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200000 Km/h. Faster than the speed of light? :wtf:
Speed of light=299,792,458 meters per second (in a vaccum)
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I should read more carefully. Doh!
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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My only point is, that without evidence that it really would be better, all we do here is pushing our own little theories as the absolute truth.
I don't know which would be better. Maby I am wrong, but that has yet to be proven. And even if space-fighters with "tweaked" movement controls are inferior to space-based ones - the question remains how much. Enought to warrant it?

Vector thruster controls, strafe ability, reverse thrusters and an aircombat control system (note - no gravity and atmospehere here, so it woul be able to do moer extreeme manouvres) - I really doubt you could beat me in a "space" fighter..
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