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In my opinion, Inferno is FS3.
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um...Can anyone get onto the Interplay website?

I can't...says it's not there and the interplay-store is "unable to complete transactions at this time." mate?!
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I would, to be honest, be dissapointed if they announced FS3, it's far more fun NOT knowing what happened next ;) And since the story would either be just like an already ongoing Mod, or will be so different as to make the other Mods obsolete, it is unlikely to be well recieved by the majority of the community ;)


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I would be seriously scared if FS3 was announced one day.
And especially if it wasn't made by V..
Anyone else would probably **** things up royally, and then we'd all be scarred for life, and have a **** game which ruined the rest of it for us.

A little bit pessimistic, but's not coming out anyway, so it doesn't matter :p


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FS3, when it it out?
j00 know?


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Even :V: would mess things up.

Considering the "leap" into the abyss when you compare FS2 to FS1 I must say the team must have been under very poor management or some key personal were lost on the way.

Don't take me wrong : FS2 is technologically superior, but considering that they could have made a lot more out of it.

Of course it could pretty much be Intergay's fault.
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It would be hard for whatever was produced to not be a let down. We've all had years of wanting it and thinking up cool stuff to do in the mean time... not to mention so many theories and so on. Living up to that kind of expectation is - while not impossible - tricky.


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Originally posted by karajorma
I doubt they'd do an FS3 though. FS2 didn't sell that well and Interplay are too stupid to realise that it was their own fault .

Hell, if they had actually advertised it a bit, we might be piling into download sites to get the FS4 demo.:D
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Originally posted by Woolie Wool
Hell, if they had actually advertised it a bit, we might be piling into download sites to get the FS4 demo.:D

That's pretty much what I was on about. The advertising for FS2 was virtually non-existant.
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I'm lucky I found it, it was m grandpa that first showed me it :nod:
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good one, that's priceless!

  I'm keeping a copy or two mint for "future generations"...

Someone please put them in a time capsule.

200 years later Acheologists open it up.

  "Look students, a copy of 1997's space sim game of the year!"

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PS9 live in your world, play in ours...  :lol:
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If you want something to be forgotten and never again found you put it into a time capsule.

It's the most uncommon places where people find old stuff...
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