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I was just wondering what kind of modles you have.  I know that someone thought that a recent vasudan ship could be usefull to you and i was wondering if you needed / wanted some oldish looking ships that i might have.

Just so you can see them...

This is the vasudan ship.  The turrets are just thier for my own use.

I thought that you might be able to use this as a small old terran destroyer or something


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First one: :yes: :yes:

Second one: meh.
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Well, the second one needs a little/lot more work. It's too very basic. And unfortunately, we have a heap of Terran ships already. The Vasudan one I have, and am looking forward ot tweaking soon. But I'll also wait for Goober to come along and confirm wether or not he wants it used.
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I'm not sure what to think of the Vasudan one.  It looks like a Pegasus crossed with a severely malformed Typhon. :shaking:

Try reworking the Vasudan ship a bit, and then post it again, from several angles. :)


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First one: shows promise, but needs tweaking and details

Second one: Our models have more than ten polygons ;)
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