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Well, I've had an oppertinity to give TBP a bit more of a workout, and while I am impressed, I have some improvements I'd like to suggest.  First of all, try to find the right sound effect for the beams on the minbari fighters... they don't sound right.  Also, right now beams don't seem to count for ship kills, but that's something I'll have to pick on the SCP team to fix.  Thirdly, I suggest you find a way to overcome the problems with the main beam on the Whitestar.  I've seen it fire and then turn 180 degrees on its axis (either yaw or pitch), with the beam still firing in its original vector.  This may be solvable by simply restricting the field of fire for the turret, switching it to a multi-shot beam like a AAA (so it has to reset to proper fov for each discharge), or it might even require switching it from a turret, to a primary.  I also suggest including the unknownship.pof and its maps, from the original freespace VPs... but I already brought that up in another thread, so its minor.

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- The sound effect is the right one. However, it needs to be readjusted to new Nial fighterbeams somehow.
- Gameplay is different from B5 anyway.
- I guess the unknownship.pof can be included, but its not supposed to be used in the first place.