Author Topic: Question about the size of the crew shuttle ?  (Read 7152 times)

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About the size of the crew shuttle ?
Like an episode of Voyager I saw the other day that has a shuttle changing shape about 3 or 4 times. :D
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About the size of the crew shuttle ?
In B5 they ussualy try to fix goofs.

I renember one episode when a destroyer pops out hyperspace and kills some civilian ships, when airing the destroyer was the Agamemnon, from second screener to DVD it was "At olf comunist revision fashion" mysterious changed to the EAS Pollux.

And yet in "in the beginning" in the battle of the line you can see two "EAS Hyperion" almost side by side but with distinct hull number

About the size of the crew shuttle ?
They where only 5 Omegas spoted in ITB. And that battel toke plac ein the Orion system. The Theory was that they where prototipes to increas the efficiency of the EA before the Earth-Mimbary war. And i would support that since from knowlege we ahve Earth Force started producing Omega's very shortly after the war. That would lea dto belive they would have tested the desing before hand. So i dont think the 5 Omegas are a fluke. Their a part of the story we didn't get to see.


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About the size of the crew shuttle ?
Unless something very official comes up someday, I still believe that these X-Ships are and were CGI-Screw. Nothing more and nothing less. We all have our own opinions and believes, whics are all 100 % real in our own minds. As always, that is just my own opinion.

Though I find the theory of "experimental testbed ships" fascinating, given the fact that Earth had quite an interest in "Hybrid ships" like Omega-X, Shadow Hybrid Vessel, Warlock and later Victory-class models. But all of these ships were created after a war, so they will not make this theory any more "official" than any other.
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About the size of the crew shuttle ?
Before the Earth Mimbary was Earth had finished the Dilgar war justa  few years before. Where they had to travel far to get to the enemy. Ships with Zero gravaty would ahve limited their military operations in deep space. So the Omega and its atificial gravaty could very well have been thought up following that war.


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About the size of the crew shuttle ?
Ships with rotating sections in the EAF had to exist way before, Explores class ships are pre-mimbari war and have a rotating B5 style section. Only that i guess that until the Omega the designs were as worthy or advanced enought to work greatly in a heavy combat ship. the rotating section have to be armoured sinze it contains the crew and have to fit well in a combat vessel wich fires and is fired upon and acelarates, turn etc more heavily and fast than any civilan ship like Assimov class liners.

Is quite funny that after almost two hundred of spacial flight they get artificial gravity in a heavy combat ship in the 2247 with the Omega to get true artifical gravity (via Mimbari) only 14 years after and step away from Narns, Leage and others