Author Topic: Rockstar's Bully banned in the UK!  (Read 3913 times)

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Re: Rockstar's Bully banned in the UK!
Aha! You are correct, my apologies :)


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Re: Rockstar's Bully banned in the UK!
I think it's Rockstar's own fault. They know (and revel in) the rep they have, and they release an anti-bully game cleverly called "Bully". Well duh they're gonna get banned. In fact, I'm sure they were betting on the publicity caused by the bans to sell more games. If they had named the game, say "The Anti Bully" or "The Bully Exterminator" or something, they probably would have been recieved more readily.


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Re: Rockstar's Bully banned in the UK!
but duh, of course they make use of their rep. imagine how much money they didn't have to spend on advertising.
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Re: Rockstar's Bully banned in the UK!
it will probably suck like their last "contraversial" game manhunt

From all I've read, Bully has been getting surprisingly excellent reviews.