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I'm running fs2_open on Linux. The R1 patch seems to be for Windows only. It shouldn't be a problem to incorporate the Inferno changes into the fs2_open sources but I can't find any source code patches to do that.

Or is there any other way to play Inferno on native Linux (not Wine, VMWare, etc.)?


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You mean the patch executable? It's the same as the main download version of R1.

If that's the problem ask someone with a windows machine and a linux one to extract the patch and rearchive it in a format linux likes.

The patch data itself is pretty standard so it should work if the normal R1 data does as well.

There was a misunderstanding: I thought you had patched the source code itself. In fact, you have changed a data file only. After running the installer using a Windows emulator I got the file and was able to play.

Thanks for your support!


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At least some of the .exe files are self-extracting RAR files that can be extracted with unrar.