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Error: INFbeam-wep.tbm(3):
Error: Required token = [$Model file:], found [+nocreate]
in weapon: SBeamTiny.

Line: 551
[This filename points to the location of a file on the computer that built this executable]

Call stack:

heya :),
I'm getting this one everytime I try to run Inferno.
Got Fs2 open 3.6.7
I got all the inferno files in that INFR1 folder and added that command line according to the readme.
So...what's it?


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I'm guessing that files from Shadow0000s update since it's not part of the original mod.

If it is then this may be your problem:
What you need: Any of the CVS 2005-12-29 (or newer, when released). Forget it, using an older one won't work, that means it's the only one for the moment that will work.

Try a more recent build and see if that fixes it.


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that did it, thanxalot :>
no I just have to get that frakkin shockwave...see you next year or sth...