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getting everything-freespace to work

I was watching the latest BSG earlier today and I thought; hmm , I sure would like to shoot some baddies out of the sky too
so got my old freespace discs from under the dust and installed them , then just before I hit play I figured I'd check for updates or something

then I found this forum, and wooaa !! :eek:

so I read up on all this new freespace open stuff, you guys sure have been busy these past 6 years !

so now I'm trying to get all of this working together first I'd like to play the Descent: FreeSpace missions  and then play the other mission chronologically (freespace2,expansions,user created content), seeing as it's all running under the same engine I'd like to do this as if it was just one big game

so far here's what I've done

from the FreeSpace Wiki's Installing fs2 open

I got the following files
the launcher
mv_core, mv_textures, mv_music, mv_models, mv_effects, mv_adveffects
and the AMD64 optimized 3.6.7 build

then I uncompressed Launcher.exe, fs2_open_367_p4.exe and to my freespace2 directory (C:\USR\games\FreeSpace2)
after that I created a new directory (C:\USR\games\FreeSpace2\fs2) and I uncompressed mv_core.vp, mv_textures.vp, mv_music.vp, mv_models.vp, mv_effects.vp and mv_adveffects.vp in it

then for the descent freespace content I went to The Freespace Port website
and I got the following files

now at this point I hope that I have everything I need to run the freespace 1 and 2 campaings right ?

next I'll download user created material...
Freespace Port 2.3
All Voice Files
Awakenings Voice Files
and the three multiplayer missions Black Omega, Clash of the Titans and Eve of Destruction

then I created a new directory (C:\USR\games\FreeSpace2\fs1) and I uncompressed the files awakenings.vp, fs1demo.fs2, fs2mc1.fs2, fs2mc2.fs2, fsport2_3.vp, fsport_glow.vp, fsport_hi-res.vp, fsport_shine.vp, sparky_hi_fs1.vp, stu_fs1.vp, tango_fs1.vp and warble_fs1.vp in it


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Re: getting everything-freespace to work
Right up at the top of the page for the freespace 2 webring site stuff, take a look at karajorma's faq. I did the same thing you did a month ago, and basically just used that FAQ to answer all my questions. It's pretty slick.


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Re: getting everything-freespace to work
Hey shodan, got a question... what OS do you run? do you run like Red Hat or Suse or something?
because C:\USR\games\FreeSpace2\fs2 sounds like a WINE (windows -something something- emulator) directory.
if it is linux, can you help me set this up on my linux box?  :confused:
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