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HLP logo animated - WIP
Ever wanted to see our lovely HLP logo animated? Well, I've just done that :D The file is about 1.7mb. Thanks to karajorma for hosting it. Original logo design by Setekh, I just animated it.

I'd like to point out that this is a work in progress and still needs music or sounds. Suggestions and comments would be welcome.


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Wow, neat!

Would make a nice movie trailer....;)


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Looking good so far.  but some parts of the HLP logo wansihes(the outer thorns othe logo) when it appears.
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Originally posted by Unknown Target
Would make a nice movie trailer....;)

Indeed. Very neat little animation there.
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I tried to post in this topic earlier and it wouldn't let me, said something about not being able to post with 30 secs of my last post.  Problem was it was a full 1:30 after I made my last post, anyway...

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Me likes. Very nice Lt.Cannonfodder.
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Wow. What are you doing it in?
And would you mind very much if it was used as part of a campaign's trailer movie?
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now put in the words from the colossus cutscene "the following is classified level rho, etc, etc", and you've got a winner :yes:
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Thanks for the comments.

Yeah, that's partly intentional. I made the flames a bit bigger when the logo first appears.

The logo and fire is animated in lightwave. All the text and effects were added in After Effects. Feel free to use it, but keep in mind it isn't finished yet. And it might be good idea to get Setekh's permission too. It's his logo, after all.

That's actually pretty good idea. I might try it :nod:


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hey that really is pretty neat :)
Habeeb it...


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wow, very very nice....

seems like that should be like the cover page for this place, have a click to enter button under it
Stop... Hammertime :hammer:

Good job, is it flash or what?