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Models from FS1 to FS2
Can a person just export a model from FS1 VP, update the TBL file and slap it into FS2? I put the Bast into my campaign but I noticed it has its own tiny-weeny cargo pod which doesn't appear in FS2, nor does it seem to appear in my vp for the FSPort (kinda odd).


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Odd. I recall that one being in there.
Wh00t!? Vinyl? Is it like an I-pod 2 or something?



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I dunno, my FSport vp doesn't have any cargo objects in it at all (save the two freighters). Unless its in FS2 and I overlooked it.


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you have to convert FS1 pofs into FS2 pofs.
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Okay, nevermind I figured it out. The cargo for the Bast is in the FS2 vp file but it's not include in the ship.tbl . So if I make an entry all should be good!