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 :sigh: sorry about exploding. i just dont trust windows. it is just too easily infested by a virus.
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Cut it out. Go discuss this on Slashdot or (as was very sensibly suggested) over PMs.
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So, is the pseudo/fake cutscene thing VP still a doable do? Or is FSPort 3.0 going to be SCP only? Just wondering, y'know. Meaning: should I -- along my trusty Vanilla FS2 -- wait for an 'official' 3.0 release of the FSPort, or should I just stick to my own edit(s)? Or is FSPort 2.3 the swan song for Vanilla players? As you probably know, I'm not a big fan of the SCP. But then again, that's another topic.


PS: Oh ya, I have no problem w/ Linux whatsoever. Nor OGG, for that matter. I just never use them. Nor will I. Ever.
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