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I'm am not sure if i should be asking this here or in the campaigns forum, i am having problems with fredding at the moment. The mission i am working on is a chase, an Omega is pursing a Drakh cruiser and its mission is to destroy it before it gets to the jumpgate with you providing figther escort for the Omega, Now for the mission i have disabled the omegas X-ray laser, to show that the destroyer has taken damage and only has her forward pulse cannons, now the problem is i don't know how to get round the problem with the swarm primarys since there is a problem with them, because the 2 front turrets cannot hit the cruiser due to its thin profile. Can anyone please provide me with any hints on how to get round this problem until the Swarm primarys are fixed again, The way i have the ships at the moment is that the Drakh cruiser is directly in front of the omega and is on the same Y position but she keeps missing the cruiser.

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that's a thing with the turrets' positons relative to the xz-plane of the modell
these pulse turrets are slightly aboth the xz-plane of the Omega modell (about 70 and 85)...
give the omega y-coords 70 or 85 less than the ones of the Drakh and it should go
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thanks very much i'll give it try,  is any news on getting the swarm flags working?

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That's up to the SCP team.  The bug is on Mantis, so the ball is in their court for that one.  The other temporary solution to your problem, is to change the default weapon, to one that isn't swarming.  Just try to pick one that won't do too little or too much dammage for your needs.
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