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Well, it happens with the bundle in the installer too.
And I'm at a 100%

I've had somthing similar:

Sometimes when I try to warp out (retail and MOD) I get that twittering noise and "Subspace drive engaged" up.  
Then the warpout sequence stops with the 'warpout aborted' message.  
Sometimes it doesn't even get so far as making the key press noise.
I'm not under fire, not about to crash into something - sometimes it even goes when I'm on my own; not another object in the mission.

So not the same, but related, perhaps?
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Mantis it and I'll take a look.

I've posted the bug on Mantis.


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I'm thinking it's a bug in ship_get_subsystem_strength somehow
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I'm using 3.6 and didn't run into this problem until "... But Hate the Traitor".  I assume it's because subspace jumps are disabled at the beginning of the mission--if you try to leave, the NTF fighters just mock you and are all like "ALL YOUR JUMP CODES ARE BELONG TO US".  Normally, you should be able to jump out when Command gives you clearance at the end of the mission, but my engines still fail.
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I was curious about this and with my build straight out of the CVS I don't seem to have this problem.  Even with all the Imperial Alliance stuff added to 3.6 I don't seem to have this problem.

One little question: What directx runtime are you using?


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A possible temporary solution: make sure your difficulty setting is at Easy or higher(i.e. don't use Very Easy). Phreak says that the jump code will only allow you to jump if your engine health is above 30%, and the difficulty is above Very Easy, and after testing this theory, Very Easy seems to be causing the jump out problem.

I've just checked it out. Phreak is correct.


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This has got to be the weirdest problem/work-around I've ever heard of... Difficulty-level?? Heh, trippppppyy! *Sigh* Oh well, I guess I'll just have to try to learn to fly without training-wheels now. Poor me. :)
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That is odd, if you ask me.....
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Odd is right

Actually I didn't realize that I had it on 'easy' instead of 'very easy'.  Turning it back to 'very easy' I get the engine failure problem as well.


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See my post in recent builds, it should fix the prob for builds.

All future builds will have the fix, I've commited it to CVS.