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Finished mission four, ep. II is halfway done!:nod:

I really wish I could model worth a damn...

As it is, it is probably better that I dont.

As for utilizing something new, well, have you seen
Lucifer+. It is even "Infernized"

Tomorrow I will be home. Awaiting your part 2 so that I can play both!

All the power to you (pun intended ) :D
If you want to be ready for Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn, then download and play the prologue first.


Then, while waiting for the Darkest dawn, Download Starshatter 4.02

You 'll understand why once you have.


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Why do they have to be dead?  Just because a current group is defeated doesn't mean theit sympathizers won't be stubborn enough to try to ressurrect it.

You people give up too easy. HoL will never die!
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Yes, GT, I will be using the new lucifer model, and the Apollo mk. II is planned for ep. III. I hope to make the lucifer a sort-of Shivan flagship.

I have made a testing mission in which I will evaluate the new lucifer. This mission will be up for download tommorow on my site if any of you wish to see what this new lucifer can do.

Gotta go, I have mission four to finish!

Raa Tor'h, you are very correct. I agree with you in every way (well duh I do I'm including the HOL in my campaign). I have some more news:

I am thinking of creating a super weapon for episode III (replaces one of the lucifers beams). Well, i'm not really thinking of it, as i've already started work on it. I call it the LSB (it comes in three colors: LSBred, LSBpurple, LSBgold), Lucifer Super Beam. It can destroy about anything in one hit, HAHAHAHA!!! I may or may not include it in my campaign, but it will be up for download on my site in a week or two.

Updated my site, a lot! Now has a working polls section. Check it out, if you want:\blitzerland

And no, my provider is no longer free! I have to pay (oh horror) one dollar a month, because i signed up for a few add-ons, such as increased space, infinite pages and paragraphs, etc.  Episode II is coming along well, lucifer test mission will be up tommorow.

:eek2: mission four is almost done!!


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Originally posted by SadisticSid
The HoL was crushed in Operation Templar

no, just their military power :)