Author Topic: where can i get freespace2?  (Read 2093 times)

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where can i get freespace2?
anyone know?


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where can i get freespace2?
If you want a full legal copy you can try Ebay, that's where I got mine.

You can also get it from HOTU or suprnova

Come to think of it, somebody was hosting the ISOs of each CD, but I forget the address


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where can i get freespace2?
Why did you ask it here?
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where can i get freespace2?
I think stealth has the ISOs uploaded.
If you don't have a fast internet connection somone can mail it to you considering it is an abandoned game.
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where can i get freespace2?
Originally posted by TopAce
Why did you ask it here?

same reason i ask such questions here, i know i will find an answer.

where can i get freespace2?
thx for the info.

i have a high speed conection 3mb but it will take almost 3 days to download all 3 cd,s and i dont leave my computer on because im not home often. where (who) could i get someone to send them to me?


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where can i get freespace2?
You have a firewall + antivirus stuff? If so, I wouldn't worry about a long download.

where can i get freespace2?
You also can buy it from


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where can i get freespace2?
Where are your manners, guys? Welcome to HLP, jandreau. :)

As for the download time, if the servers are reasonable, I think the 3 days are more than worth it. Your other alternatves are going through Amazon or tracking down a second-hand copy on Ebay.

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   Type in FreeSpace 2  in the search box. There ya go, $15.00 + s/h U.S. people ONLY
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