Author Topic: HW2 Mod needs saving, GO!!!!!!1  (Read 1088 times)

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HW2 Mod needs saving, GO!!!!!!1
the maker of the HW2 mod has ceased working on it, this is devestating.

Please, woomeister, Sadistic Sid, Woolie, SOMEONE, follow this link:

Post, try and offer help if you can.

I'm even gonna try and help, and i don't even know about programming. But give me pen and paper, and about three days, and i'll have 4 fleets fully set out and some new concepts ready.

These 4 include a completly new race im designng (long story).

So please, for the sake of all, HELP that MOD!!!!!!

God, where Alpha 1 when you need him....
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HW2 Mod needs saving, GO!!!!!!1
I don't know anything about HW2 modding, plus I hardly play it.

However if it does fall through I would be willing to convert any ships he made into FS2, inlcuding all those Shivan ones.