Author Topic: A Small Effort to 'Save' the VW Archives  (Read 2090 times)

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A Small Effort to 'Save' the VW Archives
Well i have most FS1 and Fs2 campaings that was there and some missions (20 or something like that)

Well i burned them to DVD gonna check if find that
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A Small Effort to 'Save' the VW Archives
I remember, there was a message in the news forum threatening the VWBB. The hacker posted (under Remora's name) that there was an "exploit" in the forum. About a week later it was all gone. The only other person I know for sure that saw the message other than me was Snipes (aka Raa.)


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A Small Effort to 'Save' the VW Archives
It was seen by many more than just the two of you. In other words, admins were aware of it.


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A Small Effort to 'Save' the VW Archives
Yeah, some bloody hacker buggered up the forum and decided to be malicious so it was all gone. We were planning to back it up...and do it fully....but that ended that.

Very distasteful....still makes me mad.
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A Small Effort to 'Save' the VW Archives
Beg's the question, why'd he do it?  Was he just being a bastard or did he have it in for VWBB or what?  Did you ever get any info about it?
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A Small Effort to 'Save' the VW Archives
I still have several of the co-op missions and a few campaigns from before, but I also tried to leech the VW Archives and found that a lot of the files are actually corrupted now :(

Check the ones you download to make sure they are okay!

A Small Effort to 'Save' the VW Archives
No, I think some of those files might have been corrupt from the start cause I got some versions of those files from a year ago and they have the same problem. I wouldnt know for sure though cause I diddnt download the whole archive a year ago, just about 1/2 of the missions.
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