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Well are we going to consider this idea or not? I think that a carrier with organic-ness like qualities just like the one I mentioned.


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FS2 is organic.  FS1 is smooth but still rather blocky.

I'll leave it up to Odyssey for what he wants to do.

Well, the Aten still is very smooth and such, but my FS1 copy is ceasing to work now because, well, I dont know why. It just does.


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Originally posted by Mad Bomber
Talk to JC Denton. IIRC, he designed most of the ships for Nodewar's FVC based on being fairly Typhon-ish.

Well, that'll sure shock you upon your first visit to the forum. :D

Umm....yeah....I've got a few, though I never really got too far into the heavy-duty detailing.  Most of the destroyer-and-up ships were based on the Typhon (namely a heavy strike carrier and a superdreadnaught), and a few ships (corvette comes to mind) were more closely resembling the FS2-era vasudan mid-size capships.  No space-hoovers in my arsenal. :lol:

Anyways, links.  Yes, links to pics are good.

Mycene Escort Frigate  Okay, so it doesn't follow a purely Vasudan design scheme (FVC _were_ influenced by being surrounded by Terrans, after all), flimsy like an Aten, but mounts a number of anti-cruiser plasma turrets, and is fast-ish and maneuverable-ish.
Necreis Beam Frigate  Might be a funny little thing for a botched beam-weapon project the Vasudans may have tried during the T-V war.  Big SVas-equivalent that it's built around, and a few point-defense guns for when it's not trying to shoot the main (in Nodewars, the main gun was more a short-range BFGreen-like lightsaber at one point :D )

Sovis Heavy Corvette
And another view  Okay, as you can see, it's like a refit of the Sobek (and you get the name derivation), and also is a more FS2-era themed ship.

Djedju Heavy Destroyer/Battleship  Not entirely following with the FS1 Vasudan theme, and considering it was meant for delivering a four-punch of BVas beams, it may not entirely work for you.  Maybe a heavy torpedo platform for standoff engagements...

Thutmose Assault Carrier  Sort of looks like the bastard child of a Centauri Primus and a PVD Typhon.  Sorry for the underside-only.  If it passes muster, I'll try to do some shots of the topside and aft sections.

Unknown Supercarrier
And another view  These, originally, were designs someone put up in the Art forum several years back, and for the life of me, I can't remember who they were.  I couldn't sit still with the not-quite-great sketches, so I redid them, and these were the result.  So, in all actuality, these aren't from Nodewars :D

Sheol Superdreadnaught  Yeah, the one that managed to drop everyone's jaw when I unveiled it during the height of NW2.  Very Typhon-ish, but the big turrets are plasma beams (and it's got a rapid-charge shield array and AWACS suite, WAAAY too advanced for T-V era :p)  Still, might be fun for a result of the Vasudan Beam Project ;)

Well, what say you?
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