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TAES, you do realize that IFH used a completly differant engine to TBP, right?

Yeah i do. TBP used FS2 engine while IFh use HomePlanet engine, well actuly ti the otehr wya around Homeplanet uses IFH engine. :)


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I like TBP's physics. Reminds me of ELITE :)
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I must agree with Skullar there. I've played I-War2, Jumpgate, IFH etc etc. And while they have realistic movement I'd still say games like Wing Commander, FS2 and TBP are more fun.

I agree, i prefer Action Space Sims more then Realistic ones, but they shouldn't be stopped because as some of you have said, some like the realism while others don't.

I tried the IFH game and it is no where near as realistic as the show. (interia wise)

I have seen them on the show going full burn one direction and get told to turn around and all they do is a u-turn and a second or two of a thrust and they are speeding forward, while in the game, you are still moving back and back for like 5 full minutes.

I think if volition Inc. decided to do another Space Sim, they should enable you to have realistic physics and arcade physics. (obviously not at the same time, but you know what i mean)

I-War 2 was pretty good, but i had to always have the invulnerability mode on because the AI ships never, EVER seemed to use the realistic physics, while i had to.

So i think there should be an option to have it on or off, like IFH has for Invulnerability.

Technically no-one can do a game based on realistic space travel since we aren't accually a space faring civilization.....sure we have been to the moon, but thats as far as a manned mission has far as i know anyway.

People say FTL travel is impossible because you would be splattered against the wall when you go into FTL. (which is probably true, but then that is what Interial Dampeners are for)

If we can split the atom, we can do that.

But we ain't ready for Space Exploration yet, neither were the Humans on B5. (hence the Earth-Minbari War from just a simple mis-understanding)

But if you wanna experience realistic Physics........join NASA.

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I'll just say this on Inertial Dapeners. They are even more unlikely to ever exist then FTL ships. NOw don't get me started on the "whole why ID is impossible thing" because it won't end. As For the Furys in the show turnign aorund they dont just make a U turn and start movign the other way. Their speed they where going was and must still be taken into consideration. They where a few manovers the furys did at teh end of the shadow war that are hard to tell from the point of veiw we have but they still followed physics prety sure.


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This isn't a thread about FTL travel. Since in B5 no ship travels faster than light, it won't be in TBP either.
Same for Inertial Dampers, no matter if it's possible in reality or not.