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Some Starcraft news...?!
Now, none of this is official, but I think noteworthy nonetheless.

For starters, an intrepid group of codders got a hold of the StarCraft Beta, and on top of that, got it working on This, for me atleast, is sort of a dream come true. What does that mean, you ask? Well, StarCraft is one of my favorite games of all time, and my all time RTS, and I have been reading all the info on the Beta as I could. And now that I have a chance to play it, it's insane. I mean, to watch how the game changed from an unbalanced, somewhat convoluted mess eight years, to a finely tuned, well greased and balanced game of today is incredible. Their almost two different games.

The second bit of news, which might also be of some interest to you artists out there... A group of very dedicated fans are looking to make a StarCraft movie, in 3D. They have some noteable talent behind them, a few of them even from ILM, of all places. The project just got started, so needless to say it'll be a while before anything is seen. But still, exciting nonetheless. - The homepage, where people can apply and whatnot I suppose. - The forums, duuuuhr - A blizzplanet article about the movie, talking about the talent behind it. - A Wanted Add for Matte painters.
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Re: Some Starcraft news...?!
Remember Project Revolution? It looks absolutely incredible. Some of the 3D models are so true to the original starcraft I thought they were 2D sprites!


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Re: Some Starcraft news...?!
Meh, forget SC1 Beta, GIVE ME SC2!!!!!!!!!!
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