Author Topic: fs2_open_C05242004: Modular ships.tbl and weapons.tbl  (Read 6461 times)

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fs2_open_C05242004: Modular ships.tbl and weapons.tbl
If you're making a small ship or weapons pack, I'd suggest using it just for convenience and mentioning that a specific build is needed.

For anything else it'd probably be less trouble to just use the old method.

Modular tables will almost for certain be in the next build. Although, I haven't added support for all of can be pretty tedious.


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fs2_open_C05242004: Modular ships.tbl and weapons.tbl mean that using this build.....I could use the ST ships.......and if I could get them, the SW ships, in the same mission without going through all the .tbl files??

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fs2_open_C05242004: Modular ships.tbl and weapons.tbl
i think its a good idea, just to keep my table files smaller.  will it work with all tables or just ship and weapons. i also use custom sound and explosions with some of my weapons so it would be awesome if the weapon_expl.tbl and sounds.tbl are also modular.

another idea (for multiplayer mainly) is to have missions with an allow custom ships option. any mission with the flag set would allow any ships and weapons in modular files will be added to the team loadout.

one more thing, will it work if its in a vp file?
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