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I can vouch for the Cyborg Evo like a lot of other people but I prefer mouse and kb for Freespace since it's more precise. I use Joysticks for flight sims.


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Like the other people who went for CH joysticks and HOTAS setups, I also vouch for the reliability and durability of CH hardware. I've been using/abusing mine for over 3 to 4 years and it still works like new. I'm pretty heavy handed and play a lot so before I got my CH hardware that I would go through at least 2 cheap joysticks a year.

Also I read somewhere in the Something Awful forum's Freespace 2 thread that someone hooked up his Steel Battalion controller to his PC and made it work for Freespace 2. Now that’s sexy.


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That was the thing I would have suggested next.  :D

Though I've got a Logitech Force 3D Pro and if I remove the Profiler, I cannot set the force feedback strength and stuff through Windows' Control Panel. All the buttons and axis's work though. Which version of the profiler you had? You might want to try out the newest profiler version from Logitech site and see if that works. The newest version is 4.60, and they even got a separate version for Win XP 64bit users.

...I would say this in Finnish if it wasn't so unpolite. Oh whatever. ;)

4.40.143, it's from 2004. I can set Force Feedback ("Tärinäpalaute" is the worst translation ever) from Windows control panel. I'm not installing anything now that this is working :)

Hi all, earlier in this thread someone mentioned using an xbox controller. I modified one to us usb and downloaded the driver set it up etc. My question or problem is that the sensitivity of the controls. It may just be my clumsy thumbs but I just cannot get used to controls I end up oversteering and cannot stay on target in a dogfight for anything. I played around with the sensitivity settings in the options page of freespace and the threshhold settings in the controller setup utility but nothing felt right. Any hints or suggestions? The main reason for using the controller instead of my Saitek joystick is lack of desktop space. I'll take suggestions from anybody thanks.


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It might be your controller, or you have too high/low a deadspot. I use an XBC for this game, and I do fairly well.
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Got my Thrustmaster Force Feedback today realy cool, but force feedback in FS2 is very very soft.
In other games it perfect.

Any ideas? Must it be calibrated in a table?



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Might be able to turn up the sensitivity in the launcher, not sure if so and (if you can) if it's in the SCP launcher.  Also, I guess you could check if the joystick came with driver/control/config software about setting up a special sensitivity profile for FS2.