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Eeeenterstink.... Sapphire has an MT avatar. Vewey vewey stwange. ;)
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Originally posted by Sandwich
Eeeenterstink.... Sapphire has an MT avatar. Vewey vewey stwange. ;)

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Location: I'm a blonde on a beach in the Bahamas

and i'm the photographer... ok, that was totally wrong and spam. But in regards to the topic... lot's of campaigns hosted on HLP have the right to be called 'the fan-made FS3.' don't hit me...


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Geez MT has been around forever, I remember back when I started playn FS1 it was still aorund n in the works n what not, that was like 4/5 years ago.......keep it up boys, ill be back to d/l after I retire.... :p
Stop... Hammertime :hammer: