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What is the difference?
Call me a idiot, but what is the difference between [V] fs2, or fs2_open? I am behind in knowledge...


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Well, fs2_open is the product of the Source Code Project and it contains many fixes, imporvements and general cool things

For one, most of the bugs that were in FS2 have been fixed. Some of the constraints that limited modders have been removed. And there are several cool new features which have been added, such as: Specularity map, glow maps, cloaking, DirectX8 support and others.

Most of these new features (not the fixes, the new stuff) are for the time being in their own seperate builds, though I imagine they will eventually be incorporated into a single exe..


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Yes, usually the stuff that individuals release in their own builds get incorporated in to the next 'official' release, assuming they're not too buggy :)


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If you didn't figure it out, we use the [V] for Volition.

If we are at the topic of FRED_open, I have v3.5. Are there any newer versions?
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I think the most recent is at the bottom of Phreak's sig. The exe is called FS2_open_r or something.
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