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High poly instability...
I have noticed lately that with a lot of high poly models that the FS2_Open has  a bit of problem. It just straightly crashes... I notice it with mainly LOD0 only models... Then there is the occasional finished models here and there... I have checked for stability in the meshes, and have even made every effort to take out some of the mesh and make adjustments to better adapt the model... Other times, it is when there is a high rate of firing going on... Not complaining, but curious what you may come up with... I have an AMD 3.0G processor... KT400 Motherboard, 1G mem DDR... 5900 nvidia... and sound blaster audigy2.... Thanx for your time in advance, and awsome job with what you have done... Looking forward to what you come up with next!


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There is a reason I didn't include some hi-poly models in the mVPs - namely, a lot aren't finished. The Sobek, for example, has bugs.


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Hmmmm... I've always found HT&L very forgiving as far as the state of the meshes you throw at it are concerned.

OK, so I am not the only person seeing this... Thanx!


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Am I the only one who doesn't fly though the Sobek?

I crash into it and lose hull stability.
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It may be location-specific though.  I've had issues in the past with ships being pass-through in places, but the revamped PCS (once BoundingBoxDebug showed up) has been all but flawless for me.  The Max-POF converter may still have issues with this though.
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