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meh, i knew it was one of the psycich women.


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*slaps own face* Still must get ahold of those B5 DVDs somehow. Vorlons sound way too cool for me to know nothing about them. ;)
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There are good quality rips of all 5 seasons on That's how I got them. :D
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So far, I've got every B5 video creation with the exception of the "Crusade" series, the "Legend Of The Rangers" telefilm, and whatever "The Memory Of Shadows" is, currently under developpent... indications are a silver screen production.  Also, I'm pretty sure that I've got the original format version of "The Gathering" on VHS somewhere, as the "Director's Cut" has some slight differences in some scenes.  While certain scenes or lines are completely new or extended of the original, there are some bits that were in the original broadcast, but not in the Director's Cut.  I need to have both copies.

As you may have suspected, I have the B5 movie DVD pack.  I also have seasons 1, 2, 4, and 5 which I taped off TV, and season 3 on DVD, which I purchased when I couldn't get all of that season and the channel broadcasting it stopped showing it.

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