of the ships in service during the V-T War were mentioned, but I decided to querry more about the ships.

The reason for doing this here is that I'd like to keep the integrity of the universe and this project is the talon when it comes tothe T-W War.
My other reason is that I'd like to incorporate as many good ideas as possible, and once again this forum is the standard for V-T.

I already know that the Reliant class destroyer and the Angel scout were in service, however I would need info about other ships, weapond and ect. as well:

About civy spacefare:
  • What ships were used for ferrying cargo into orbit? Were there space elevators? *I hope you don't except an Apollo to fly in Earth' atmosphere.*
  • What were the major installations?*was Arcadia the standard for the last 60 years?*
  • What transport ships were used before the Chronos, and Poseidon?
  • Is there a police, and what arnaments are allowed on private crafts?

About military:
  • What were the predeccors of the Orion beside the Reliant.
  • Were there carriers?
  • What frigates were used before the Fenris?
  • What was the main fighter before the Apollo was introduced?
  • What was the main interceptor?
  • Assault fighter?
  • Bomber?
  • Ligtning bomber?
  • Assault bomber?
  • What military transportships were in service befor the poseidon?

As for weapons:
  • What was the predecessor of the ML-16
  • The rockeye?
  • Tsunami?
  • Was the Harnringer ever employed in actual orbital bombardment *that would be a serious case of war crime in some regards*.
  • Were ballistic weapons used?

About technology I have a major issue:
Artifical gravity. Does it exist in the FS universe, is it just simulating gravity through magnetic force, or the staff simply uses velco or magnetic footwear all the time?

I'm glad for any response or comment.
As for the project's reply, I don't ask you to give me all the details, or let me pry on all your secrest.  All I ask is to just fill in some of the gaps, if you want to discuss it further drop me a line.

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data for an...err...writer

Interesting.  Sending email now...