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The " Wheel of Fire " a demo campaign is released. At last. Yesterday I have recollected that I have missions for new campaign. I have made these missions one year ago. Since then silence. Actually I am not sure that sometime I'll finish this campaign. Though... who knows.

DOWNLOAD  for Release 2

1. Copy contents of archive in data folder.
2. Before copying weapons.tbl make a backup old weapons.tbl
It contains changes for Nial beams. If for you fighter beams work normally, do not copy it.
3. Before start of campaign, create a new pilot name.
4. Use fs2_open supporting fighter beams.

Long time no see. I was wondering if you'd ever show up again/


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It seems to be missing a mission M-5, just thought you`d want to know..  :)

i`ll be playing once i`ve got everything installed, and thanks Den5 for your efforts.. :D
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Mission M-5 contains the ships which are not ready completely yet. Mission M-7 should be approximately in middle of campaign therefore I did not want to include it in this demo.


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Hey Den. How about converting your campaigns for R3?

(he says casually suggesting what might be a rather large job :) )
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I was going to make it in any case.


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You might want to get somebody else to check your grammar...spelling is good, but there are some oddly worded things in there.
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Good idea. And who will engage in it?

I won't enage but I must say nice missions!!!


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great. i have question how can i use the fighter beams in my missions? :)

I downloaded Wheel of Fire a few days ago and just finished playing it in R3 (minor glitches but nothing that made it unplayable for me) and I liked it.  Missions were fun and involved.  I just wish that there was more of it is all.  Hopefully someone will replace the Asimov with with the EF1 model eventually.  So, nice job; it was fun.


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If you will release a more completed version of this campaign, I will upload it to fileplanet and our bittorrent tracker.

For the record, how about updating your In the Beginning campaign while you're at it? I am sorry to say but I haven't played it personally, but I'd suspect it was designed for R2?