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on naming shivan ships
Since not all of us are lucky enough to be Carl and know the Shivan name of each ship....I found this for us Terran and Vasudan namers of Shivan ships.  

Just a listing of Mythological demons from around the globe.

Click here

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Hehe, a list of demons. Cool.

Be useful for Shivan mod ships. Thanks for the link.


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yeah, they pulled some of those names from gods from various mythologies and the from rest out of their asses. they didn't even list the only demon named in the Bible: Legion.
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well that's because he was many
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Kappas vaan.
lol wtf


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Just make sure you look them up before using them... dont want any hidden meanings creeping up on you.


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Actually the fighters tend to be named more after Mythological beasts rather than Demons, such as Dragons, Manticores, Basilisks etc, and those beasts tend to sneak into Terran naming conventions as well (Pegasus, Banshee etc). The Mara is actually a break from the rules in this case ;)

I suppose you could use things like Hydras, Wargs, even Orcs and Goblins as possible names for Shivan fighters at least :D


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I, for one, would be greatly indebted to someone who used "Balrog" as the name of a Shivan ship of some kind :D.


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*KT uses Hindu gods to name his Shivan ships
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Le Campaignne De Faux Promisses names Shivan ships after Judaeo-Christian things. With a few Muslim ones tossed in for good measure. Such as the SD Torquemada

...and more modern ones such as the SF Jerry Falwell.

All kidding aside, generally bad mythological things are used for the names of Shivan ships and classes. The more exotic sounding the better. Volition steered away in FS2 from using all of the Hindu gods/goddesses and decided to stick to just using the bad apples from various cultures except for Greco/Roman and Egyptian. That's because there were more than a few VBB posts about people equating "Destroy Rama" with "Destroy Christ." (i.e. blantant disregard of a culture)

Some campaigns have used other naming conventions, one that's popular is using the Cthulu mythos for Shivan names.

My first joke does have a slight bit of seriousness in it, obscure mythological things from some of the major religions works well. Such as Sandwich's name for a Shivan ship we both came up with, the Bozrah. Generally, the more obscure and evil the name is the better.
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:eek: *BEEP!* I NEED this list! *Saving site to disk*
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Originally posted by Carl
they didn't even list the only demon named in the Bible: Legion.

as Shadow_Wolf said, they didn't call the demons Legion, they called the person the demons had "infested" Legion.  and they did this because there was more than one demon in him.


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Wasn't there already a demon-list being pimped around here somewhere?  On Sandwich's page, possibly Karajorma's?

Edit: Ho HO, that's what I thought.  The FS Port links to a substantial list of names, and Tech Freespace goes into detail for each individual name.
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