Author Topic: How about this for a weapon!  (Read 4018 times)

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How about this for a weapon!
Just workin it out  


Although I don't know if that applies to matter-antimatter anihiliations tho.

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How about this for a weapon!
Of course does it. The Einstein equation gives the amount of energy that is equal to a certain amount of matter.


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How about this for a weapon!
The blast power of a nuke is the sum of all the particles bonds splitting. Anti-matter supposedly annihilates the atoms themselves. Now if the bonds can blow up Japan, then the particles could ****  everything.

Electron's colliding with Gold makes antimatter? Yeah right. Woman on wedding night gets electrocuted and Kaboooooooooooom. There goes Hawaii.

Electrons smashing into at near light speed(super-colliding) maybe?

Anti-matter is another example of a viable technology which hasn't been used due to testing and safety procedures and guidelines.



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How about this for a weapon!
And about the time length they've been able to store it:  scientists have managed to keep about 2 micrograms of the stuff in a supercooled magnetic coil for about five seconds before it just "vanishes" (for lack of a better word).  The scientists think that stray hydrogen isotopes don't get pumped out when they go to put the vacuum in the magnetic tubing, and the antiparticles collide with the isotopes and disappear.