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HI! I'm kinda new. and play this. and tis fun. 'n stuff. anyway. I play the game with keybord and mouse..and now for my question...

Is there any way to get the sensitivity higher then the maximum you can set it in the options of the game? cos then it still takes like 5 scrolls over my mousepad untill I managed to make a turn from 180 degrees.. there like a .ini file or.. anythin like it where I can like screw the value up to 3000 or somethin? :D think that would make the game alot me..yea..and else I'd just have to stick to keybord anyway.. which isnt thát bad I suppose..just hoping there's an option for it..

so yea *ramble* thanks in advantage..


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There's no numberical input like Counter strike has, but you might be able to do it temporarily with your mouse options...
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