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Originally posted by Eternal One
Nial version 8? :)

Don't even joke about it. I'll kill you. I'll kill you all.
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Oh my, IP's losing it.


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well as a matter of fact ... a new Nial would be quite 2000 polygons nice smoothing, bump maping, mmmm

So IP when can we see it :) ;7 ;7
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Ahh yes welcome to the Nial joke everyone, this one runs and runs. :D
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Partly my fault I admit.
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Admins, could you please change the title of Xaphod to "Man of many Nials".

Thank you ;)


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I noticed awhile back in the portfolio of a modeler a nial he had made apparently for TBP. Is that the joke?


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what is the name of that Dude..?
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I remember the Nial thing :)

What are we at now?  Five or six? :D
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This newest version looks markedly better than the last. Nice one. :)
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Yeah, but another one would never hurt.




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thou hast unwittingly given me something to do.

slapped it together in milkshape over the past few days:

Verticies: 7252
Triangles: 15096

watcha think?


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15,100 triangles? Ouch.
I hope there'll only be one on screen at a time.
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Showing off current "EA Heavy Plasma" effect.

As some of you might guess from the screenshot, Hyperion's main gun now fires plasma in salvos of four. Don't panic though. Unlike in R2, in R3 it does not target fighters.
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is it animated? ;7

Looks towards lightspeed
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While on the subject of updated graphics.  Is there any possibility of seeind lights on the pylons of the omega, nova, and hyperion?  I see they work in fs2 open on the arcadia and ulyssess.


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aww that's bad JPG compression :doubt: :)
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Bab open had some glowpoints on the hyperion but they dont look that good.


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I am currently working with Centauri mass driver effect with Lightspeed.

All effects will be tweaked between now and final release but changes will be tweaking only.


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New EA 60mm effect, screenshot taken by Col. Fishguts.
(I so hope he used the latest tables...)

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