Author Topic: Need help converting *.mve to *.avi  (Read 3349 times)

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Need help converting *.mve to *.avi
No, they still maintain the MVE license.  It is of their own creation, unlike the FS2 videos.  They might not be able to do anything that is under contract or license, but that doesnt mean they cant defend their own works.
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Need help converting *.mve to *.avi
Ok... but as far as i understand haw these 'mve2avi'-progs work, it isn't illegal! They just capture every Frame from it. Its just analog! It doesn't encode anything! For example you can also save the 'movie' in bmp-format and a seperate audio-file!
It's like when i have a Audio-CD with an kind of lock, so that i can't play it in an CD-Drive of a PC. It would be illegal to install certain programms to crack this CD. But it isn't illegal to plug my discman into the line-in of my soundcard an record it manually!
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Need help converting *.mve to *.avi
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