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Wow. Not a high poly Model, really(higher than the old one, though) but that is excellent mapping. Bravo.
Wh00t!? Vinyl? Is it like an I-pod 2 or something?



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Well the final count was 6658 polygons. Seems high poly to me...


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How can I get one!!!  I WANT ONE!!!

Thix all for this.
Base is done , now is time to upgrade EAC Eclipse :D
BTW: Woomeister pm was send.

How about a High Poly Lindos and Nemesis? 
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There's already a high poly Lindos.


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Yup :)

The EA have the most HTL models.


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Awesome!  That looks almost infinitely better than the old version.

But c914, remember to count triangulation when you're rattling off poly count (and making LODs) as regardless of how you convert the model the game will use tris anyway. 
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simply outstanding... been a while for me checking out HLP, damn it's good to be back. :cool:
Still remember back in Oct. '99 playing FS2 ... just blew my mind apart. :lol:


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I saw the screenshot of the HTL Lycaon, and was impressed by the improvements.

Is this upgraded model availible?


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No, it'll be released with the next version of the INF mod.