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Re: Launcher 5.4 Release Candidate
Since we have a Launcher 5.5, isn't this thread a little outdated, and no longer requiring Stickification?
That's 5.5a  :p
But couldn't we just change the name of the thread by modifying the first post?
*stares at Taylor*

I've just got in this thread to post exactly what you've posted.

Please unstick/rename this thread and update it. NOW it can be a PITA for newbies
  • Please, please, please, READ and UNDERSTAND the sticky threads in FreeSpace & FreeSpace Open Support board.
    A lot of people are willing to help you, but, as anyone can understand, seeing the very same "issues" repeated again and again can become quite depressing. Please, spend a bit of time trying to solve the issue by yourself.
    (Lobo deserves a monument).
  • Then, if you aren't still able to solve your issue, feel free to ask for help in that same board.
    FYI, most of the troubles are caused by wrong mod installations which lead to either missing data or undesired cross-effects between them. Always follow the mod installation instructions and keep a clean FS2 installation as explained in the sticky threads. Two additional links about how the game handles game data:
  • If you think that you've discovered a bug, mantis it.
    Provide as much info as you can, and try to narrow it down. A lonely "FS2 doesn't work" is not a good report.

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