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According to most sources I've seen, the Hyperion/Midwinter-class Cruisers are really old. Do you guys know if there are any newer Earth Force cruisers that are considered canon? Will any be featured in the mod?



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AOG is half-canon so yes/no and yes eventually.


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they have the posidon I think done or mostly done.
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Its not a cruiser. :p

The Midwinter variant of the Hyperion is a modernized version upgraded with current systems, minus gravity engines. Though the Hyperion design is old, it is durable and well into use after the destruction of B5 as is the Olympus and the upgraded Nova. The Minbari Sharlin design has been in use over 200 years, proving age doesn't necessarily mean a ship goes obsolete. With the EA's abilities to retrofit, reverse engineer and incorporate new technologies into their ships, it is feasible to assume those designs can continue in service for quite a while.

There are no other canon Cruisers aside the Hyperion. The most advanced EA Cruiser in B5 Wars is the Hyperion Theta (Midwinter) with a new command suite.
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And the only other EA cruiser I ever heard of is the (ablsolute non-cannon) Avenger, which looks like a cross between Warlock and Hyperion