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Re: Your alltime favourites
I don't know the years except for FS2! SHUT UP! STOP JUDGING ME![/Farnsworth voice]

Mechwarrior 2
All its expansions
Freespace 1
Freespace 2
Medal of Honors 1 and Underground (jesus, the way the computer registered hits on the Nazis was five times better than the ones that are out today, plus trhe animations were almost life-like.)
A few PS1 games I'm too lazy to mention.
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Re: Your alltime favourites
Afterburner. In the arcade with the big rotating seat. Class.

Unless the missle button was broke.

Which it usually was.

Daytona in the arcade was great too. And maybe Arcade Tekken 3.


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Re: Your alltime favourites
I enjoyed the good old Falcon 3...
More recently, Operation Flashpoint (also with Red Hammer and Resistance expansions), Need for Speed (Underground 1 & 2 and Most Wanted), X-Plane 8 and, obviously, the FreeSpace series.
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Re: Your alltime favourites
Star Wars Trilogy in the Arcade was always a great time killer at the movie theatre waiting for seating to start.  ;)
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Re: Your alltime favourites
X-Plane's Plane Builder is a great thing to have...  :D

My Very First Model was made with that little piece of software.

Same thing exported to Blender and with some edits can be seen here. Though X-Plane Builder has very many annoying glitches and loads of stupid behaviour - like not having undo function.

Even so, plane builder makes it easier (for me) to make more or less precise plans of ship before modeling it. I had that ship on paper long before I put it into polygon form...

Ehm... carry on with the good games list.

Operation Flashpoint was good, but it was also a resource hog. I can't get it to run really smooth on my current computer (with AMD64 3200+ and GeForce6600) for some reason.

...and it had a quite interesting array of glitches that me and my cousin utilized one summer some time ago.

For example, if you create a mission that has s***loads of powerful mines in one pile and put yourself into a, say, M1A2 Abrams tank as any of the tank people, and place tank on top of a mentioned mine pile, then get into mission... BOOM HEADSHOT.

Except that you don't die. You pummel into lower atmosphere in about ½-1 minutes of ballistic flight. Then you fall back to earth, and you can start crawling away. You won't be able to walk, but you're alive... :lol:

Another interesting thing to try is to DL or create a custom map with very high, vertical mountain. Put yourself in a vehicle on top of mentioned mountain. Carefully drive over the edge. Once you start falling, your vehicle actually keeps attached to vertical surface, and you can drive down along the side of the mountain, achieving "high" speeds (like, about 500 km/h with a tank).

Third nice thing - try what a zodic boat does if you manage to make it fall into water backside first... The effect is interesting.

Regardless, Finnish Defence Force mod was great fun with its nice campaign situated in the same island(s) some time later, putting you in the role of Finnish peace keeper... :cool:
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Re: Your alltime favourites
On a sidenote, I've rediscovered my love for the "______ Strike" series.  I just blew through Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike over the last few weeks.

Bows down to the Urban Strikeyness............


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Re: Your alltime favourites
I forgot one classic.....Spyhunter on the Commodore 64.

Loved that games to pieces.......literally :nervous:
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Re: Your alltime favourites
The love betwixt a man and a tape casette is something best not mentioned here, Tis is hallowed ground.