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Work has begun in earnest of the creation of the Proxima Fleet, a new Babylon 5 club based around the most recent release of TBP.

Our Pilot's Manual has undergone some major revisions, and while still not 100% complete, contains a lot more information. I welcome all B5 fans and potential members to have a look at it:

The Pilot's Manual

So far, ranks, positions and the chain of command pages are done. More is being added everyday.

If you're interested in joining, then please send me a PM, or post in the Forums (here). Since these are still early days, I'm particularly looking for people with command/leadership experience in similar clubs, those with graphics, webpage or database skills and also those who can use FRED to build missions/campaigns. The backbone of the club will always be the people who enjoy flying and have a passion for the B5 universe, so everyone has a place.


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so .... its a clan?
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Originally posted by Ashrak
so .... its a clan?

I guess I could provide a bit more clarification...the Proxima Fleet is (or will be) like a club/clan, but more involved. The aim is to recreate the life of an Officer or Pilot in Earthforce. This means Squadrons & Ships, ranks, positions and career progression, it means medals and awards, a salary system, a military "way" of running things etc.

More than that, its a club for fans of Babylon 5 and The Babylon Project. Activity   ranges from flying missions & campaigns, writing fiction, creating graphics, communicating with fellow members via IRC, message boards, email etc, all of which is recognised and rewarded.

To my knowledge, nothing like this has been done for Babylon 5 (unlike Star Wars, which has a lot of clubs like this), except for 303 Squadron (which is on a somewhat smaller scale).

These are still early days, with a lot of work still to be done. I'm looking for all the interest and help I can get. People with skills such as mission creation (FRED), graphics, webpages, databases etc are sorely needed. But the bulk of the club will be focused on pilots, who enjoy flying more than anything.